The What’s wrong with Sam scenario.

On the forum today a thread sparked my attention for this blog entry today. Is It the flavor of things to come, that fans lately having been chewing this over. Moaning and mentioning frequently, that each season there is clearly something wrong with Sam.

What has Sam actually got?
What has Sam actually got?

So far we have had: 

S2: Visions 
S4: Addicted to demon blood
S5: Possessed by Lucifer.
S6: Soulless + soul tortured 100+ years in Hell + hell pain
S7: Hell pain + Lucifer hallucinations
S8: Trial sickness

Are the writers right, in continually suggesting there is something wrong with Sam. Is this part of Sam’s character to always be the one brother who has something wrong with him?  Do the writers not think perhaps we might like a change, or are we all hunky dory with these facts.

Can Dean really help Sammy this time?
Can Dean really help Sammy this time?

Is Sam heading for a final fall with the trial sickness. Will it kill him, putting it bluntly. Is he doomed that he won’t ever recover. Can he over come his ailments this time? Cas is by the sounds of it unable to cure what he’s got, which is a nerve racking thought. Can he continue with the third trial if he is in fact so sick. Will he miss his chance if he is unwell. 

The challenge for the writing team this year is to come up with a different scenario to what has been before. We are sussing that Sam is changing, and changing horrifically. He is scared to death not sure whether he is coming or going. Can our hero survive this ordeal and be normal as he can be. Or will this disfigurement be a blessing in disguise. Will it help him or continue to be a curse for ever.

Bella as ever is itching to read your thoughts, so type away gang and let us no how you feel about poorly Sam. This coming week  he does actually pass out, so what will be the outcome for Dean when he finds Sam out of it.

Sam: ‘These trials there changing me Dean.’

Dean: ‘You’ve got to let me take care of you’…..


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