Do both brothers feel they are freaks of nature?

Ever since the boys were raised the job has been their life. There existence not knowing any different and being expected to toe the line and behave like warriors. Whether this was their personal choice or not. Could they in fact, when young not see any different. It was only as they matured and got older that they assumed this life wasn’t ‘NORMAL’.  Did they actually begin to pick up on other kids lives and think wait a second!! Are we that dysfunctional, that we can’t do what they do.

Why was Sam so hot-heated all the time with John?
Why was Sam so hot-heated all the time with John?

As we grow up we tend to follow orders from our elders. Its only natural as we can’t really fend for ourselves at such a young age. One difference in the boys which stood out for me was, that Sam had issues relating to this more so than Dean. But now I think Dean also shines in this realm. He feels too that he didn’t have a choice in how he was bought up and raised. He was the good solider, who doted on his father and instinctively obeyed him, without question.   Was this right of John to expect his sons to fall in line, and do his bidding. Could we have perhaps seen another life for the boys if they had been given a better, healthier choice in life? 

Would the boys be any different if raised differently?
Would the boys be any different if raised differently?

We also saw in ‘What is and what should never be‘ how Dean’s dream life, was a very different existence to the one he currently resides in. Sam and Dean didn’t get on and Sam didn’t think monsters even existed. So how would the boys have turned out, if there lives were very different. Would their drive have worked if they didn’t have a goal to strive for. If monsters didn’t exist, what would the boys really do with their lives?

Sam is a different man, in the fact that the demon blood made him feel different, and many a time a freak of nature. If his mother had not done that deal with Azazel would Sam have turned out any differently. Had the demon blood really changed Sam as a person, which is what I often find myself asking. Can the blood be that powerful even if laying dormant, or in fact if it is still in Sam? With Sam’s change of behavior in Season 8 it often makes me wonder if Sam, is Sam and that all his past is catching up with him.  His anger issues ever remain, which is a real mystery. Is this why he so hankers for normal, being more human and wanting a normal life away from monsters. Another fearful thought, does Sam, after last weeks episode ever want children. This could also be a fear for him if he thinks he is tainted. Would he think his own children might end up this way.  Also we ask does Dean ever consider having children. How would the next generation of Winchesters fit in to this life, if we don’t really want to consider them. Being men there is always a strong chance of seeing children popping up in the future. Which is natural progression. We all hate the thought of children. But sensing how the boys feel about their life, and what they had been dealt. How would this rub off on their own kids, If they do have any.

Sam using his Powers .....
Sam using his Powers …..

Bella would love to know on how you feel about the boys lives in general. If they loath the life they’ve been dealt, and what they would do to change it. Could they ever feel that they could 100% ditch it all for a very different life. Could they really walk away for good. 


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