Any idea what the second trial might entail?

A very quick note tonight, a lot of discussion seems to be appearing about the second trial. Would any one have any idea what the second trial might actually entail? There is a brief clip out (link below) of Sam going into hell and seeing a body with a cap facing a wall. which many are speculating, it could be Bobby. It would be interesting to hear what you all think it could be. We saw the first trial was fairly straight forward, but bad on Sam’s health. So god knows what this trial will bring down on him.

Sam deciding to go into hell alone ......
Sam deciding to go into hell alone ……

Some are also saying he could retrieve a piece of Dean’s soul. Or he might have to chose between Bobby, and another close person. But if Bobby is dead and Dean burned the flask how can this be Bobby? Could the person in the clip we see be another person acting as Bobby, could it if it is Bobby be a demon, and Sam has to return him back to being a human? Possibility, but would still love to hear your thoughts. Could the trial involve more than 1 task, for Sam to complete?

Have a good think as to what you think it might be, and see if were right when it shows on screen this week. I no some are not keen on spoilers but this second trial does seem rather tense, and exciting. Bella’s here guys so type soon.

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