Do we think Dean is getting a raw deal?

On IMDb fans are often airing their views, that Dean is not getting a fair deal as a main character that he is being side-lined and shelved for Sam’s stories. As far as many are concerned Sam is the golden boy and Dean is the caretaker. How can these scales have changed so much, that fans feel Jensen is unhappy. Do we no this, or is it pure rumor? Are fans making a mountain out of a mole hill, and worrying unnecessarily.  They are fretting he is not as integral to the story as Sam and is being shunted. That he is just more or less a guest star and not heavily woven into the myth arc. Does Dean have a future role to play, or is it all pie in the sky?

Is Dean just a side kick?
Is Dean just a side kick?

How do you feel about Jensen’s role is he creatively getting enough stories to stimulate him and Dean Winchester. Has he not really had sufficient stories to keep him going since season 5. Can the writers change this pattern, can they involve Dean with the myth-arc much more than they have done. Are these stories really true or do you yourself begin to believe its true. Can fans over work something that isn’t really there. Or is it? Is Dean being continually side-lined for Sam? How do you really feel guys. Is our eldest Winchester being left out in the cold with no real ambition, aim or guidance.

Was purgatory just a side-line for Dean's character?
Was purgatory just a side-line for Dean’s character?

I feel for fans if there is something in it. But do we sometimes read too much between the lines, and get over carried away with our thoughts for a character. Can our love for a character take over and spoil what we already have. Can this be true or are many imagining it all? 

Bella would love to know your feelings about our elder brother, if he is a doormat, a side-kick, and stand in, or a no-mark character just used to prop up his younger brother for effect.  Can the writers sort out this damage or is there no real need to, is it all hunky dory with Dean Winchester?

Is Jensen happy?
Is Jensen happy?

Some are saying Jensen asked for  producer credit and was turned down. Is this true or rumor? Is there more going on behind the scenes than some realize? Is Jensen himself unhappy that he feels strongly that his own character is none active and miserable. Or do we no for sure he is happy with Dean himself, and his lot? Lets talk Dean Winchester and see what we come up with. Type away guys as Bella is here waiting.


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  1. I think SPN has always been Sam oriented. The first three seasons were nothing but the Sam show. Season 4 and 5 fit in Dean being the Vessel for Michael, but the focus was still on Sam and what Sam would end up doing. At the start of season 4 and towards the end, Zachariah tells Dean that it all comes down to him and his decision (and that the start of the Apocalypse was Dean breaking down under the torture in Hell, breaking the first seal), but the feel of season 4 and 5 seemed more concerned with Sam, Ruby, demon blood, and Lucifer.
    To me Sam has always been the main character, and its not been until later years that fans I think decided it was a duo. But Jared has always had top billing, and was the first character to show on screen in his college flat with Jess. So I have always been okay with this. I think the only thing I will disagree with Bella is that season 3 Sam was getting Dean out of his demon deal in saving himself. So Sam was prominently dealing with this for most of the season. But yes to four and five.

    I think through out the years the producers/writers have seen this and have seen the sounding off of Dean fans and have tried to respond to it. It surprises me that they haven’t introduced some sort of spin on Cain and Able. That came directly to mind when I started watching seasons 1-3. When Sam and Dean are revealed to be Michael and Lucifer’s vessels the idea struck me then too. Now that it is getting into season 9 and cleared for season 10 I wonder if the Cain Able story line isn’t going to be injected into the show somehow.
    The Dean saga has been going on for the last three years probably longer. I think Dean does have a role to play, and a firm one which fans don’t think about. I think he is the leader of the pack, he’s the one that makes the decisions. And he’s the one that others come to in a crises and I’m thinking of Sam and Cas mainly here. Dean is their rock, and surrogate father. I don’t get they don’t want to see this. Dean really does keep everything ticking over and in working order. But the Cain and Able story line wasn’t a nice story, as I bought this up on the forum once, and they I wouldn’t say ate me alive, but they didn’t care for this comparison at all. The story is definitely going some where. And I suspect that Sam may die in the end. And that Dean cannot ultimately save him. I might be totally wrong. But its just a hunch, I will cry buckets if this happens to my heroes.

    I love Dean. Sam has always been too damn feely and flip floppy for my tastes. You are correct, in many ways Sam and Cas are a lot a like and end up having the same type of flaws. Dean is one of the few characters on this show that really stays the same. His character hasn’t undergone the amount of change over the years as Sam or Castiel’s character has.
    I get why Dean is so popular and Sam appears the underdog. But to me that’s the writers not the characters. I love them both but just feel that Sam has the more interesting story. Remember also, that Jensen originally went for the part of Sam, and they offered him the role of Dean. Jensen liked the idea of Dean because he sounded funny. So Dean was born. But to me one wouldn’t be complete with out the other. Dean could never survive with out Sam and now we know that neither could Sam after season 8. I like how Sam and Cas are similar, maybe this is why they have found it hard to get on with each other. Not just because of the demon blood. But Dean yes, as you rightly say has stayed the same and not overly gone through major changes. But I do love my Sammy. 🙂

    SPN needs a character like Dean to balance out the personality of someone like Sam. And since they are brothers it is only natural to make them worlds apart and with different mentalities.
    Of course, other wise it would be dead and stale. There would be no life in the show, and no real chemistry. We no the boys bring so much of this, but its also down to the writing too. We moan about the writers, but they’ve done a great job in balancing out both of them, I think. 😉

    I don’t think Jensen/Dean is getting a raw deal. This has been a Sam oriented show since episode one and will continue to be (although Misha sure is stealing a hell of a lot of thunder). I do appreciate Jensen being able to direct episodes. He does direct well and have liked the ones he has directed so far. So, in a way I believe it balances out the show being so intensely focused on Sam and his story arcs.
    I do agree about Misha/Cas. He can take on a lot of story. I love how Jensen has been able to take on another talent, and is suits him perfectly. The only episode of his I didn’t care for was the very controversial episode The Girl next door. The first episode weekend at Bobbies the boys were hardly in it. So Jensen had a chance to get into the job. It will be interesting to see how Misha takes on this challenge, and how he copes with it.

    Thanks for the comments,
    love Aunty B xxxxxxx


    1. “I don’t think Jensen/Dean is getting a raw deal. This has been a Sam oriented show since episode one and will continue to be (although Misha sure is stealing a hell of a lot of thunder). I do appreciate Jensen being able to direct episodes. He does direct well and have liked the ones he has directed so far. So, in a way I believe it balances out the show being so intensely focused on Sam and his story arcs.”
      Yes a lot of the stories are Sam oriented but Dean is the heart and soul of the show. Hes the fuel that makes the engine go. It doesn’t bother me when Dean doesn’t have the “main” story line because he always still plays a big part-(If he hadn’t insisted on finding Sam in Swan Song, Sam would never have been able to take control of Lucifer for example) He also gets a lot of Dean centric episodes that although not connected to the main story are still great-like Pac Man Fever and Larp and the Real Girl.

      I loved your Hes the fuel that makes the engine go. theory. Dean is the heart and soul, he’s the heart that keeps it all beating. The one who ties up those loose ends, and fathers Sam. He’s the one that keeps Cas in line when he falls of the rails. He’s the one who shines in moments like larping and other episodes. He also has the BEST one-liners, and comedic timing. His facial expressions are priceless, time and time again. That’s why I love Dean.

      Thanks for the comments,
      love Aunty B xxxxxxx


  2. I think that the series after season 5 trades back and forth in who gets the spot light. one season will be a Sam season while the next will be a dean season. This last season was definitely a Sam season but it had plenty of Dean moments. Dean shines anytime Sam gets the spot light because Dean is the protector and is continuously coming in to save the day and keep things centered. In my opinion the strongest character in this series is Dean because he is multidimensional and he doesn’t have to be front and center to be a driving force. Sam was complex but now he is back to a fairly one dimensional character. He wants to stop hunting no matter what the cost, which again brings in Dean reminding Sam that living to fight another day is not a bad thing, does it suck, yes, but its better than dying.
    This is strange, as I wish you could say this on other forums as they do not believe that Dean as a premise on the show. He does not have any input and the show is all about Sam. So I am pleased someone has mentioned the fact that Dean’s character is pivotal to the cause. All they seem to see is Dean the doormat, caretaker, side-kick. blah blah. But Dean is so much more than this. Dean is the one that keeps it all together, the rock, the guider, the reason maker. Sam and Cas would be lost without Dean. Sam is very complex, particularly this season as I for one have found him extremely hard to read, until my angels have talked it all through. 😉 It does give Dean something important to do, if only to inject some life back into Sam and return him to the hunt. As he needs him, he needs his buddy fighting along side him, and watching his back.

    Thank you for the comments, & thank you for returning.
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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