How do you feel the episode went? Lets talk ….

Still not seen the episode and each week I ask you how you felt it went. Since researching on here and on IMDb I have picked up on the following points.

Is Sam turning into something?
Is Sam turning into something?

1. Too Rushed 2. Could have been stretched out in to more than one episode 3. Too easy to get into Hell and Purgatory 4. Bobby was a let down. 5 Bobby telling off Sam about not looking for Dean 6. The state of Hell, not living up to expectations? 7. Bobby goes to heaven 8. Too much story regarding Sam. 9. Too soon in to find the portal, when it took Dean a year to locate it. 10. Kevin not sure if he’s unwell or not, some think he was faking it? 11. Dean meeting Naomi wasn’t what they were expecting. 12. Dean chopped Benny’s head off! 13. Is Sam turning into something?

The brothers hug .......
The brothers hug …….

So with those thoughts if I am correct in my summary seemed a let down, but to sum was superb. What else can you flesh out and surprise me with. I no how entertaining you all are on feedback. So for a lazy Sunday afternoon, think back to Wednesday night and re-live the experience, with me one more time.  Bella is waiting to find out how you enjoyed it. Or not enjoyed it in some cases. Which I find hard to believe. Go guys!!!!


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