Oh my GOD?

Bella has worked it out, I think 🙂  Wait for it … Whilst I sit down and chuckle to myself. I saw the episode and loved it with a capital L. I adore this show. There was so much that kept me from sitting on my seat. I think this is one of the best episodes of the season. It was cram packed with so much juicy information. It wasn’t until I saw Metatron spilling the beans about Sam’s transformation that it hit me. No one has sussed this out yet, no one. Sam is not turning into an angel, a demon or purifying his demon blood. Sam is actually transforming into a God? Yes, you heard it hear first.

This scene helped click it all into place  .....

This scene helped click it all into place …..

When Metatron went in and grabbed Kevin from Crowley he was smoking on the floor. I thought is this the end of Crowley. As the episode developed, pieces began to click. It wasn’t until Metatron mentioned the trials and he noticed that Sam could hear things. As it progressed Metatron talked about the scribed words of god and that he wasn’t an archangel and Sam was turning in to what he was, a God.

Castiel was deliberately wounded for Sam to heal him, hence the body of Cas in the road and the boys stopping to see who it was. Sam was feeling better, but had the boys sussed at this point what was going on. No, it hadn’t sunk in. It wasn’t until that final scene, that look on Castiel’s face looking up in Sam’s direction that he knew what Sam had to do. He knew Sam had the power in him to heal him. Uh oh, the boys will not like this. There is no going back, there is no temporary measure. This is for real. 

This is going to shock a number of you, so take it easy and let it sink in. Digest the thought of who, and what Sam might be. He is going to be one powerful dude. Why didn’t we think of this. Why didn’t my thoughts think this high?

Bella is feeling strange with this thought, thinking what we were of sorts thinking, may happen. re-watch Metatron and see if you come to the same conclusion as me.  Am I excited, scared for Sam, or am I in limbo. I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing now seems to be heading this way. Are the writers going one step beyond madness. Does Jeremy have a big plan up his sleeves after all, can he turn this around.  Drop me a line can’t wait to hear your views 🙂


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