Episode Feedback- Season 8 Episode 18

Has Sam been kidnapped again?

Has Sam been kidnapped again?

As by now you know I don’t get to see the episode until at least Friday evening. Last week was Sunday evening, as there was a glitch. I was pulling my hair out more than normal. So eyes and ears time again. I’ve looked in on the forum and seems to be quiet, not many new threads have been started, so I take it from this is wasn’t an overly brilliant episode, as last weeks appeared to be. 

How did Sam get in this mess?

How did Sam get in this mess?

So give me all the in’s and out’s, the good and the not so good and the really terrible bits. What mark would you give, and if you thought it was well written and if the plot holes were there but not so noticeable. I’ve also seen the clip for next week which seems superb, so I am excited. (Don’t view if you don’t want to be spoiled however, its a cool clip.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch feature=player_embedded&v=FGiTYZRlXbw

As you know Bella is itching to hear your views, on how you feel the show went down last night. I do sense it  appears to be a poor one, by the reaction. Was it a filler, or MOTW episode? So I will wait to see if my hunch is correct. Type away guys looking forward in hearing from you as ever!!!


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