Naomi and Crowley’s long term plans?

I still haven’t seen the show yet, and since reading the forum have since learned that Naomi and Crowley had a fling! Yes, they were an item back in the day. What got me thinking about this pair was how long had they known each other, where had they met, and how long were they together? Had this alliance been molded many moons ago in the back of beyond. That these two had been united perhaps for an unknown reason just like Mary and John Winchester? Was there a plot back in history to pair this unlikely foe as a couple. The keeper of heaven and the keeper of hell? The most obvious question that springs to mind is why did they part company, romantically?

Business man Crowley what are his plans this time?
Business man Crowley what are his plans this time?

Was Crowley back then still after his own ends, was he still bargaining with Naomi way back when? Did he instigate their whole relationship, or did they just meet by chance. I find this whole relationship very fishy! Why had their paths crossed? Also were they surprised that they had come back together for the heaven and hell agenda, the tablets. Was this Crowley’s mission all along, that he had been waiting for this moment to come a long time ago? That he might have planned this whole fiasco. If not Crowley, had Naomi perhaps put them both together to find out what each other may be knows. Seeds are sown for events to happen, and these thoughts got me wondering why two powerful people actually came together. Had feelings for one another when beings don’t necessarily have like humans? So what could their mission be? why are they on the same road protecting their own camps from invaders. The tablets we no hold the key to the gates of heaven and hell. Is there something a foot here that we don’t no yet? What are they plotting together, and behind each others backs. As we all know, how cunning and manipulative these to guys really are. Bella would love to know your thoughts on this pairing and what might be in store for the boys health, future and task wise. Do we worry what’s in store for them will they win this battle and succeed, or will obstacles fall into play and stop them in their tracks. Since Cas is no longer under Naomi’s thumb, who will be her next pawn? What plans is Naomi working on next, since her trainee has abandoned ship?

What his her end goal and what is she protecting?
What is her end goal, and what is she protecting?

Drop me a line, and see what thoughts we come up with about this subject. Since we know we might have another couple of years left of the show and this story seems to be covering three years what’s left after closing the gates? If in fact the gates might not be closed, there might be other plans afoot. What does Carver have in store for these next two possible seasons?


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  1. Okay here’s my thing. I’m convinced after some thinking on this Crowley was once an angel that Naomi was once involved with and he fell. Now here’s my reasoning :
    I am pleased other are beginning to think this out too. 🙂

    The last time there was a war in heaven, Lucifer wasn’t the only angel that fell. There had to have been an entire faction of angels that fell with him and this is also the group Lucifer would have chosen his knights from. Knights like Abaddon. Since all of the other fallen angels are dead either at the hands of the Winchesters or the archangels,that would leave a fallen angel vacuum in Hell that Crowley stepped into. All of the other more powerful fallen are dead and he’s just what’s left until Abaddon returns. And Abaddon remembers him as low level nobody. If Abaddon was one of the fallen and knew him, then he had to have been an angel, otherwise she wouldn’t ever even have noticed him. This would also explain Crowley’s statement about being forever.
    I can believe this theory. Many must have followed Lucifer like Ruby and Meg. Is this the over all theme that all demons were actually angels once upon a time? I knew there was something in what he said. The way he approached her and the way he came across. How she was so displeased with him in showing up in the first place.

    I think Carver has been giving us these clues all along but we’ve been sidetracked by other stuff.
    As I just said above I think all demons were angels once upon on time.

    I suspect that Crowley was in that initial faction but was a low level angel or that he was an angel that fell later. I think Naomi knew him when he was an angel and that’s why she speaks to him the way she does. She tolerates his level of cheekiness from no other demon. In fact she declares that working with demons is unclean. She says that but regularly speaks to Crowley in endearments.
    Yeap you’ve nailed this logic I think? 😉 I couldn’t think of the word, tolerates. Yes, Yes I buy this. Unclean, like he’s beneath her and she can’t abide being near him. God knows what she found attractive in him in the first place? If she dislikes him now? Do you think there could be a baby hybrid?

    I mean its pretty obvious they knew each other but there was some confusion for people as to when and how. Crowley was once an angel (I suspect that Yellow Eyes, Tammy, and Alistair are all ex -angels.) That would also account for how some demons have powers and some don’t. The demons that don’t have powers are all low level followers like Ruby that used to be humans. ( I think Meg being the daughter of Yellow Eyes is a special case and somewhat unique on the show.)
    But how do we answer Crowley’s red eyes, and red smoke? or is the smoke for effect purposes? I knew for ages that there was more to Crowley, as far back as Season 6 with Christian Campbell.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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