Dean isn’t affect by the tablets?

Naomi has been interfering with a lot of Characters and we still don’t no to what extent. Cas has been controlled by Naomi since he came back from Purgatory possibly even previous to this. When Cas departed in “Goodbye Stranger” he left Dean a message to contend with. I am keeping this tablet away from Naomi and YOU. Why did Cas need to say, and you (DEAN). What did Castiel know that Dean did not.

What are they up to now?

Why had Cas informed Dean that he had a connection with the tablet any how. Did he really need to pass on this information. Had Dean taken any notice of this remark from Cas to be gospel. Has Dean a part to play as regards the Heaven tablet crusade. So far most characters have had a connection with the tablet, and have been affected by it. But not Dean. He seems perfectly normal. Is this because he is purely human, and not tainted with any supernatural forces? 

Is there a reason why Dean has a role to play in the Heaven saga, is Dean being targeted for something bigger. Is Metatron aware of Dean’s future too. Does he know the secrets of Heaven and what Dean might have to under take? I am very interested in the story unfolding about the tablets and was curious about what Metatron said its all about the stories. So do the boys plans evolve around these stories which haven’t played out yet? Dean is the only person in the main mix of things who isn’t being controlled by something? Is there a real reason why? Is that strange to anyone else? Is there a plan here? Why is he being left alone?

What did they come across in the bunker that was so important to the trials?

I had wondered if Heaven and Hell are connected which is why Crowley and Naomi have been attached for a while. As they want to understand what might be going on with the words from god. Is Dean actually a pawn in all this as he is the righteous man after all? Why does Naomi think Metatron is important to the cause, and why is Metatron using Castiel? Does Metatron no that Dean perhaps is the most important part in all this. As he did mention those words to Dean and not Sam who was the one performing the trials. We also have an idea that Sam will die in the finale curing a demon. So what affect will this again have on Dean. Will he find away to bring Sam back?

So much is penning on this finale not knowing what the real ending will consist of. It seems Sam will be the sacrifice, but at what cost. Will the boys let Crowley kill all the lives they’ve saved, or do they have a plan B.

Bella as always is wanting to hear your responses to last nights episode, and how you all thought it went down too. Let me in on your highs, and even lows. Was continuity okay, pacing and other niggling little factors we often moan about. Did you love it, or ……




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