The Men of Letters Bunker?

I don’t no about you, but I would like to learn about this place. What do we no already, and what information remains uncovered and untouched.

The boys observe their new digs, ...... 'Son of a bitch'
The boys observe their new digs, …… ‘Son of a bitch’

While mom Mary was from a clan of hunters, the Winchesters come from a line of Men of Letters, who are keepers of knowledge that they share with a select group of hunters. Cupid brought the brawn and the brains together by uniting Mary and John — but after traveling to 2013 and dying in the arms of Dean and Sam, Henry never made it back to his time, leading his son to believe his father abandoned him. And so John never fulfilled his legacy and instead became “a hunter through necessity,” says executive producer Bob Singer.

Are they LORDS of the MANOR .......
Are they LORDS of the MANOR …….

Now Dean and Sam are left with Henry’s “key,” aka a box that holds scrolls and all sorts of valuable information. At the episode’s end, they make plans to lock it away in the safest place on Earth, and we’ll see that location next Wednesday.

“It’s a really stunning set,” describes Singer. “It’s full of mysteries. It’ll become kind of a home base for the boys. We’re really excited about it. After eight years of never having a home base, this will be home base for quite some time.

Dean mucking about whilst Sam is immersed in books ........
Dean mucking about whilst Sam is immersed in books ……..

“When they go in there, it’s pristine,” he continues. “It’s like been hermetically sealed and everything [is] just as it was. It’s perfectly neat. The only sign that someone had to get out of there in a hurry [is] a chess game that was uncompleted and an ashtray full of cigarettes.”

But that’s not all that the brothers’ new digs contain. The new locale is John’s journal multiplied “by a hundred,” adds the EP. “It’s got every source of information that would be interesting to the boys.” That makes bookish Sam incredibly delighted, while his bro has other priorities. The younger Winchester “is totally immersed in the place, and Dean’s just happy to have his own room. He’s put posters up. He says to Sam, ‘If you want to do this geek stuff, that’s fine with me. But I’m just digging this.’”

However, don’t expect the Winchesters to invite all their hunter pals to their new hub for a get-together. “This all plays into the tablet business,” reveals Singer. “The information that’s contained in this Men of Letters bunker, if it fell into the wrong hands, it would be quite a powerful weapon against the boys. So it has to remain a secret and guarded closely. As we go down the line the rest of this year, and hopefully next year, [those] dramatic turns will take place because this is an important place.”

How secret is this location?
How secret is this location?

What has been on my mind is that if the bunker is to remain a closely guarded secret, why do the boys let all and sundry in there. They bring injured victims in there, the next minute we will see all kinds of folk walking in and out. Are the boys being a bit slap stick in whom they let through the doors, and who they reveal that location too. Do they not think that a secret should be that. I am very surprised that Crowley has not snuffed this place out yet, and at least attempted to find its location. Are the writers being a tad security unconscious in allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry walk through those doors.

What have you yourself found out about the bunker that not many of us are privy too. What do you think the bunker’s role will play over the remaining seasons of the show? and do you think it will survive. Who do we see walking through those doors in the future? Bella would love to no your knowledge on the bunker! Could it be a real asset or bring the boys further stress and trouble?


2 thoughts on “The Men of Letters Bunker?

  1. We all love your show SUPERNATURAL epically the Bunker! My wife Dora, son Steven and I have been avid fans for many years now. Since I grew up just 13 miles south of Lebanon, KS I think it was awesome to have the Bunker there so your travel anywhere is from a central site in the center of the US, so you can respond to any demon, angel or monster problem with the shortest route possible. You probably could have a plane landing and takeoff grass strip near Lebanon and an old hanger where you keep your plane always ready if you need to get somewhere in a real hurry. The guy who keeps your plane ready and cleaned so it is fine-tuned and ready whenever you need to travel quickly from your bunker. I think it would be great if you guys would make a trip to see Lebanon, KS, the geographical center of the US.
    I was in LA after competing in many world and Paralympic competitions I was approached by people who wanted to make my life story into a movie. As my friend’s and I grew up 10 to 13 miles south of the geographical center of the US. We excelled in sports my best friend went to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK on a football scholarship. I went to Junior college on a football and track scholarship and then transferred to Kansas State University. After I graduated from K-State I took a job as a Federal Inspector in Corpus Christi, TX as a Federal Inspector for the USDA.
    As far as the Bunker goes we think it’s awesome and gives the show that mystic of a secret hideout for the super heroes, Dean & Sam who are battling evil in the world to make it safer for us all! I think we should make a Bunker like this someplace on the outskirts of Lebanon, KS, then we could advertise inviting people to come visit the SUPERNATURAL Bunker that Sam and Dean Winchester call home in Lebanon, KS. This could be a way to get the word out even more about the show, SUPERNATURAL to people in other parts of the world and widen your overall fanbase.
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    Jensen, I know you were going to Texas Tech to get your degree in sports training and the Physical Therapy. If you ever want to go to a game at Texas Tech let me know as a great young man who played for us when I was working with athletes was our starting Middle Linebacker is now the Athletic Director for Texas Tech, Kirby Hocutt.
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    I wish you guys all the very best too break “Gunsmoke’s” May 14, 2010 – NBC has cancelled Law & Order, which will go off the air after 20 years. It will remain tied with Gunsmoke as TV’s longest-running prime time drama series.
    I look forward to hearing from you all!
    With my best,

    Kevin Saunders

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