Could the brothers be something else?

S&D copyWe have seen how this show has evolved over the years and, we the audience have come to an understanding that these boys have died and come back to life through horrible, imaginable circumstances. But does dieing on this show really hold water? I had briefly touched on this subject a while back over on the forum, but wondered what your thoughts were about death on this show, and how we perceive death, on this show? We see a loved character die in front of us but what do we really understand what they go through.

We recently saw Sam bolt and run away from the scene after a period of time. We have witnessed what dieing means to Sam. How he confronted it, and dealt with it in his own mind most of it any how. Sam and Dean have both died many times. And returned to the land of the living. Do we sense in their supernatural world they may never actually die. Could these boys actually be immortal? Could they in fact live for ever?

This has always been my suspicion that both brothers have a supernatural power a high order, than just being a human. The boys over the years have not sussed out why they die often and come back from the dead. Always remembering Dean’s words ‘the dead should stay dead’. So why have these two continued to re-surface? Has god always known how special these boys actually are. Has he always had plans for both brothers. Why were they specially plucked and picked to to be Michael and Lucifer’s chosen vessels? I remember the boys killing Ruby and ending up on the plane and they had no idea who put them their. Was it canon it was god that pulled them out of the chapel?

As the years have gone by, and they have continued to be bought back from death that both of them are very special. Dean had been chosen by God during season 5 when Sam reminded him that it was good news that god was on their side. Many thoughts have crossed my own mind thinking is their something more to Sam and Dean that hasn’t unfolded yet? Could there be a surprising twist in months to come that the boys could be ‘something supernatural’ themselves. Have we actually thought it might be possible that the boys are not in fact human.

Dean’s speech to Cas last week, moved me to tears, thinking how Dean spent time to talk to his friend to save his brother from possible death over these trials. Why were either of the boys chosen to act on the words from god. Why were they the ones to do the tasks? No other being except Sam and Dean. As more of the Supernatural trail develops I think more and more about each of these points that come up, and think about their characters and that both in fact hate the idea of loosing one another, and having that fear that one might have to be sacrificed for the greater good once again.  A normal human being wouldn’t be expected to save the world just once, let alone more than once in their life times.

Bella doesn’t think she is going crackers just yet, but has always thought the boys are destined for a higher purpose. These are not random thoughts, but have plagued me for a number of seasons, thinking are the boys perhaps angels themselves. This was why Cas rescued Dean from Hell, and Sam from the cage. Was it on gods orders that the boys were rescued, because he had work for them? And them alone. Is this why Naomi has also been introduced? Have this new breed of angels been bought in by god to look out for the boys?

Drop me a line either way if you think its all a load of bunkum, tosh, or pie in the sky. If I might be onto at least something, ease me in the right direction, cause if the remaining seasons  don’t end up this way, I for one will be very surprised.


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