Metatron – What do we think he will be like?

Metatron is the Archangel whom according to Castiel, wrote down the Word of God when creation was being formed. The Word of God was inscribed on multiple stone tablets in an ancient language that almost all beings, including angels, can not read. One of these tablets containing the Word had instructions on how to kill the Leviathan’s should they escape from Purgatory and one tells of how to lock the demons in Hell forever. Metatron was later mentioned by Kevin Tran when reading the Word of God to Crowley.

While Kevin was reading the tablet on demons, the prophet saw a personal note by Metatron. It mentions the archangel taking leave of his master and letting humans take responsibility of the compendium of tablets.

His current status and location is unknown, largely because of his departure from Heaven. Why he did this is unclear. It is also not yet mentioned how he is related to the other four archangels or when he was created by God.

Metatron is described as “a bit scatterbrained.” He’s also reported to be a cross between Obi-Wan Kenobi (“Star Wars”) and Verbal Kint (“The Usual Suspects.”)

EDIT: This is whom has been cast: Curtis Armstrong. IMDb link below


Powers and Abilities 

Being an Archangel, Metatron is certainly a very powerful being, with various if not all, powers of an angel. However, he is distinguished above his other kindred by his vast knowledge. It is unknown whether he is in comparison to Michael, Lucifer, Raphael or Gabriel.

  • Cosmic Awareness – As the scribe of God, he wrote several words of God about various beings, thus having immense knowledge of many creatures including Demons, Leviathans and Angels, even closing entire spiritual realms.
  • Teleportation – He traveled from Heaven to Earth, to relinquish the tablets.
  • Immortality – As he is an Archangel, he can live forever.
  • Invulnerability – As an Archangel, he can not be hurt by regular weapons. It is unknown if he can be hurt or killed by Heaven’s weapons though. Being an Archangel, he is thought to be vulnerable to an Archangel Blade though it has never been proven.


With this knowledge how do we feel he will be represent on the show. Do we sense a very intelligent man, a force to be reckoned with one who will stand his ground, and demand a presence.

I hope he is someone like Death, a robust figure who scares people the moment they see him. I can imagine he will be very authoritarian and be in full command of his task , and be very distinguished. How do you think this character will affect the supernatural universe?

Bella would love to no how you all feel about this character. Remembering I think back wondering in fact if he could be Castiel or even Dean? It looks as though I’ve eaten my own words, or dear .. we can’t all be perfect!! Guess that article is now redundant. One can dream! Type away guys and share those feelings. It looks as though this guy has been signed for three episodes and possibly into season 9 too.

And the surprise for the next installment ……….

Promo clip: Supernatural season 8 episode 20 Pac-man fever

don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled. OMG debbab you were right! He’s hot …

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