This is a fun thread?

I put this up on IMDb this morning and its proved rather successful and is having a number of hits, to my surprise. As my threads over there of late don’t seem to be doing as well as the use to, for what ever reason. So I thought why not put it to my guys here, so you can join in the fun too.

Food glorious food, my perfect job on the catering team

My thread title is, if you were offered a job on the set of Supernatural what job would you pick. I decided my choice were to be on the catering team, as I could feed up my boys as I know they love their food. I could also be in two places at once, and have the best of both worlds. I could also natter to them every single day. Bearing in mind there are many, many roles as we all seem to be aware of, from the dear tea boy with the trolley down to the massive big director, throwing his weight around on the crew. So be creative and think outside that big box. Have a storm and come up with some incredible ideas. Many so far are heading in the writers direction, which I am surprised at. But you have the choice, don’t let other ideas sway you. Remember the boys were also goffa’s on the ‘Hollywood Babylon’ episode which guest stared Gary Coleman. Dean loved his moment as a PA and found himself swooning over the lead actress, oh Dean …..

Oh Dean …………

Here is the link below to tempt and tantalize you. Get typing guys as Bella is waiting patiently to hear from you.

Come on surprise me with those thoughts of yours, I no your itching to have a go …..


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