Who would you like to see on Supernatural?

Many great guest stars have already appeared on this show. There is a huge array of actors out there. If you could have your pick who would you like to star. May be as a vilan or a good guy, the choice is yours.

I think of the young Winchester’s who have been on, also the vast amount of actors whom have played angels and demons and other monsters, in short or long cameo appearances. We have also had a huge number of guest stars returning as the same character or a different character like Benny for example and Missy from the Benders in season 1. Some guest stars really do go un-noticed and have been really terrific. Others have tread our boards for long regular stints such as Lucifer, Death and many others.

One of the best guest starts ….

So who would you like to cast in a role and what would that role be? Be creative and surprise me I no you guys will. So outside Supernatural whom is your favorite actor that you would like to see on this show. Spread your wings and get thinking. Can’t wait to hear from you. 

Also not asked the question before, since I have run out of ideas once again. Which is your favorite season and favorite episode. This will make you think as I can never narrow it down to one, although yes I have a favorite but  will wait and see what you come up with and if we agree.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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