Cas attacking Dean in Goodbye Stranger

A fight breaks out between Cas and Dean and Cas grabs Dean’s left arm and twists it. Dean yells out in pain. The tablet shatters in to a thousand pieces. Dean cries again as Cas hurts Dean further. Scene goes outside to Crowley, Meg and Sam.

Crowley: I believe their playing my song!

Scene returns inside to the crypt

Cas punches Dean once, twice in the face hard. Dean struggles to stand up saying whilst out of breath

Dean: If you want it, take it, but your going to have to kill me first.

Dean: Oh, you coward, do it, do it shouting louder each time he says it

Cas thumps Dean in the face once more, and his head wobbles in pain from the punch and mutters ugh … trying to stand again.

A beaten Dean, courageously
defends the heaven tablet.

Naomi zaps Cas up into heaven, and Cas slams the knife into the desk which was meant for Dean.  

Cas: Please

Naomi: End this Castiel

Cas takes the knife out of the desk and simultaneously hits the desk and Dean as Naomi continues, ‘End this Castiel.’

Dean: Cas this isn’t you this isn’t you

Cas violently punches Dean in the face once more

Flashback to Heaven

Naomi: Bring me the tablet

Cas punches Dean again, and Dean shouts ‘Cas’

Dean tries his damnedest to get through to his friend
And save his own skin!

Dean: Cas, I no your in  there. I no you can hear me. 

There is a slight pause

Dean: Cas holding his hands up trying to stop Cas from knifing him

Dean: It’s me. We’re Family’. I need you. I need you …..

Naomi: You have to choose Castiel, US or THEM!

Cas you have to choose
Us or THEM!

Cas hears Dean’s voice whilst in Heaven

Dean: Cas

Slowly Cas withdraws, and lows the knife and drops it on the floor.

Dean screams ugh, in pain and for a second time grunts ugh more loudly lowering his head, he struggles to catch his breath, and gulps twice. Dean continues to breath poorly whilst Cas bends down and picks up the tablet. Which shines bright and up his arm then a burst of light ensues all of heaven and fades away.

Naomi: shouts Castiel, and shouts his name louder a second time, as it echoes around the room


A battered and blooded faced Dean looks up at his friend as says

Dean: Cas

Cas lifts up his right hand, and place the palm of his hand on his friends face

Dean shouts Cas three times and turns his head away to the left and Cas heals him, Dean is a good as new once again.

Dean doesn’t realize what Cas is about to do!

Dean voice stutters three times, as though he is amazed by his friends power to heal him. 

Cas: I’m sorry Dean,

Dean: What the hell just happened (As if he didn’t know) 😉

Scene zaps outside again

Crowley: I like what you’ve done with the place, you really think that all that was going to keep me out for ever?

Sam: Well its long enough for Dean and Cas to get the tablet, and get out?

Crowley: Castiel, so that’s who’s been poking my boys, and not in a sexy way

Sam smirks

Crowley: Got a bone to pick with you Moose, of what you did to my poor dog,

Meg: Are you going to talk us to death, or get down to it already.

Crowley: There’s my whore, I’m not here for my dearly departed though. I’m here for the stones with the funny scribbles on it.

Sam: That’s not going to happen

Crowley: Love it when you get all tough, touches me where my breathing suit goes.

Crowley: draws a knife from his back pocket. Meg turns to look at Sam

Meg: Go, go and save your brother and my (pause) unicorn  Sam turns on his heels and walks back into the building

Meg gives Sam a chance to save her unicorn

Crowley: Tomarn and Pumba Crowley walks closer to meg. and says tell you their plan. Did they share that little chestnut with you. They mean to close the gates of hell, sweet heart they mean to kill me and all the demons, you included.

Meg: You had me to kill you Crowley

There was a pause and Crowley stabs Meg in the stomach.

Had Meg met her match!

Dean: Naomi has been controlling you ever since she got you out of Purgatory. 

Cas: yeah

Dean: “What broke the connection?”

Cas: I don’t no. I just know that I have to protect this tablet now.

Dean: From Naomi

Cas: Yes, (pause) and from you

From me, what are you talking about

Cas jaunts away in mind conversation Dean looks confused

Dean: Cas, Cas damn it

Sam runs into the crypt shouting ‘DEAN’!

Sam: Dean, Dean where’s Cas

Dean: He’s gone, Meg

Sam: We gotta go, now


Sometimes I let my self down when I don’t see the show until the weekends. I find that I look into the forum and cannot help myself. It is a weakness of mine. Sometimes I think this prior knowledge lets me down. As the suspense has past its best. But on this occasion the episode was remarkable, and well performed by all. It was one of my favorites of the season. We said fair well to little old Meg who had been with the show since day 1. Perhaps redeeming herself in some of our eyes. I will miss funky old Meg. One of the best demons ever to tread these boards.

A number of thoughts have crossed my mind about these two clips. One point being the violence that pounded on poor Dean’s face. What a beating he actually took, and probably a broken shoulder in the process. We knew Cas was under Naomi’s control that much was apparent. I loved when Dean asked Cas what broke the connection’ hearing us all shouting back You of course numpty. All those Dean’s on the warehouse floor trained Cas and it was too much for Castiel to bear having to kill his best human friend, and never see him again. So under the influence of being controlled what did shatter Cas’s programming to that split second in that white room in heaven, what was the final nail, that broke the spell. Yes it was Dean, but was it something deeper than Dean’s voice shouting back at him. Dean’s voice to me was the part that possibly broke that power and forced him back to normality. We no Cas is a powerful being. But is Dean that powerful human that can get Castiel out of trouble too.  Is Dean just as important to Cas’s safety as Cas to Dean.

How freaky was this spooky glimpse of a hundred dead Dean’s
Had Castiel passed the test!!

My second and most surprising point in both clips came at the end where Cas cautiously replies:

Dean: Naomi has been controlling you ever since she got you out of Purgatory.

Cas: yeah

Dean: “What broke the connection?”

Cas: I don’t no. I just know that I have to protect this tablet now.

Dean: From Naomi

Cas: Yes, (pause) and from you

From me, what are you talking about

He didn’t seem to have any prior knowledge of what broke his control from her, but knew he had to protect the tablet from Naomi and surprisingly Dean. WOW I thought, both of you have come through all that crap punching Dean almost to death, disappearing then leaving him in the lurch without the tablet. Why on earth I still haven’t puzzled this out yet by the way did he not TRUST Dean with his heart. Dean was the primary person to help him out of his control with Naomi then buggers off with out a by or leave. Okay, Cas has his reasons for bunking off. But to put Dean through all that, then say he doesn’t trust the man with the precious tablet can anyone figure cause I can’t. We since noticed that Cas was on the road on a bus, and have a sabbatical and taking all that had happened to him in. But I still think he was damn right rude to Dean in not trusting him. What was he getting at?

Had Cas finally taken leave of his senses?

Thirdly; One little thing I did notice was that when Cas picked up the tablet  it lit up like a beacon. It shot up his arm and the power reached heaven affecting Naomi too. Does this mean that Cas is still of a higher power, does he have special powers that only allow him to be part of and interact with. I have sensed for some time that Cas is more powerful than any of us really imagine. There was something in particular about that light that it meant something deep and had a purpose. Any thoughts angels?

How come Cas’s arm lights up and know one else’s does?

So little ones, much to think about this evening, whilst your typing away on your keyboards did we think this section reminded us of Swan Song, was there a moment when our thoughts slipped back three years to that finale. Poor Dean has had some beatings in his time but this time, I felt it was for nothing. He fought so hard for that Tablet and was even prepared to die for it. And his friend then declaring he didn’t trust him with it. Can we think why? Was Cas over exaggerating his feelings and thinking a little over board.

One last point before I close, I remember what Crowley had said about the dog at the time we sensed it could have been Sam’s dog ‘Riot’ but alas now I presume  he meant Sam killing his dear departed hell-hound whilst attacking the trials with gust-hoe. 

Can’t wait to hear from my favorite people and share what we think of these clips. We seem to have enjoyed deciphering the text over the past few days, but this one did baffle me for some time. So what did you think was up with Cas, and how he fared about being controlled by Naomi for all that time. How will that affect him in months to come, and what had he learnt from it, and what Samandriel had told him. Was loosing a life worth all this upset for one tablet?


5 thoughts on “Cas attacking Dean in Goodbye Stranger

  1. First. I’d like to point out that I hate the song Goodbye Stranger. I’ve loathed it for years.
    Oh I love their music, they are so upbeat!

    Okay.I think Naomi underestimated Cas feelings for Dean. And I think what started to break her hold on him was her making him choose. That was something that didn’t happen in his practices. When called to kill the real Dean, things started to really go off the script from Naomi’s rehearsals. Naomi could not have known that when given a choice Cas will choose humans before angels and she didn’t take into account Dean saying the things he did. That’s where she went wrong.
    Yes, I think both of them underestimated Dean’s hold over Cas. OMG how could she, Us or Them! I’ll give her Us or Them … I still think back to what Samandriel said its about the programming. Are angels men or robots? How deep are they programmed before something in their thought process shatters and knocks them out of their spell. I found that whole area really interesting.

    It broke my heart to see Dean flinching away from Cas like that but he didn’t know what Cas was going to do to him. He could not have known that the tablet broke Naomi’s hold on Cas. He was just afraid. I don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to it.
    I wonder if he thought the power of the tablet would zap him some where unknown. Dean looked really scared. I think he is still wary of Cas’s power. Of what he might do.

    I don’t think Cas knew the tablet would do that and I feel like any other angel touching the tablet would have been reset by it too. Cas isn’t special that way. Although I do feel that he’d made the decision to keep the tablet before he picked it up. I don’t feel like there was ever any intention on his part to let Naomi have it.
    I did wonder. I do, I could just tell by the look on his face. That’s why he zapped away the first chance he got. It wasn’t Naomi I had the beef with it was why he didn’t trust Dean with the damn thing. After all they’d been through why didn’t Cas trust his best friend on the planet, his only real friend. Who is after all more trustworthy than Dean? 😉

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. ” I don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to it.”.
      I don’t either-I was just heartbroken that Dean was so scared of his friend that he flinched “Although I do feel that he’d made the decision to keep the tablet before he picked it up.” He may have but if the connection hadn’t been severed he wouldn’t have been able to with stand Naomi. Poor Cas always has the best intentions…..hes a lot like Sam in that way.

      I am so pleased Dean was the one who freed him, he had the power to disconnect Cas. 🙂 Yes, Sam and Cas are more a like than most of us think. They are both easily lead men, and both make the wrong choices to please Dean. But every time a wrong choice is made they have always done it for a good reason. “I feel another thread coming on!” 🙂

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


    2. I think we often forget that Cas isn’t human. He doesn’t think like a human no matter how hard he tries to understand humans. He’s one of the most odd and mysterious characters on the show and we keep trying to understand him through the lens of a human being. who really knows what’s going on in that character’s head. I think some things will remain forever mysterious to us unless cas decides to say and he still hasn’t. He rarely gives explanations for his actions so that’s not unusual.
      This so reminds me of Data in STNG. How he yearns to be human and does eventually have human tendencies. I think in time Cas will be more human, than angelic. That’s what I would like them to explore. I enjoy how Misha plays and angel how odd he behaves, when he is unsure of how to answer a human question. In many ways I am pleased that Eric did decide to bring in the angels, as if it were just demons it would have been so boring. Having the best of both worlds is a real bonus. I love how mysterious Cas is and trying to work out what he’s really thinking.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. “There was something in particular about that light that it meant something deep and had a purpose. Any thoughts angels?”
    First of all that scene broke my heart. When Dean flinches when Cas goes to heal him *sobs*.
    Anyway-I think his love for Dean and then Naomi making him CHOOSE started to break him from Naomi but touching the tablet severed his link to her totally.

    I still don’t no why Dean flinched, as he knows Cas can heal, why the surprised face its not as though he’s not seen him do it before. Or was he surprised Cas had come out of Naomi’s control? As he asked the question after. It broke my heart too. Especially when Cas was in training and all those Dean’s really freaked me when I first saw it. I had an OMG moment! Yes I think your right with the light in his arm. I wonder if Cas knew that’s what it would do when he picked it up. Or was he picking it up to teleport away?

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I agree that Cas’s love for Dean was stopping him from completely losing it. Then it’d be safe to say that the tablet severed ties with Naomi completely. I mean of course we all should know that there is absolutely no way that Cas could ever kill Dean, no matter how many psuedo-Deans, Naomi had him practicing with in Heaven…
      I think this is so cool, that they are that close that nothing would ever come between them. I find that really moving, that Dean did break that tie, that impressive hold. That he was powerful enough to get through to Cas. I am so glad also that his training didn’t pay off all those Dean’s shivers’

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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