Does Sam find it harder to interact with other characters?

Again another thread over on IMDb sparked my imagination. Which I must add has been puzzling me, for some time. The thread title in question:

This show should be called ‘everybody loves Dean’  The link

Does Dean find it easier to make friends than Sam?

From peoples views many notice that people seem to flock towards Dean and engage with him much more. Why have the writers decided upon this that one brother seems to be more popular than the other, in terms of attraction. What is it with Dean, that Sam seems to lack? Why have the writers pushed Sam into this over shadowing corner, and presented him as the isolated brother who seems more content with his own shadow, and company. Jody Mills appears to me to be the only character whom has come close to Sam over the years. Sam doesn’t over show his emotions, as much as Dean perhaps this is a reason why the writers have written a character more one way than another.

Does Dean have that charisma where people sense he seems more likable  and Sam doesn’t. Is this Sam’s trait that he likes to be aloof. Why are the writers distancing Sam from others. Is there a definitive reason why? Sam has had a number of lady friends, so we assume from this he makes friends easily, and whilst at college has settled down with male and female friends alike. So again folks why are the writers distancing Sam from others? It could be an oversight, but very much doubt this. Even with Kevin this season Sam seems to sideline him self and let Dean do all the talking. Garth always went to Dean hugged Dean and just shock Sam’s hand. Charlie was positioned to side line Dean from Sam because of the trials, but for once there Sam did interact with Charlie. Amelia’s back story Sam had zero chemistry and was as flat as a pancake. Which seemed odd, as all his previous girlfriends had chemistry which was clearly visible. Bobby is another stronger character whom appears to love both his boys, but seems more engaged with Dean than Sam.  Castiel is also another team free will member whom seems to have a more profound bond with Dean, but is beginning to blend more with Sam. Chrissy a couple of weeks ago was another case which Sam found, and Chrissy seemed to lean towards Dean much more than Sam. The thread explains many characters whom have favored Dean more than Sam in the past also not just the present. So has this evidence found that Sam is a lonely guy, and likes to keep himself to himself.

Does Sam’s head always feel like its always immersed in books?

Bella would once again love to hear your views on Sam and Dean on how they seem to attract well to strangers, how they bond with other characters, and  how those characters remain firm friends with just one brother, or both brothers. Does one brother attract attention more so than the other. Can we sense Dean has a knack at luring people toward him more so than Sam. Does Sam find it difficult to interact with complete strangers.  Type away guys as Bella is eagerly awaiting your replies.

Hope you all enjoy the show this evening and will wait to here your views on this also.


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