Supernatural episode 23 titled ‘Sacrifice’

The finale is not so far away now, we can see it, and almost touch it. This title is enough to send a shiver down my spine. As we no what the word ‘SACRIFICE’ means. So with all this pent up in me, I can only assume we think this means Death. Whether it be of a loved one or an innocent victim. How do we think this will pan out. When we consider all season what the boys have really been through, and who they’ve all ready lost. As Dean has said ‘don’t you think we’ve lost enough ‘. I can’t bear to think if one of the boys might die, primarily Sam if he gets to close those huge, big gates of hell for good! Will Dean have to loose Sam for ever?  Will we see Sam die in an horrendous way all over again.  I highly doubt this, since his contract is signed and sealed for season 9/10.  (But, may be bought back to life. )

So what do we think will happen?

So what do we think will happen?

Or can we block those brothers thoughts out of our heads, and think outside that big box. Do we sense it could be someone  the boys no. Are we hedging bets it could be Amelia for one last show down, as Benny has previously had his big  day. Can we see Sam having to sacrifice the one he loved as Dean did with Benny? Or am I totally barking. Could it be another person we hadn’t even thought of. It may be Cas; it could be Kevin, or it could be Charlie who have all played their role this season. But are these guys really close to the boys. Bobby has already gone poof to heaven, so he is ruled out of this package. May be it might be an old friend about to return. As there has been talk of Gabriel being back on set. But fans were not sure if he’s been seen filming, or just visiting his old pals. So who could we be left with to get are brain box’s thinking. Or finally is it not a person, could it be earth the boys might have to sacrifice as the third trial once again? Or even a monster, could Crowley be on the way out? 

Bella as you no, is itching to read your thoughts on who you think might snuff it during or at the end of the finale, if anyone actually does. It could be a twist and no one may die. I can’t help but think this will be some huge, big, build up to nothing. Just for effect and to get the old tongues wagging. Either way still love hearing your thoughts. So type away ……


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