Sam and the trials got me thinking about Dean?

Okay where do I start in all this haze. Last night in bed I had a wired thought creep over me, as some of us do. I wished I had written my thoughts down, but think I’ve remembered most of it, so here goes.

Poorly Sam, what is really going on that we don't no about?
Poorly Sam, what is really going on that we don’t no about?

We all seem to be heading in the right direction that Sam seems to be being purified of his demon blood. Many seem elated with this news and are happy to the extent that Sam may not be turning into an angel. Or is this perception playing with us again? I continued on to think about the tablets, as these have always sparked my imagination, wondering what they are really all about. Is there a coded message on the tablets. Why are they so important. Do they just hold the key to closing the gates of heaven and hell or is there more to these tablets than meets the eye? What is there secret?

Do they hold a cryptic message?
Do they hold a cryptic message?

Since Dean wasn’t the one working on these trials and Sam was, we do no now that Sam is changing. But what is really going on under the surface. What is really changing him that he himself, doesn’t really understand. Why is Sam so spooked at this prospect. What is he really covering up? Is he telling Dean the truth? Did God actually scribe these tablets for Sam.  Where they purposely written for him? Was this part of Gods plan? Did God want to purify Sam’s blood all along? Has Sam been rescued by God? Strong words, but it could be possible, could it?

So with Sam working on the Hell tablet, are we to assume from Jeremy’s recent interview that Dean will take on the chore of the mighty heaven tablet trials. If so what will be in store for Dean, and what will he have to sacrifice. Would God have written the heaven tablet any differently to the hell tablet. Will it come to the same conclusion? Will Dean go through the same all mighty pain that Sam has gone through. Will he sacrifice something of himself, to close the gates of heaven? Or will the writers come up with a different scenario to the hell tablet? God has intervened with the boys problems before so why will this case be any different. Had he thought about both boys, when writing his messages many moons ago?

What is in store for Dean?
What is in store for Dean?

Crowley and Naomi are obviously protecting their own domains? But what plans are ahead for the Winchester boys as regards these two characters. We have already discussed if Crowley’s days are numbered, but are Naomi’s also. Will the gates even be closed, which a number of us don’t think they will be.  Is a trap in store for our duo. Will all this hard work have been for nothing. Can we also see there being no demons from now on in. Could the show never, ever write about another demon again. 

Bella has a mixed bag tonight, but I sense a trap, and I sense the gates will not be closed. Something will prevent this from happening. But what could that be. Am I smelling a rat!! So has Sam gone through all this pain for nothing.

Bella is waiting for your wonderful responses as ever.  So as normal guys, getting typing and drop me a line shortly.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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