Dean’s pray to Cas

Now this is why I love beautiful Dean/Jensen, his acting and attention to emotions. I can feel what he is trying to put across, and how he feels about Sam. Sam’s suffering and how underneath, he knows his brother is not coping with the trials. Dean is one for carrying other people on his shoulders, as we are all well aware. But it takes something for Dean to pray as we saw. So I no you love to analyze scripts and break them down. So lets examine this dialogue more carefully.

My first thought was, Dean was looking out for his brothers safety and asking Cas to shelter and keep Sam safe from harm. What else did we take in from this speech. That Dean’s guilt raised its head once again with these soft spoken words Now he’s covering pretty good, but I no he’s is hurting, and this one was supposed to be on me. 

Can Dean take this on his chin, knowing that he should have done the trial instead of his brother. Does his guilt affect him so badly that he had to pray to his friend. Was Dean really expecting to take on the trial and was hugely disappointed that he didn’t as he didn’t want his bro doing it. Being the elder brother here once again, I could sense that Dean wanted to take on this responsibility so badly, and that God had almost let him down, by not letting him go through with it all and Sam did. Dean was scared as they didn’t no what to expect, what the very nature of the trails would consist of. So he was doubly concerned for his brothers safety, and piece of mind. Could Dean’s anxiety really work him up into a frenzy that the trail had let him down. Dean’s whole life has been about protecting Sammy. Keeping him safe and saving him when ever he had to. So what do you all make of this speech, and how you saw Dean’s words below.

Bella is interested in working out Dean’s concerns and what the scene also meant previously that Sam wanted to die naturally of a heart-attach. Can we really feel what the brothers are naturally going through, for one to pray to an angel of the lord. How heart felt Jensen was in producing a scene of such high quality and mystique that it made me cry. Raw emotion is hard to act at the best of times, and we no when we see it, we no they mean it. What can we take away with us from this little gem of writing, and Jensen’s performance. Any wonderful thoughts, little angels.

Dean to Cas:

Cas you got your ears on?

Cas you got your ears on ……

Listen you know I’m not one for praying, as in my book its the same as begging. This is about Sam, and I need you to here me. We are going into this deal blind, and I don’t no what to hit, or what its going to bring for Sam. Now he’s covering pretty good, but I no he’s is hurting, and this one was supposed to be on me. So for all that we’ve been through  I’m asking you, you keep a look out for my little bro, okay? 

An emotional Dean slowly turns to look over his left shoulder to see if his friend has flown in, and appears disappointed he has not answered his pray.

Dean anxiously turns round to see if
his prays have been answered.

Where the hell are you man ….


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  1. I also think on top of wanting to protect Sam there is another factor at play here for Dean. His song has always been “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas. I believe that Dean has been through too much at too much of a cost. He is tired and wants the fight to be over. He has lost a lot of important people to him, he has lost or almost lost Sam several times. I think the fact that Sam never tried to get Dean out of purgatory also added onto the loss of spirit in Dean. Don’t get me wrong, Dean will keep kicking butt and saving the day and protecting those who need it, but its coming at a very high price to him. And the fact that he is praying to Cas, someone who he hasn’t been on good terms with for awhile, really shows that Dean is quickly running out muster.
    melewis, firstly warm greetings, and welcome to the group. Lovely to always see a new face.
    I think your right here too. The supernatural is weighing down on Dean and he’s tired, and his batteries are flat. He’s lost energy in picking himself up again, and having the energy with into fight. Remembering a couple of episodes where he’s said as much. I don’t no how he really does it, if Dean continues the way he has, he’s going to be the one having the break down. I thought he was last year, but Sam did. Mentally I wonder how he gets through each day.

    Thank you for the comments, & look forward to your next … 🙂
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. ‘Also I remember when I was watching him do this and thinking that he’ll pray to Cas but not to God. I thought that was very interesting.’ -lkeke
    This is where I am as well. I have never felt right about Dean praying to Cas. I prefer the prayers to go to God. However, in this series, whether I like it or not, God is not around. I hope he comes back. That said, I think this scene was very powerful. I love how Jensen can show such a wide range of discomfort. There the funny side and there is this humble…desperation…which leads him to pray. Love it and thought Jensen was brilliant in this scene.

    He does have that raw talent for the emotional stuff, I think he’s the master in this area. I can’t imagine what Dean would say if he ever met the man himself. In fact I bet in a similar vein as what he said to Cas when he met him, he didn’t believe angels existed. But with help from Cas did come round eventually. Also he might not think god might answer him, may be this is why?

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. It was never pre-determined that Dean should be the one to take on the trials. He just assumes it is on him because his job is to save and protect Sam at all cost even his own life. Err remember he traded is soul for Sam’s life=talk about sacrifice. So he is willing to sacrifice self for Sam. When Sam kills the Hell hound, the responsibility shifts but Dean says he will be there to carry Sam. And he is for the rest of the trials.
    Yes, we talked about this and Dean not taking on the trials. It is about protection. But I think it also steams from fact that its the elder brother, looking after the younger. He feels he has to take on this task no matter what, even if it means he dies in the process. His sole job all his life has been to watch over Sam. I loved it in ABHL when he said he blew it.’ This is also the same guilt feeling he suffered this episode. I think Sam has returned those favors too. We often look at Dean looking out for Sammy, but Sam nearly always tries to save Dean and has failed. As barb said earlier its strange how these boys both see themselves as failures, when we see them as heroes. I do most of the time adore our writers, when they produce moments like these.

    At this point in the bunker, Dean does not know what to do for Sam’s continuing physical debilitation. He tries all the tricks he used when they were children when he cared for Sam when John was away. Dean is a care giver. He prays to Cas because he thinks Cas can restore Sam as this has been his track record. Prayer-the last resort of a desperate man and Cas has fixed them before. Dean is grasping at any possibility to take away Sam’s hurt. He is even willing to admit he needs outside help, which is not easy for Dean to admit. He shows the raw, scared, needy, and emotional side of Dean- stripped naked of his bravura and brawn-not easy for most men to show especially Dean. He has his own room, for once, and can have his private moment and let his guard down. Previous prayers to Cas have been either outside in the junkyard or outside the motel so that Sam does not see that side of Dean as it would make Sam more vulnerable if he saw Dean in a moment of desperation on his behalf. As Dean leans Sam up against Babe, he calls out for Cas, once again hoping Cas can restore just as he did after Swan Song. Change of pattern for a finale.
    I don’t think any of us would. I would hate to be in Dean’s shoes right now 😉 I think this is very noble and gallant of Dean. No matter what price, you can guarantee on Dean to come through. He is so brave. He lives up to his brave-heart image on LARPing. Its these tender moments that show us all how vulnerable Dean is when he lets his guard down. Its a side as you say we don’t see very often. But its a force for nature when we do see it. He delivers emotion so well and matures each time he performs those scenes. I wonder how many takes he did? It must have been tremendously hard for Dean to ask for help, even from Cas, whom he considers a true friend outside the family. He’s a proud man like his father. I think I said to Barb, he communicated this way to Cas during Season 5 from the junkyard, and that was also because Sam was taking on a big burden that he felt he should have done. Oh Dean!!! But didn’t Sam find out this time, or did Dean tell him? But this time Cas worries me, if he gets his powers back in time to save Sam. But even then Cas said even he would have a job to fix Sam, so the big question, were does this leave Sam now?

    Yes, Jensen did a superb job bringing this desperation to the surface, but the director or writer usually sets the angle for the actor to look and from where to shoot the scene. Cas you got your ears on is in semi lit scene- reflecting Dean’s dark feelings, When he turns around to look for Cas(who usually crams Dean’s personal space) the shot is lit brighter with Dean’s hope and it is shot from above to feign that perhaps someone upstairs is hearing this plea of help. Yes, he prays to Cas because he knows Cas exists, not so with God who seems to be absent. Ah, Dean does have father issues still. He is the doubting, prodigal son. Puts his faith into what he knows to be real and tangible-Cas.
    He must have been at his whitsend, how does he cope mentally after each trauma over his brother. We tend to over look Dean’s struggles sometimes, and how he is really coping under the surface. I hope Jensen to has a little say in this some where too. I would like to think he bosses his work mates around a bit to get the upper hand, occasionally! How can we forget some of those personal space scenes. Cas and Dean at their best … I wonder if we will ever see God, and the boys meet God, there’s a thought? That’s what I love about Dean’s role. Fans say Dean has nothing to do but be a doormat to Sam. I think Dean has a lot of lead on the show. A father role is one of the burdens, and how he deals and copes with it all. How he brings up Sammy single handed. Also the worries that he takes on board, night and day. Dean does have one hell of a tough job in watching over Sam, and his antics.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. That scene was heartrending to me. Dean always takes the blame on his own shoulders and most times its not his fault. He automatically assumes Cas didnt get out of Purgatory because HE failed Cas. Its funny how both our boys feel like failures all the time when they are heroes and have saved so many people.
    It was so moving, Jensen knows how to tug at our heartstrings. I still think that scene doesn’t feel right for reasons I’ve explained before. But Dean always has taken the world on his shoulders, and he shouldn’t. Even when John dumped that about Sam on Dean I could have slapt John for putting that burden on Dean all those years ago. Being the elder brother, Dean feels as though too often that the buck stops with him, and it shouldn’t. Its strange also that the writers have emphasized Sam’s failure but not Dean’s. There are subtle hints here and there, if you look closely enough as we have done. I wish Dean would cut himself some slack occasionally.

    Dean knows Sam wants a normal life while he himself has decided being a hunter is pure and what he does best. He wants to die before Sam (as long as Sam LOOKS for him LOL) so that Sam can make the choice to have a normal life. Don’t get me wrong, Dean loves his everyday “normal life” comforts, especially now that he has his own room! Poor thing NEVER had his own room! I actually got teary when he said that!
    There is something about these two that makes us well up inside. There is something very magical about these too. I think they both yearn secretly for that normality, I think that’s strangely what keeps them going. I know, his room looks amazing, I wish they had put two pillows on his bed, looks odd with a double bed and a pillow in the middle 😉 I wish we could have seen Sam’s room too. 😦 I loved it when Sam noticed the picture of Dean and Mary, and the little smile he gave as though he approved. Yes, there is something great and very private about having your own room! 😀

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  5. Yes, this scene almost brought me to tears too.
    There is something special about these writers when they write scenes like these. From Dean’s heart, from his soul. It really digs deep and works at us emotionally.

    Incidentally this is why this one of my favorite seasons. Season six and seven had a lot of really good episodes but there was little cohesion in season seven and not enough brother bonding in season six. But this season has a ton load of laughable and tearful moments to choose from in even the worse episodes that I cant stand it it. I really liked this season and it got me very excited for the next one as hopefully the writers will hit the floor running on their A game.
    I think a number of us feel this way Ikeke. Sera was a great episode writer, but she lacked the umph in being a show-runner, and I think this is where Jeremy has shone. He has proved to us he’s worthy of that trophy. He’s really working on the boys, and that a lot of it at present is joining together nicely. However, there are still area’s which remain a puzzle. Which I hope later they will fill us in on.

    That said I think there was a certain amount of guilt but mostly a whole lot of fear. I can get this.I’m not a religious person and prayer to me sounds a lot like begging. I’m almost always worried about my little sisters and its just such an overwhelming amount of fear that you have to dissociate in order to have any mental peace at all. So yeah I’m going with deeply fearful.
    Yeap, your right there I thought the same too. I also loved that second of hesitation there as he went to say the word begging. It was quick but it was there. He felt embarrassed almost of praying the word. Deeply fearful sounds about right to me.

    Also I remember when I was watching him do this and thinking that he’ll pray to Cas but not to God. I thought that was very interesting.
    He didn’t believe in angels did he when he was introduced to Cas, so praying to god would be doubly heard for him to do. I’m not sure if Dean believes if God or a god exists. If he does he doesn’t hold them in high regard. As most of the angels they’ve come across are douches any way. So would he ever pray to GOD. He did another similar pray to Cas in season 5 about Sam which this reminded me of. How worried he was about Sam’s health and wanting to do the deed in place of his brother. So there is resemblances there. He feels he only prays when he really needs to, when its desperate times. For help and guidance. So it would be interesting to see if he ever does communicate with the big man up stairs! 😉

    Love Aunty B xxxx


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