Do we think Meg will be rememered as a heroine?

Firstly rest in peace Meg, I think many did feel for you even though you were a bad ass demon.

Played by NICKI AYCOX & RACHEL MINER – Meg’s biography link below:

Two very different actresses who is your favorite Meg?
Two very different actresses who is your favorite Meg?

Meg’s spirit has been with this show since season 1. Which alas as we know many few female characters have and has surpassed this with flying colours. We have seen how cut throat with a knife she is, and the damage she can cause without flinching. But has been known on occasion to show her softer side, when it suits. Do we think she has a soft spot for both the boys, and even more so for Castiel. Has she really shone a torch for him. Could a demon and angel relationship really of gone down on this show?

Some say she even had a heart, was this possible a demon could? Did she feel she had a connection with Sam and Dean, that she would possibly put her life on the line for them. Did it ring true this week that she had possibly gone the whole hog, and possibly redeemed herself in their eyes. Was Sam finally feeling sympathy for MEG after all these years. He had after all spent time with her on the road, and did understand her a bit better than Dean. But could she still steal the show, and stab them in the back when it suited her?

Great episode fighting for a good cause, or was she?
Great episode fighting for a good cause, or was she?

There was a flicker with Sam this week that she seemed different, less demonic and almost human. Knowing this couldn’t possibly happen. She resembled a damsel and almost went out all guns blazing. Many a guy would find Meg a hero even though she was tainted. Could she have ever changed? As the old saying goes, a leopard never changes it spots! Aside from those many short cummings, could she may be deciding in reverting her demonic habits into something that closely resembles a human. Had being around Sam and Dean a long time perhaps triggered her to at least think about her demon status.

Will she be remembered as a helper, an alie, or an evil son of a bitch! Did she go out with a bang and a worthy cause, or was it all a smoke screen. Bella as ever would love to know your thoughts on Meg, and the actresses who have played her over the years. Was she a force to be reckoned with, or a friend who would do anything for anyone? So do we think/feel she went out a heroine or was it a poor show. Did she not deserve to go out in this light considering that bad/evil things she has done?

You no my drill guys, get thinking and type away. Lets talk and re-visit Meg Masters one last time!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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