Its all about the PROGRAMMING?

Remember when Samandriel said its all about the programming, I know things even I didn’t no. I have for a while thought that Cas is being controlled. The way they were torturing Samandriel and screwing those prongs into his skull, seemed barbaric but, was it for a reason. Crowley was wanting to know what made the angles tick. And more to the point, what Naomi was up to. There is something in the back of my mind that I can not get away from this word PROGRAMMING. 

Is Cas being controlled by the angels?

Are angels programmed in a specific way. Are angels up high controlling other angels? It really makes me wonder as Cas has gone against his own grain so many times, and seems that the writers are doing this for a reason. Its out of Cas’s control. Is he being manipulated, along with other angels. Remember its all about perception this season, so all is not as it seems. Could I be onto something big!! 

We no how corrupt angels can be, and Dean has often stated they are ‘Dicks’ and Sam replying to Uriel ‘My brother was right about you’. So am I thinking that all angels are nothing more than controlled robots. Castiel has had huge doubts along the way, many angels have fallen, because they don’t agree with the rules. So could these angels have broken away from their hold. We saw Cas break free from Naomi a few weeks ago, what did actually happen to Cas in that board room? Why does he feel distant and seem he’s always going against the boys.

What has Naomi done to Castiel?

Is Dean fed up with Cas going off the rails, does he not sense Cas might have one hell of a big problem on his hands. Can Dean reach deep inside and help his friend once again. 

Bella would love to know what you think about what Naomi could be up too and if she is manipulating angels, with mind control or other powerful tac-ticks. What lengths would she go to, to get what she wants.  Get typing again guys and see what conclusion we actually come too.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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