Were the boys right to leave Kevin with Garth?

Why did the boys not take Kevin to the bunker? As a matter of safety. After watching the episode once again tonight on a rare occasion these days. I found myself questioning Sam and Dean’s intelligence. They first walk on board Garth’s dump of a boat, to find Kevin half out of it and swinging ‘Crowley’s in my head’. Next we further uncover more sinister goings on, that  the boy isn’t even on medication for his hallucinations. Crowley is taunting the boy and clearly is disturbing him to the point of insanity. Crowley also later divulges that he has killed Mrs Tran.  This leads Kevin to do a bunk. But Dean doesn’t no of Mrs T’s death as yet, just confident that Kevin has flipped and done a runner.


So my point today about this last erratic episode, was why had Sam and Dean put an incompetent man such as Garth in charge of a special kid, which he undoubtedly is as he’s a prophet of the lord.   How can such a prat look after a young kid, let alone look after himself. He clearly is not responsible enough to allow being in charge of a minor. I am very surprised I no Dean had been checking in frequently on Kevin, but is this really enough. How long do we no Kevin has been on his own if Garth is out doing what he doing. Crowley could easily have got to Kevin and snatched him away. I don’t get why after a certain amount of time that the boys wouldn’t come to the same conclusion. Just piece of mind and take Kevin out of harms way into the safety of the Bunker. All this little minor detail could have been avoided if the boys had used their loaves just a tad. Not usually a negative report, but I could never understand a buffoon such as Garth, would be left with the responsibility of looking after another person even younger than himself.  He is clearly not up to the job.

With Castiel close by he could have looked out for Kevin and been of more help as they are from heaven. I just don’t get the stupidity of a dumb plot that so easily backfired. I ask myself again Kevin was in such a state of the news of his mother that he did a Sam too, he bolted and ran because he was scared rigid of Crowley catching him. How on earth could the boys have left him so easily and with such little effort of not thinking the boys life and health through. They needed Kevin, to help them scribe the words of god, they needed Kevin to help them through those terrible days of the trial, so had the favor been repaid, my answer is no I don’t think so. I think they let their guard down, and failed Kevin once again. Will they learn a tough lesson from this, that they should have watched Kevin’s back more closely, they should have been aware something like this might have gone down. Could all this mess been avoided.

Bella would love as ever to hear my guys views on this iffy subject of abandoning a young boy, who wasn’t clearly well enough to look after himself. Knowing people were on his tail, and teasing him to go insane. How do you feel about the boys lack of parental care behind Kevin’s disappearance  Was the bunker the right place to take him in the event of being left on that cold, ire boat with no outlook or means of daily routine. Was it healthy for him, day in day out. I can’t begin to wonder what duress he was really under and what made him finally bolt, so how could the boys have fared in all this, or do you perhaps feel it was reasonable for the boys to let Kevin be with Garth, did it really bother you?


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