Behind the scenes on Supernatural?

So this is a first discussion point for me, and don’t think I’ve even bought it up on the forum. What interests you as regards what the audience doesn’t see? Are you one who’s mystified about who does what to whom, how many pranks the actors get away with? Or are you more into other arts of show-bizz. Like the directing, producing, make-up, wardrobe, locations, set design, the world of the camera-man or even down to our famous yearly GAG Reel on the DVD’s.

Doesn't look all that nice!
Doesn’t look all that nice!

How do we visualize what goes on day to day, even when the weather can be atrocious these guys are out there bringing us this show. Do we ever really take notice of these unsung heroes.  Some of us follow them daily on twitter, and on face-book. Is this a real honor for us fans that we are privileged to intrude on these guys daily lives. Are we such a huge fan base that we get so excited over the smallest little tweets of events on set? Do we in fact  get too carried away?

Computer’s these days have opened up a whole new universe for fans, that we are spoilt. That we sometimes take this world for granted, and can really make ourselves look stupid. In my younger days all we had was fan clubs. We would by a fan magazine to keep up with all the latest gossip, and trends. Nowadays to people really read a magazine or even write a letter? Do we loose site of what use to be? I often think how lucky I am in the fact that I can write to a producer, or crew member to my hearts content. But do some of us sometimes over step that mark? The net can be a lonely place, but it can also be an exciting place., and a place to make firm friends. As fans we also have the privilege of going to conventions, and yes at a price. Boy, these boys must earn some dosh?  How do we receive conventions, and how do we feel they serve us as a whole? Have any of you guys been to a Supernatural convention? How do they fair, and are they worth the money? Yes, its a once in a life-time experience, it would be interesting to see what we get in return?

Jensen and Jared listening and paying attention ....
Jensen and Jared listening and paying attention ….

Bella would love to know your experiences have been as regards being on line, conventions, and any interaction with the crew would be lovely to here. Also if you have a desire to become an actor yourself and tread the boards, could you see your self on a show like Supernatural? Where do you think your own skills lie, would you ever want to be involved with the television line of life?

Come on guys the usual drill, type Aunty Bella a message soon, she always loves to here from you. Oh, by the way Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles for the 1st of March. I didn’t forget.


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