Was Victor right in the way he raised those children?

A pictorial view..........
A pictorial view……….

I found after viewing last weeks episode today an interesting experience. I first thought how different it was and how wired Victor was in how he approached his vision. Killing the children’s parents to lure them in to his world as their father figure and role model was a barbaric, and cruel maneuverer. Did he really have to kill their parents but why? for what gain? Was it to get their parent out of the way, so he had full and utter control over the children. That they had no one else to turn too. He had after all singled those children out to do his bidding. To prove to himself and others that they were the next generation of hunters.

Was Victor right ?
Was Victor right ?

Was he right to go about it the way he did. How he orchestrated chains of events to fulfill his master plan. Was he in fact a serial killer himself. Why did he employ the Vampire, what was his motive in all of this fiasco? Was killing the children’s parents motivation to kill monsters at mercy without reason or feeling. As Dean was horrified to learn there were no exceptional cases, they had to die come what may. A dark world to be a part of, could the children have really lived this life. Would they have worked out what Victor was doing was wrong? Could they in fact of bought Victor down themselves?

Sam and Dean trying to understand Victor?
Sam and Dean trying to understand Victor?

I liked the tone of this episode and how it ended. Dean was very impressive in particular how he handled the children. How firm he was, and how concerned he was. He stayed cool and was the lead throughout. Krissy came to believe in Dean once again, he was her knight on a charger. I also loved the humor when Dean called over the young boy, and he back chatted Dean. Saying I no do the right thing, Dean replying no she will. Krissy reminded me tonight of Meg. She had spunk, true grit and had a grown up feel about her. She wasn’t this little girl any longer. She gave Dean a run for his money. I wouldn’t say I was a fan of Krissie’s, but I liked her attitude. Hope we see her again in the future.

So Bella would like to know how you feel about Victor, and his morals. How he bought up the children to hunt and what he did to get the job done. Would he have succeeded in achieving his ambition and be the first person to achieve it. I would like to have learned a bit more about Victor his background and where he came from. It was a surprise to learn he killed himself and even surprised Sam and Dean.

Have fun tonight watching the latest episode keep our fingers crossed it will be a good one. I hope Sam stays safe down there!


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