How do we feel about the show going into HELL!

Sam in Hell ........

Sam in Hell ……..

I noticed over on the forum many were not keen on the writers going into hell and offering us a cheap alternative to their own imaginations. I was for this, but I also wanted them to be creative, adventurous and mind blowing. It is as I’ve said many, many times a HORROR show after all! But I have for sometime really wanted them to at least investigate it and show us how brave they are. As in the past they have skipped Dean’s time in hell by showing us him on a rack alone, lonely and scared bleeding and crying out Sam’s name. We also saw him crawl back to earth from his grave. Which in my opinion was the best bit. Jensen should have won an Emmy.

Deans dramatic escape from HELL!

Deans dramatic escape from HELL!

Sam’s time was more imaginative and not in the true sense of the word in hell. He was kept adjacent to hell in a different location to Dean. But my imagination was running overtime this time round. I wanted to be dazzled, wowed, and gob smacked. You’ve guessed it they didn’t go there. We were side-lined with Sam gone for a year, and returning under a lamp post which was flickering and looking in on Dean with Lisa and Ben. How short-changed we actually were. I wanted so badly to at least see the cage Sam was in for a whole year riding Lucifer. Being penned in with Michael tormenting him. I guess it was too graphic to visualize on TV and above budget costs. But how fab would this have been. 

Sam back from Hell soulless.......

Sam back from Hell soulless…….

Now years on, we get a glimmer of hope that the writers are finally venturing into HELL. I really don’t want to be disappointed, but I can’t help myself. I could cheerfully strangle this show for not at least attempting something rather special, only to view what seems to be up-market prison cells decorated by the shows artists. Am I disappointed yes, I guess I am. As a creative person myself I was hoping secretly for much more. I here you cry you may be surprised they might show us something huge. Can the writers at least give us a gigantic leap and be brave and wow us with a few flames, terrified monsters and human’s living in fear. How spooky could hell be if they really put their minds to it. Are they frightened of going there because they don’t want to spoil the imagination of hell.  Is it out of their league to go in deep and explore.

Bella would love to know what you all think about hell, and the writers not living up to our creative imaginations. Are they deliberately avoiding going there. You no my drill, can’t wait to here from you guys, oh and by the way still haven’t seen the show yet.

By the way guys/team I hope you are all having a Happy Easter if you celebrate, don’t eat too much Chocolate!



4 thoughts on “How do we feel about the show going into HELL!

  1. ” At the end of season 2, Dean being on the rack was more scary than Sam’s visit. In fact, Dean’s descriptions of his time there add more to the horrifying concept of hell than anything we saw during Sam’s visit”


  2. Hello again, Bella. I agree with your assessment, here. This trip to Hell was more of a bad haunted house rather than a peek in to the worst possible place one could imagine. At the end of season 2, Dean being on the rack was more scary than Sam’s visit. In fact, Dean’s descriptions of his time there add more to the horrifying concept of hell than anything we saw during Sam’s visit. Remember, however, that getting there was most of the battle. Sam’s time is Hell added up 7-8 minutes of screen time; most of which was spent talking to Bobby.
    Hi again Brodie, good to see you. What little we did see of Dean in hell, I agree with you. Just like most great creations these writers just seem to skip past the inventive stuff, and only give a few minutes air time. I just wish they’d shown us more of Dean’s time in hell, just like purgatory insufficient for such a superb piece of writing. I still couldn’t get why Bobby was the one Sam had to rescue there were so many other worthy causes, other lives they’d saved may be. I sometimes think it was just an excuse to bring Bobby back. But I guess he’s in heaven now where he should be. They gave him such a good send off it irked me how they continued to bring him back. I so wanted to see more of hell other than just a decorated prison corridor. I felt they could have been so creative. Also I’d love to know why Bobby’s door was left OPEN?

    I, also enjoyed the opening sequence of Season 3.
    I must re-visit some early stuff this year season 3 wasn’t a favorite season of mine, as you say it was a good opening sequence.

    There was also a scene in Season 3 when Dean has the opportunity to torture a demon he knew during his time Hell. Chilling scene. It shows that Dean has to keep a tight reign on the darkness within.

    Dean is so strong willed, I really don’t no how he stood it for as long as he did, as Sam said. You stood it longer than most ever would. I wonder if he knew he was being trained, and was there for a reason? Or had an incline why he was there. Alistair new how special Dean was to hell, and literally gave the poor sod hell. I am glad Sam killed him off in the end. Alistair gave me the shivers. I would have been surprised if the writers turned Dean dark too, but it would have been interesting to see him go dark, and how he would perform it.

    As in the picture above, Sam looks worried, but hardly scared, much less terrified. He might as well be walking the streets of any major city after dark.
    I think he was being cautious, wondering what he might have to face around the next corner. And what they’d do to him if a demon collared him. I was amazed at how easy it was for him to get into hell, besides other off topics about that episode.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I said it at the time and Ill say it again-this episode should have been 2 or 3 episodes to really tell the story. It was so rushed it felt like getting into purgatory and hell was no big deal. I don’t think that’s what they meant to show though. Also how much screen time was spent in hell? I think it should ahha been one episode figuring out how to get into hell, ending with Sam in Purgatory looking for hell, next episode Sam trying to find the entrance to hell and having to fight monsters, getting into hell and maybe seeing some old hellish characters and really SHOWING us the horrors of hell and ending with finding Bobby and then a 3rd episode with Sam and Bobby fighting monsters to get out of Purgatory and then Benny saving them etc. Of course along with this there would be dean trying to figure out how to help Sam and finding Benny etc.
      I so strongly agree with all of this. It was an enjoyable episode, but they could have done so much more with it. The opportunities they missed out on just like purgatory. All we got was a couple of Levi and a Vamp wow. I no budget is a huge issue, but we’ve never really seen hell or purgatory up until now. I could really scream at them sometimes as its like they short changed us terribly.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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