Do all the trails have a meaning?

I’ve been thinking about the trials a lot, wondering in fact if they are connected. Sam has performed two of the three and is about to take on the third. List as follows:

Do they hold a cryptic message?
Do they hold a cryptic message?

1. Kill a Hell-hound

2. Rescue an innocent soul from Hell

3. Heal someone

Do these three trials actually have a connection. Do they all link to one compendium? Does each trial have a purpose to how Sam is changing? Did God actually scribe these trials for a reason. Are they part of parcel of what Sam is changing or regressing into? God must have had an overall reason when he scribed these messages, as its taken Kevin months to fine tune the codes which have resembled into the above.

Sam has had to kill something, save someone and heal someone. Any thoughts as to a link, and what each messages means. Can we decode anything into these tablets, do they connect? Is there a hidden message once all the tablets have been translated. We no that the trials and tablets are connected but is there more to this, does it blossom out into something much bigger.

Bella would love to know what you think about the tablets, if there is a real link to the trials and, what the trials really mean. What was God thinking when he scribed those words a long time ago. Did he in fact no Sam was going to perform them years into the future.


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