Supernatural Episode 22 Clip Show – thoughts?

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Taylor Cole

Will Sam been in a deep, deep sleep ….

I have had one idea where Sam has probably performed the third trial and has passed out and is flat on his back. He is in a coma and regressing back to his past. As I said on IMDb, the writers have to have the actor doing something whilst he is lying on his back asleep.  Hence the title of the episode, Clip show. So I think a montage will take place, in the form of flashbacks. He will obviously have a theme to the flashbacks and presume he will be reminiscing about his past loves.  Jeremy has mentioned love interests coming back, and this is what I think might happen?   So is why I am certain of it being  a Sam centric episode. With Dean watching over him whilst Sam is out for the count. But what will Dean really be doing to help Sam? is he about to do something stupid. 

Bella would love to know your thoughts about this up and coming episode. What pleasures lay before Sammy when he’s in another world dreaming about his past. Could there be something else in store for Sam whilst his in dream land? Tried to find a guide but can’t find one, will edit if I locate later.


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