A new study on why Sam supposedly didn’t look for Dean?

I no we’ve covered this topic a few times, but recently discovered this interview which raised some interesting points these are as follows: See what you think! This is from a person with a Sam point of view? I have added my comment under the points see if you agree.

Anyway, the issue I wanted to address here is why I personally am not disturbed about the spoilers indicating Sam abandoned the hunter life entirely and did not look for Dean or try to get him back. I know many fans think that would be uncharacteristic behavior or would cast Sam as someone uncaring and disloyal, especially in comparison with Dean, but I respectfully but firmly disagree. Let me explain.

If Sam indeed did not look for Dean, I see a combination of extremely practical reasons that could come together to explain that, including:

  • having absolutely no trail to follow;

 I want to sympathize with Sam here. But being the brighter one, the brains of this           family did he really even look. We’ve seen Dean do this in the past with no evidence. Did he locate his computer and dig for clues in his usual way. He is a natural detective, this should come easy to him. Did Sam really try.

  • lacking any useful information that could have led to a recovery, even if Sam had been able to figure out a direction;

Again, there were other hunters out there he could talk too. He wasn’t on his own. He knew this world inside out and that shakes me to the core that he never tried to pick up a phone. He mentioned Bobby had gone and others. Is this sloppy writing?

  • being totally isolated from the rest of the hunting community and having no reasonable expectation of any knowledgeable help;

I don’t buy this either. Only if Sam had some break down or mental relapse from his wall coming into play would he not no who to contact for help. He has the knowledge and is the brains of this operation. Bobbies books, the internet I could go on. Is this real prof/evidence? 

  • knowing from all their prior experience that bringing people back never came without a price that probably shouldn’t be paid, always leading to more loss and pain; and

They have both tried to do this without hesitation why didn’t Sam at least give it a go and then assume the worst. Its like he just gave up with out any real emotion behind it.?

  • hitting his personal psychological and emotional limit, losing Dean, Bobby, and Castiel virtually together, on top of all he suffered in Hell and afterward.

This is the only logical explanation out of the five listed that is worth the salt. Sam’s break down in 7 x 17 and the torture from Lucifer’s hallucinations even I could see Sam’s brain box is fried, to the point where something finally tipped him over the edge and he basically lost it. This seems the route of all his problems, and why he might not have looked. 

Had Sam's mind really come to its limits?
Had Sam’s mind really come to its limits?
  • I think Sam hit bottom after the end of season seven, because he had nothing left to lose. But I think that also made him free to choose his life for the first time in many, many years, and I think that was perfectly reasonable for him to do.

Was it reasonable for him to do though. Could he really assume that Dean was actually dead. If as Sam said his world imploded in front of him being the detective we no he is that when he finally came to, would he not have at least given Dean some thought and began to do the decent thing, and begin a search.

How bad was he?
How bad was he?

I still believe that when Sam came back to the cabin in 8×01 he looked confused and out of it still. But had managed to put his break up with Amelia behind him and slowly was healing to the point were he could function and think again. That look on his face now sinks in with me, as to where his emotions were and what he was trying to put across.

Could Sam have been mentally disturbed?
Could Sam have been mentally disturbed?

What do you guys think, to my view point and the interviewers points. Why do you think Sam never really gave Dean the time of day, why he never at least tried to communicate with another hunter later on. I now appreciate the breakdown side of his story much more now and how mentally disturbed Sam must have been, and what he went through before, and after 6×23 Is a breakdown more feasible now do we think this is what may have happened is this concrete evidence? 

Here is her article, its long I warn you but a good read.


Bella can’t wait to here your views, don’t be shy drop me a line, Newbies always welcome. It would be a pleasure to greet you.


4 thoughts on “A new study on why Sam supposedly didn’t look for Dean?

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  1. I think that could have worked but the way it was told just didn’t dayisfy. They could have had a better story arch. I love Sam and I just felt there was more to the story. He would have tried @least, I know where does he even start but he would have tried something I just know it. Or they should have explored psychology like Dean viewed the situation with Cas differ then it actually was so they could have had similar thing with Sam.


  2. I think that could have worked but the way it was told just didn’t dayisfy. They could have had a better arch with this story. to me that didn’t make sense. Sam wouldn’t leave Dean in trouble or without knowing what happened to him. Yes yes he went to college but I don’t think he wanted to leave the family, it’s like any normal human goes to college and comes back during holiday break. Plus Dean always told him he wanted him to be normal and that gave him courage to leave actually in my mind. But if Dean was missing or hurt Sam wouldn’t leave. He tried to sell his soul and find so many ways to get Dean back when Dean was in Hell, he freaked out every time when Dean kept dieing on the Tuesday, he looked for him when he became a demon,in first season Dean was going to die and Sam found a miracle worker or they though because he wasn’t gonna let Dean die, in season 2 start when the car accident happens and Dean is in the hospital Sam begs him to wake up, just many times. So I blame writers lmao. Like to me Sam would leave @ start of show but even then if he knew Dean was missing or hurt he would look. Sam loves Dean too. Dean is older and more productive but you can’t say Sam doesn’t love Dean or wouldn’t die for him. He would. Amelia thing made no sense to me with his character. Also he wouldn’t leave Kevin, Sam is good he wouldn’t leave someone without protection if he knows they need it. The winchesters both would die for each other. They would.


    1. I think between losing Bobby twice, Dean/Cas at the same time, his mental state—for the first time he was completely at a loss and it’s one thing to think Dean is dead but to investigate and have the proof thrown in his face—-that was more than he could bear. Also when he hit the dog I think he was possibly contemplating suicide.


      1. Alison that is a really interesting thought about suicide I’d never even thought of that. I could see him run the car into a brick wall or a tree, but he hit a dog, thank god. Feel for the dog, but Riot came out alive too. That accident could have been so more serious if he had come to a bank, a hill or building. I dread to think that was what he might have been thinking of doing. I just wish in the back of my mind though, he had at some point shown us he’d tried to look. Even just a tiny hint. It didn’t feel like Sam not looking. He’s a detective that’s what he does he’s inquisitive and wants to find a solution to the problem. It still annoys me today that the writers did this, and wish they hadn’t.

        Love Bella xxx

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