Supernatural episode 17 ‘Good-buy Stranger’

List what you thought was great, and what you thought was not so great, and whether there were any grey area’s where you think points still need addressing. How would you rate the episode and what do you think will be revealed next week. I am in the dark again as to what has really gone down and what appears to have happened with Sam and Naomi? As I have not seen the episode until Friday evening. 

For some unknown reason this blog seems to be playing me up today, and I am bothered I am not replying to you all. When I reply it seems to shove my reply to the bottom of the run and not where you think underneath the posters comment. So I am finding it really hard to no who I have responded to, so hence starting a new thread for last night to see how it goes. Sorry for any inconvenience. If this continues will have to report this to admin, as its a headache trying to locate reply to comment. Its probably being over worked?


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