New teasers coming through regarding the finale.

I am so excited now, and can feel the tension mounting. On the forum today they have been speculating about it so much. Russ Hamilton has leaked tiny hints to get us all thinking. So we are doing just this today.

He’s been tweeting a ton of hidden messages on his twitter….one where he capitalized certain letters that when put together say “WE ALL DIE TOGETHER”. He also tweeted a hidden message saying all the clues were there, and it was a sign saying “BEWARE OF THE DOG. THE CAT IS SHADY AS *beep* ALSO”.  Also, the woman that plays Naomi (sorry I’m blanking on her name) was tweeting goodbye and how much she’s going to miss the show, and people were tweeting her saying she’d be missed. So this is what I’m thinking from this…

1.  The dog that Sam hit…the cat being Amelia
2.  Hell-hounds, and the cat being Naomi
3. I don’t know what he was saying when he says  WE ALL DIE TOGETHER What could that mean?
4. So Naomi is most likely going to die.

Any other speculation? (this we’ve already discussed)
Edit: Also, Jared tweeted how he listened to a song named “Funeral” to get him to his “emotional state” for the finale.

So Bella wants to know what your thinking about these teasers guys, any random thoughts to chew over? Is it a cryptic message service that Russ loves to tempt and get us guessing. What do we think is something terrible and unthinkable going to happen to one or both of our boys, or someone else. Or are we totally barking up the wrong tree. What messages is Russ trying to put across. Or is it all a red herring, I wouldn’t put anything past this team. Type away guys and have a good old brain storm. Enjoy the show tonight, will be thinking of you all thoroughly relaxing for 42 minutes of pure bliss.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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