Redemption, are character’s really truly redeemed?

A number of characters on this show have been good and written/turned evil. In some cases some have been easily lead astray by another person or circumstance. Some characters seem to learn from their mistakes. Others continue on regardless of the mistake, and continue to make them, or so it seems.

Has Sam really learnt from his mistakes?

Has Sam really learnt from his mistakes?

To me if someone does an evil act is it easy to forgive the person for that sin. That terrible act which has bought a person pain and suffering who has also helped others does this compensate for the evil act. In our eyes is that person every really redeemed. Have they actually put that sin behind them and truly and compensated for their bad mistake for ever. Cas is one character whom I find is an angel of the lord whom has done bad acts who should really no much better. Is he truly sorry for his actions. Sam has also done some bad stuff, has he changed his spots and learnt from his mistakes. Meg recently wanted us to see she had possibly changed her spots. Could all her evil out weigh the rotten stuff, and immense suffering she has caused with out even thinking about it. 

Has he truly redeemed himself ......

Has he truly redeemed himself ……

So the thought for the day is, is a person really evil, born evil, and later in life knows this and tries to repent their sin. Or are they born good and easily lead and try and put right that wrong and learn from it. I still think in both Sam and Castiel’s case they both have and Meg has at the last moment had a change of heart, with everything in her suggests she at least thought good for how ever brief her thought was. Deep down she seemed almost human. Sam is the only human of these three, so does this differ are creatures aware of the wrongs they have done. Cas seems to be as he has at least been seen to amend his wrong with an apology. Perhaps given a chance would Meg have? Ruby was a different type of evil, manipulating Sam to get him to perform to her rules, to get what she wanted. He was her pawn. She was also seen helping the boys, but for what gain? Did she remember what it was like to once be human? Would she ever change her spots. Crowley is evil through and through and can see he would never really change his spots. His agenda is his alone, and evil is who he is. So we expect him to continue in this vain. He would have no reason to want to repent. But could it be a possibility?

Ruby is she a different kettle of fish entirely?

Ruby is she a different kettle of fish entirely?

So does evil acts flow through this show, are wrongs  often attempted to be put right? Or have the writers at least gone some way in repenting the persons, wrong doing. Do we feel the character can change, and not go back to their old ways.

Bella would love to know how you feel about a number of characters who have performed a bad act, and have tried to change. Have they really fully redeemed themselves in our eyes. For example has Dean really forgiven Cas for bringing down Sam’s wall, was this hard for Dean to accept, that Cas was truly sorry.

Type away guys, as Bella loves to hear from you ……


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