Is Dean’s biggest FEAR loosing SAM?

It got me thinking about another thread, about the ending of the series all together. And I know this has been played to death over the seasons. But John’s last dying words when he whispered in his sons ear on his bed in My time of dying, Season 2. We never as the audience heard those last words but assume the words might have been ‘if you can’t save Sam, then you must kill him.’

John to Dean ' If you can't save him, you must end it and kill him'.
John to Dean ‘ If you can’t save him, you must end it and kill him’.

We no later Dean revealed that he would do everything he could to save Sam. All the way through the series we have seen Dean protect Sammy and never fail in that brotherly duty.  What if …….. The finale Dean cannot save Sam and the worst happens we do actually loose Sam. Would this be catastrophic if Dean was put in this dilemma and he actually has to do what he fears the most, put Sam down.

We have seen how distraught Dean is (when both) loose one another.  Do we sense the worst happening in the finale of all finales that something bad does happen to Sam or even Dean, that they can’t be bought back from a job, they have nothing supernatural to aid them, and they have to come to terms that this is it, this is what we have come to. He can’t be bought back. There is no one to save us this time.

Eventually life as we no it, we all have to pass on. We all loose ones we love. But for the elder brother does he sense this pain the worst, that he has his moral duty to look after his brother come what may, even to the point that he might have to kill his own flesh and blood, because his brother has turned.  The only negative to this point is that Sam has not turned back into his old ways since season 4. But with the trials coming up, and the light going into Sam’s arm could this in fact trigger off his old powers. Could this vamp him up and disturb old deep wounds. As Ruby once said Sam’s powers were dormant and were there all along he just needed to no how to tap into them. Would knowingly these trials trigger any power?

Interviews have mentioned that Sam does use his powers again, so perhaps this is an indication that the trials may start this whole cycle off. Bella would enjoy reading your thoughts on this, and even your own thoughts on how you might reveal the way the show may end and close its doors.  Do you think either brother will die, they both might die, or they both will live and drive off into the sunset with ‘We have work to do’.


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