What will happen to the Tablets?

It got me thinking about when the trials have been completed what will actually happen to A) the person who served his time completing the trial and B) the Tablets themselves.

What will happen to these little beauties once its all over?

We have an idea what is happening to Sam, and since this last episode I presume now that Castiel is performing the Heaven trials to my annoyance, thinking that Dean would taken this monumental passage on board. I so wanted both brothers to each do a trial it would make perfect sense, I wonder why Castiel was really chosen. 

I keep thinking what will happen to the tablets when the trials are completed. We have an idea that the tablets might be connected and Cas said that heaven and hell are connected. So what will really happen to the actual tablets once the trials have been performed. I have a feeling they will all rise into the sky and explode like a tornado. I still think something powerful will happen, and some sort of ceremony will happen. I can’t think they are just there to look pretty. We no the coded letters mean something, but why did god decide to write them in a coded format. So it wasn’t easy to decipher? Has God actually got a trick up his sleeve. I can’t help but think there will be a trap. Considering the tablets are a huge part of this season.

Does Cas no what he’s letting himself in for?

Bella would love as always to no what you think about these amazing words of God, and what could be hidden behind them. Will there be a further message once these have been deciphered. It will be fun working out what might happen once the trials have been completed, if in fact they are … Type away my angels, as I’m here waiting ….

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