A recent study about Naomi?

So  much has got me thinking about this mysterious lady, what she is capable of, and what damage she’s already done. Through the blog here and a post I put up on the forum Naomi, will she survive or die? I have found some interesting facts about her that might make you want to sit up and think. Cause it did me.

Could she actually be a computer program or even a Thrones. Got me thinking.
Could she actually be a computer program or even a Thrones. Got me thinking.

Can you kill something if it turns out to be a computer program was my first pondering thought. I found my memory thinking back to Star Trek The Next Generation and many a time the hollow-deck featured on the show. It programed a whole set, people anything down to the persons specifications. Thinking of this line from the forum I began to wonder, what if Naomi is in fact a computer program. As some one mentioned in my recent Samandriel thread that they thought Samandriel was killed because Naomi was aware/lost his programming because of the torture. Now two complete thoughts here made me weave into one link, that she could in fact be a computer generated person. Could god in fact have armies of computer programs in his garrison. Could artificial intelligence be at work here. Could they actually be interfering in the boys lives. Also thinking along the lines of the Matrix movie.

My second stumble during todays findings was, view this link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrones. These are in fact angels higher up the food chain which could indicate her overall power and how she can juggle peoples lives about at her will. If she is a Thrones it would explain a awful lot about the loop holes which are left hanging this season, alone. It would finally bring peace to many whom thought Sam never looked for Dean.

Bella as ever is waiting for your responses, and would like to know what you think about these two ideas about what we think Naomi could be. Further studies would be lovely to add to this list and when the time comes and is played out on screen we can jump for joy and say we were right, we thought of that.


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