Betrayal is a horrible word but it got me thinking?

During eight years of this show, so much dirty water has gone under the bridge. We have witnessed countless arguments, punches, fist fights, and down right belligerent hot-head brothers, who would give anyone a run for their money. But love still conquers and in the end it does bring them even closer together.

These boys really do love each other even after a bad day ....
These boys really do love each other even after a bad day ….

A lot of talk has centered around Cas a lot recently, and I have voiced my opinion on Castiel. The boys don’t trust him presently is it really any wonder. This time Cas is being manipulated by Naomi so any wrong doings in the distance I don’t hold him responsible for as he is not himself. It is unfair to judge a persons wrong doing when they don’t no they are ultimately doing it. Other times however Cas has done terrible things and sometimes thought is it really Cas, or is someone behind him. I always wanted him to be good, the angel that saw the good in everyone, who would never stray and be tempted to turn bad. Then the worst did happen. To me Castiel has done bad stuff and even he knows he has performed badly. Redemption has always played a part in his life, and struggles to get back to being good.

Dean is in some ways similar to Cas, they have shared an awful lot of life in such a short space of time. Dean is the righteous man after all, the one whom is seen to do no wrong. But we no in our hearts Dean is not as pure as the driven snow. He gambles, he’s been known to steal, he flirts, and loves a night with a lady. He has killed people, as well as saving them. He loves the rougher side of life.  But Dean has goodness with in him, the same as Cas.

Sam is definitely different, some say the odd ball, the geek, the bookworm who keeps his head down. But sadly in the past has been easily lead astray.  His journey has been paved with good intentions, but not often making the right choices has lead him in totally the opposite direction of his real nature. Sam isn’t as pure as the driven snow either.

Through out the years arguments have ensued and have mended over the cracks, and they’ve buried the hatchet. Only for thoughts and feelings to linger on in the back of their minds. Thoughts fester and develop into something much deeper turning into anger, which occasionally boils over and battles do take place.  Each betrayal seems harder to break, and overcome. Also trust has been a huge barrier wondering if they will ever work it all out. They say in a relationship, two’s company, and three is a crowd. With others in the nest has this relationship suffered, because two many people have been involved? Or even with out the third cog, would the boys still argue?

I have over the years thought of those fights where the boys have beaten each other to a pulp, and really for what? Just to score points off each other? These three guys have betrayed each other more than once, in short spaces of time.    In really terrible ways, unthinkable ways, and they find a way to come back to a mutual understanding. Love is the key, love is the rock that units them all. Yes even grown men no what love means.

So my thought today is, can the worst heinous act as a human being still be strong enough to bring anyone back together. Is love the common ground which makes us human, through the worst case scenario. Does love really conquer all. Does the good they do, out weigh the bad?

Bella is loving those replies of her nearest and dearest followers, and can’t wait to respond to them. So get typing and think what betrayal and love conjure up for you. Could you ever forgive a loved one, for the worst act possible that they could bestow on you?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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