With five episodes left of the season?

How do we think the boys will do in the finale?
How do we think the boys will do in the finale?

How do we all feel it will end? What do we see happening between Heaven and Hell? Will there be a war of some kind, blood shed and less monsters roaming around earth? Will those gates of hell be closed? Will Sam not looking for Dean be answered? And other nagging questions. Who will Sam bring back from his trip in to hell? How will the three trials end? Will the boys end Naomi or is this too soon to predict? How will Naomi and Crowley finish will they seal it with a kiss? errrh. What will happen to Kevin and the cryptic tablets? Do we see the tablets coming together as one? Will it be the end for heaven and hell as we no it.

I am wondering how the finale is going to pan out if we think we might have another two years left on the shelf. There are a few little ends that need tying up before episode 23. So how have you all felt about this season, and are you happy with its overall content? Just heard that Carver will write the finale, so how do you feel about this? Was it expected? So much to cram into 5 episodes. Will it all be myth arc related or a filler episode to break it up?

Bella would love to know what you think might go down between now and the end of May. Get typing guys and let your fingers do the talking.


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