If the gates of hell close, or don’t close

We have talked many times about the gates of hell. Why is this conversation any different. Metatron spoke about the choices to Dean and was specific about what their actions will be if they go ahead with their quest.

Metatron: “Your choice, this is what this has all been about. The choices your kind make. But your going to have to weigh that choice. Ask yourself what is it going to take to do this and what will it be like after its done.”

Why is he really here?

We love examining words here, so lets think about those words, and what Metatron was really meaning. What will those ramifications be if it does work out, or on the flip side if it does work out.  Are these wise words from the scribe of good whom began life in an office. 

Metatron has appeared for a reason, is this purely to get his point of view across to the boys. Or to look after gods words, and keep them safe. He knew how to word his conversation, and how to sway Dean into thinking about the ramifications. So these must be serious and something for the boys to really think about.  Was the boys meeting with Metatron pure coincidence, was it meant to be? This won’t be the last we see of Metatron, so why is he here, to see the boys go through with gods words, or has he something else planned? Are closing the gates a bigger deal than we all first thought. 

Bella would love to know your views about Metatron, and his little speech to Dean. Was it a friendly warning, or was there much more to it. Is Metatron here for a reason, is he a friend or foe?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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