The boys in protection mode.

Throughout the seasons on Supernatural we have followed the lives of these brothers. Through their pain and sorrow, through their laughter and even tears. Since the boys having prepared themselves for the trials it came to my attention and has been mentioned on the forum today. I think we hit the nail on the head. There was something that Sam said about its a suicide mission. Those words did spook me briefly, and did think about it for days after. I won’t forget that look on Sam’s face.

Ever since season 1 we notice the boys have a pact that we save each other, okay apart from recent times this is a major flaw that we’ve been over a thousand times. But more than this, in fact deeper than this. There was something that triggered those words in Sam to come out and say them. It got me thinking that these boys protect each other. Sam simply wanted to protect Dean from doing the trials. Neither of them no what either trial entails, but they still want to protect each other from it. If Dean had been the one who performed the trials it would have made an amazing tale of Sam becoming the protector.  Or they could have emphasized how even in a time of stress, Dean was still always looking out for Sammy thus always giving him the protective role.  Like in season 3, Dean knew he would die and go to hell, yet he would always check in to see how Sammy was because he knew Sammy was suffering that he’d lose him at the end of the year.

Is this human reaction that siblings protect one another until their death. That they would shield their loved one from harm or even death. Can we sense how gallant our boys are, that they do when the crunch comes protect each other. In the past fans have hinted that Sam has kept secrets from Dean, and I always sussed that Sam was keeping stuff back from Dean as he didn’t want Dean worrying. Just like Sam coughing up blood now and not informing Dean, he took that decision on board and decided not to tell him, until Dean obviously forces it out of him. Countless times deep in the scripts of this show, there are little traits like this were people do assume perhaps the boys might be lying when in fact they are protecting the other brother.

I feel quite proud of this finding, as it could eliminate any hostility toward certain characters.  Do you think this could be at all likely that stuff happens that either keeps to themselves to honor the other brother. Could people perhaps assume this is lying. Covering up isn’t good, but it might go some way into thinking why do they not open up, and talk to one another more often. This finding to me has only strengthened this bond not hindered it. These boys no how each other feels about the other in times of stress, anger and bitterness. I can only begin to imagine how Sam felt when he knew Dean was going to hell, and didn’t speak about it. It proves to me how much love these guys have for one another.

Bella would love you to drop her a line …. As she would like to no how do you all feel about why the boys protect one another is it understandable or am I, barking mad in thinking it!


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