Does Crowley have a master plan up his sleeve?

What is he really up to?

What is he really up to?

Why has Crowley not sussed that the boys are venturing into hell, his territory? Why hasn’t he twigged that Sam is even in his domain. I assume he’s thinking things over in his lair. Supping a class of whiskey contemplating on what he should do. Or does he already have a master plan in place? I still have a hunch he is playing it cool, and has already laid a trap and is waiting for Sam to spring it open. I am hoping that Crowley is not this stupid that he wouldn’t raise an eye-brow that a human has walked in on his patch. 

Could Crowley have set a dangerous trap for Sam. Has he put this into action to put the boys off track yet again? If a trap is lurking what do we think it could be? It can’t be all plain sailing to think he wouldn’t be tempted not to try and put the boys of the scent. Naomi is already contacting Dean to get him to Benny so why is Crowley so quiet?

I can't see Crowley letting Sam get away scott free

I can’t see Crowley letting Sam get away Scott free

Bella would love to know if you think Crowley has set a trap, and what he might have up his sleeve. I hate to think that Sam is going to walk through hell without being harmed in some way. I dread to think what will happen and what obstetrical will be thrown in Sam’s way. One thing I am interested in is how Sam will actually get into hell itself. Will it be a door, will it be that simple. Or will the Taxi Driver magic him in there. 

Drop Bella a line the usual way if you think you know what Crowley’s plan might be and what he’s really up to behind closed doors. Is Crowley out of sight, out of mind?



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