Predict who will die next on this show?

This show is called Supernatural and we new very early on what Death really means on this show.  Life doesn’t last very long on this show, and we no the odd character has slipped through the net. The likes of Bobby have been a strong testament that a character can last, if he has enough story and background in him to last. Sometimes I think they ditch a character too quickly, they don’t flesh them out enough, and really challenge that character. A real waste of talent, what could have been ….

Alistair, were his days numbered?
Alistair, were his days numbered?

Death is really meaningless, and we as viewers have come to terms with this fact that we got attached to a loved one, or guest star, and we no may have their life snuffed out before its prime. I think back to characters like Azazel, Lilith, Alistair, Henrickson, even the likes of Uriel, Zachariah, Anna, Balthazar, Gabriel  Castiel, Gordon Walker, Bela Talbot, Ellen & Jo, Pam and Adam. They all struck a chord with us, and how bad their stories were. They had pricked our consciences, and even did fall in love with some of them. Even the likes of Meg will stand out as a favorite, and a hero till the end if though in our hearts, we no she’s bad to the core. Do we perhaps invest too much time in a character, do we get too attached to them if we no the inevitable is going to happen. 

Was Bela too sassy for Dean ...
Was Bela too sassy for Dean …

Death is has become very predictable. We no the writers love to shock us, who wouldn’t in their position.  The supernatural can resurrect a character quicker than saying hocus pokus!!!!  As we have all recently seen with Bobby as a ghost, followed by Bobby mark 3. Some  characters are much loved and are bought back by popular demand, because of fans resistance, to let them go unceremoniously. So do some characters deserve to stay dead? Was it really worth the suspense of bringing them back, just to kill them a second or even third time.  The boys have even died and come back when the show does end, will Dead to them stay Dead and not be resurrected.  Will it mean something then perhaps?

A real sacrifice only to be bought back, was it worth it?
A real sacrifice only to be bought back, was it worth it?

So my thought today is who do you predict to be the next to die on this show. I have asked this on the forum yesterday. We think possibly Crowley, Kevin,  Mrs Tran, Charlie or Naomi. Are these reasonable predictions, or do you have another? Do share with Aunty B soon …..


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