The mysterious returning character?

Is it really true!

Oh My God, there has been news that Sarah Blake might be returning? This is not definite but knowing how I feel about Miss Blake, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been secretly waiting for this moment for years. On the forum this topic is currently debating very well.  As they are speculating is she just coming back to see her friends because she is in Vancouver, or actually taking part on the show. This really is hot stuff! I am so excited. 

The other debated topics are suggesting, if she comes back will it be in Sam’s montage.  Or in a flashback, or an hallucination. If he continues to not be well because of these trials.  Others are unhappy of this news, as they do not want the writers to bring her back just to kill her off as per usual. Or that it is too soon for Sam to be involved in a relationship after Amelia?

Source Links inserted below of the interview, and make of it what you will. Its not set in stone but tongues are wagging. Bella would love to know if you are as excited as me, of this news and her possible comeback after so long. Do we all have nagging concerns too, or are we happy campers! Type away guys.




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