Dean to Sam you left me to die in Purgatory?

Sam: Come on Dean I know its not you in there pulling the strings

Dean: Shut up

Garth decides to reach for his gun with his right hand Dean moves his right arm and points at Garth. Garth lowers his right arm and Dean moves the gun back to Sam.

Dean: Don’t, you never even wanted this life. Always blamed me for pulling you back into it.

Sam: That’s not true

Dean: really, cause everything you’ve ever done since you clawed back into my ride has been to deceive me.

Sam: What do you want me to say, that I made mistakes, I’ve made mistakes Dean,

What was Sam trying to achieve
Ease his own conscience, or his brothers?

Garth: That’s not Dean Sam 

Dean: Shut up, mistakes huh well lets go through some of Sammy’s greatest hits. Drinking demon blood check, Dean walks close to Sam with the gun in his hand. Being in cahoots with Ruby, not telling me you lost your soul, or how about running around with Samuel for a whole year letting me think you were dead while you were doing all kinds of crazy. Those aren’t mistakes Sam, those are CHOICES!

Sam: Right, you said it, we both played a little fast and loose

Dean: yeah, I might of lied but I never once betrayed you. I never once left you to DIE, and for what, a girl, you left me to DIE for a GIRL!

Sam quickly lifts his right arm up and grabs hold of the gun in Dean’s hand. Followed by a swift right punch. Dean staggers over. Lays one on Sam who fall through some class pane and falls. Three punches each as a hefty fight breaks out with Dean taking the final swing Sam looses his balance and flies across the room landing on the coffee table, picking himself up and looks across at a possessed Dean

Garth: Hang on

Sam: Garth don’t

Garth: No he won’t kill me, his beef isn’t with me, your not going to shot me are you? Dean

Dean: points the gun at Garth and says MOVE!

Garth: Come on Dean, you do not want to kill your brother? You’ve been protecting him your whole life, don’t stop now.

Was Dean really going a head with killing little Sammy?
Did Garth win him over?

Dean: You left me to ROT in PURGATORY

Garth: Alright, alright may be he did I, I don’t no I wasn’t there but I am sure he had his reasons.

Sam: Just like you had your reasons for BENNY!

Garth: Who

Dean: Benny has been a brother to me this past year that you’ve EVER BEEN! That’s right, shakes his head. Cas let me down, YOU let me down, the only person that hasn’t let me down is Benny.

Garth: I know you’re angry (tries to calm Dean down) You and me have got to fight this thing, DO NOT do this!! Just let it go … Come on Dean

Dean: lifts the gun up again and snarled goodbye SAM Garth right punches Dean and Dean wobbles and a silver coin shots out of his right arm sleeve. It turns a few turns and falls flat on the floor. Garth screams Ow, shaking his right hand in pain. Shouting GOD, shakes hand again and Dean gets up off the floor. whips his bleeding nose and almost coming too, looks across at Garth and Sam. Garth bends over to pick up the coin and

Which way is Dean going to go, does he shot or ….

Sam: shouts Garth, don’t 

Garth: Its cool,  it’s all good, I’m cool,

Dean lifts his right hand to whip something from his left ear. Sam

The camera turns to Sam in the bathroom who is washing himself. Sam has a momentary flash back of his time with Amelia. He puts his hand through his long flowing hair and looks up back into the mirror recalling a heavy knock at the door.

Amelia: Sam, I, I can’t

Sam: I don’t pity you, lifting up his right hand and pointing a finger. There was a slight pause followed by I don’t. You and I are a lot of things, but were not to be pitied. Look I lost my brother Dean a few months ago.   It felt like my world imploded, and came raining down on me and I ran just like you.

Amelia: Is that supposed to be a pep talk.

Sam: Yeah, (pause) sort of.

Amelia: Cause now I pity you, she opens the door allowing him to walk in to her flat.

Sam: Ugh, well that really wasn’t my point.

Amelia: Yeah well bells really rung on that one, so.

Sam: So, so what now.

Where these two more alike than we first thought?
Where these two more alike than we first thought?

Amelia: I don’t know. Want to talk about it? 

Sam: shakes his head, looking vague replies last night?

Amelia: No, DEAN you pervert! (which actually made me smile 🙂 )

Sam: smirks twice looking down embarrassed, yeah, yeah I’d like that. Amelia nods her head in return

Sam: do you want to talk about Don. Sam touches Amelia and says I would like that too. Amelia places her left hand on top of Sam’s and smiles affectionately.  The flashback fades away with Dean knocking on the door calling Sammy. The boys are outside loading bags into the boot.

Sam: For the record, the girl, her name is Amelia, Amelia Richardson She and I had a place in Kermit Texas.

Dean: Man, I don’t even remember what I said but, Ur

Sam: But what, you didn’t mean it, oh please, you and I both no you don’t need a penny to say those things.

Dean: Come on Sam

Sam: Only when its your crap Dean. I told you from the jump where I was coming from. Why I didn’t look for you, but you, you had secrets, you had Benny. And You got on your high and mighty and you’ve been kicking me ever since you’ve got back. But that’s over so move on, or I will.

Dean: Okay, I hear you,

Sam: Good, you no hear this too. I just might be that hunter who runs into Benny one day, and ICES him,

Dean: I guess we’ll come to that bridge when we come to it, won’t we.

Sam: huh,  yeah you  keep saying that,


So what are we also to assume when Sam thinks him and Amelia are not to be pitied. That their own personal troubles in life would be mocked by others if they knew what they were thinking. Was this Sam’s affectionate way of getting round her and if you like worming his way into her affections. Why did he think that loosing his brother, people would naturally pity him. They may show concerns for his loss, but where did the pity come forth?

It took Dean to say these feelings under duress with some creature over powering him. Now do we all sense that Dean might have meant those hard words even though he was under the influence. Is there a tiny part of Dean that is struggling to show his brother how he really feels. That he saw what he did, as a betrayal leaving him to rot in purgatory which were clearly big words for Dean to say, even if under the influence. But there is a part of me that thinks would Dean have said this if he wasn’t under the influence. Are these feelings so deep, that they only manifest when times are tough, and under the most darkest of times. 

Now Sam admits to Dean under the influence that he made mistakes, and according to Dean, plenty of them. But he is convinced that Sam’s so called mistakes, are not in fact mistakes, they are in fact choices. Albeit wrong ones, leaving him to rot in purgatory which he felt so over powered by. Now we have recently talked about the finale and this scene has come into fruition as we understand about Sam’s choices, and him not living up to his brothers respect of him. So both boys have secrets and both boys have abandonment issues. But what is it that we class as a mistake, and what is classed as a choice? this will be one to get your heads around. Have the writers given Sam in particular a hard time here. Are they really making him look unsympathetic? As its worked.

Now, this final scene at the time made me feel so off for Sam. Now we have learn to understand Sam a lot more of late, and got to grips with his wired ways and behavioral issues. But this scene really let us know how he felt about Benny. The first thing I didn’t get about this writing was that when the boys are ever possessed either says to the other you know I didn’t mean what I said. But the crap that came from Sam that he believed that his brother did exactly mean what he said. So are we to assume that Dean did mean what he said and Sam wasn’t taking it on the chin like he usually does. What were the writers trying to put across. That even under the influence we still mean those things?

This was one ICY scene.  Where was Sam coming from exactly?
This was one ICY scene.
Where was Sam coming from exactly?

Dean: Man, I don’t even remember what I said but, Ur

Sam: But what Dean, you didn’t mean it, oh please, you and I both no you don’t need a penny to say those things. 

Dean: Come on Sam


Sam: Only when its your crap Dean. I told you from the jump where I was coming from. Why I didn’t look for you, but you, you had secrets, you had Benny. And You got on your high and mighty and you’ve been kicking me ever since you’ve got back. But that’s over so move on, or I will.

Dean: Okay, I hear you,

Sam: Good, you no hear this too. I just might be that hunter who runs into Benny one day, and ICES him,

Dean: I guess we’ll come to that bridge when we come to it, won’t we.

Sam: huh Dean,  yeah, you  keep saying that,

Had Dean been keeping stuff from Sammy, had Sam been up front and told Dean where he was coming from? Sam obviously had his pride hurt about Benny, and his beef had been burning up inside him for a long time. But those lines I just might be that hunter who runs into him and ICES him, felt so cold and ire.  Like he hated the sights of a man whom he’d never even met. Why was Sam so off over this, if this is Sam in character then I will have to taken those cold words on the chin. It felt so off for so long and had real issues with it. Sam usually gives monsters a firm chance not ICE them the first chance he got.

What did Sam really mean?
Why was he acting so cold towards Dean?

So little angels, a lot to get your heads around today, but its good fun investigating this show, isn’t and passes sometime away. Can we see what are writers are delivering more clearly now we see the words in black and white. Can we learn from the past and put it into perspective. Are our favorite characters in a turmoil when we sometimes don’t understand what’s fully going on. Are we any further forward in working out this season. Type away as Bella is yearning to read what you think about some really off putting words in this episode as she really hopes to get her head them all.  xxxx 

Late additional edit:

Start of recording Sam says

Sam: Come on Dean I know its not you in there pulling the strings

End of recording Sam says

Sam: But what Dean, you didn’t mean it, oh please, you and I both no you don’t need a penny to say those things. 

What are the writers saying here, are they contradicting themselves?As Sam is saying one minute, he knew it wasn’t him. Then then final minutes he expresses his opinion he knew what he was saying? So one minute he’s giving his brother the benefit of the doubt and another minute he’s not …….

Any thoughts on this one?





13 thoughts on “Dean to Sam you left me to die in Purgatory?

Add yours

  1. All things being given, however, this is one of the most painful and unlikable episodes of the entire season. I bated this episode just for the sheer ugliness of the fighting and I think there was an Amelia flashback in there? As I’ve only ever been able to watch it once I don’t remember. In fact I may never be able to bring myself to watch it again even if what Dean says of his own volition at the end of the season outweighs what he said in this episode.
    I just try and put the tension and Amelia out of my head, but its not easy. The angst has been poorly received this season, but I think its been well written to a point, even though I have not loved it with a passion like I normally do. I would so love to be in that writers room. 🙂

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Jim Michael’s on twitter( producer for Spn) has commented that the first 8 episode outlines of scripts look amazing for season 9. One can hope.
    I hope he’s not teasing us 😉 Keeping everything crossed as long as they don’t bring back Amelia. So much to think about. Poorly Sam; Human Crowley, Abaddon is she alive or dead, what happened to Cas?

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Pffttttt the writers thought the Amelia story line was great?……….
      They didn’t half get a shock, when the fans rebelled like crazy. I bet the wished they’d never put pen to paper with that character.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. I hope they take Sam’s advice to Dean to let it go when they were talking about Amelia. Dean also says to Sam in the finale, let it go. Let Amelia and that whole piece go. I am okay with the unresolved pieces of that relationship as i have expressed my own take on it.


  3. It is said that during hypnosis, a person cannot be made to do anything he/she does not really want to do. Dean says exactly what he feels, it is just the coin that releases him from cramming it down. It was a healthy expression of his true feelings up to the part where he wants to gank Sam. Killing Sam would be contrary to who Dean has been all of his life, so the coin is controlling that part of Dean’s psyche based on John’s words to kill Sam if he went dark side. And these words needed to be echoed to drive home the poignancy of the finale monologues. Sam has made some bad choices for what he thought were good reasons-saving the world, being strong enough to stop the Apocalypse, but not looking for Dean was another poor choice but if we believe he was mentally lost and followed the promise not to look so as to follow Dean’s wish and not disappoint again, then yes, another bad choice for an acceptable rationale.
    So his feelings were definitely meant? So again Sam’s thoughts in this episode were magnified as we didn’t really know what was afoot. So choices and mistakes are very different, depending on the situation? So if we think his mental state is poor, this would make him appear more sympathetic than not?

    Yes both have been secretive to each other. Dean is in protective mode and telling Sam certain details, he thinks would be harmful. Sometimes after a trauma, one does not easily open up one’s emotions. But when did Dean ever turn away from Sam? He even tries to persuade him not to go with Ruby and gets his lights knocked out by Sam. Benny is not a choice but a necessity for survival in Purgatory and to escape it. One of Dean’s traits is loyalty and sense of family.
    Particularly men! So again was Sam being over the top about Benny? Was he looking inwards in stead of outwards with his feelings? So Dean now didn’t mean those words as he is loyal and family orientated.

    Sam makes choices almost as if he is trying to prove to Dean he can clean up a mess himself. He always thinks he got drawn back into the life, but this season, he made the choice on his own. This is not Sam being OOC however, as he rips Dean a new one. It is anger. It is a healthy release of what Sam has been feeling for a while-the guilt kicks in later in the finale- Anger is a legitimate emotion for each to express and then move on. It just seems in this episode that Sam seems like he moves on faster- evidently not given his speech in the finale- Cathartic release for the viewers as well. I thought it was written realistically. Garth is the perfect therapist/mediator as he takes no side. Both Sam and Dean see their version of the facts as the truth. I feel better now, too.
    So Jeremy was right with the notion, that Sam was the mature one? Because he was the one making the decision? So with the finale he had seen the error of his ways, which made him feel ten times as bad. I was pleased that someone was there to mediate between the pair of them. I would dread to think how the scene would have ended with a gun in Dean’s hand. Which freaked me a bit. 😦

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Oh I think Dean meant the part about Sam not looking for him etc. but not the part about wanting to shoot him. That is so not Dean. Sam’s view of Benny on the surface seems to be one of distrusting a monster as Dean has showed him time after time that they revert to who they are-Amy had to be ganked according to Dean. Dean has changed his POV on this since he let the werewolf go in Bitten, but I think Sam is trying to live up to Dean’s old rules and thinks that Dean is not thinking clearly about Benny- he truly believes Benny will re-vampire and kill people. It is his mind set and why he hangs up on Dean when he finds out Martin is killed. On another level, his guilt at not being there for Dean and Benny was must have spurred the sibling rivalry in Sam. So in retrospect, it isn’t that Sam is more sympathetic, just more understandable from his POV. Personally, I find that sympathy does not enter my melon for either one, which does not mean I do not empathize with them.. Neither is a pity party, I make no excuses for either. Just accept them
      Even in the premier Dean showed how disgruntled he was at Sam for not looking for him. I agree Dean would never, ever resort to killing Sam, even under duress, as Cas did with Dean he pulled back, so would Dean with Sam. As love and family rocks, and conquers all. I am certainly picking this up about Sam about distrusting a monster and this is now looking back what he was narky about. Giving Dean the ultimatum either you move on or I will. This has come up on the forum a number of times, about how inconsistent they are in monster rules. Again, I think it depends on circumstance more than anything else. I don’t think we have ever had a vamp who has managed to ever stay clean, and not go back at some point or other. Even Leonor caved in. I have found it extremely hard to read Sam this season so I take my hat off to all of you who have worked him out. I hope we have an easier Sam season round 9. 🙂

      BTW Debbab I sent you a personal email yesterday, don’t no if you received it, hope you did. 😉

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. “You got on your high and mighty and you’ve been kicking me ever since you’ve got back. But that’s over so move on, or I will.”
    I have to be honest and say that I HATED Sam this episode. Dean kicking him when he was down? PLEASE! The only thing he did was give Sam grief for abandoning Kevin which he had every right to do. That was a total douche move on Sams part, in my mind even worse than not looking for Dean and I think in Deans mind too. Dean only mentioned himself the one time when he gave that speech about oh yes we promised not to look for each other but…. After that he never mentions him leaving him in purgatory. I think under that spell everything that bothers you is magnified 1000X so yes there was a little truth in all he said but shouldn’t he be angry for Sam “letting him rot in Purgatory”? Did anything Dean say make it right for Sam to say Benny better watch out I may be the hunter that ices him?

    I think Sam feels terrible guilt over this, now looking back. Benny at the time was his tool in getting back at Dean as he was chucking awful stuff at him, and threatening him with a gun. Sam’s personality this season sucks. I hate the way the writers handled all of his douche mood swings. Its like he’s not grown up. I am very surprised that Dean let him off as lightly as he did, as I so didn’t want Sam going this way. But sadly with conflict one has to go one direction, and the other brother another way. I hope this season they write Sam a bit more sympathetically. I want my old Sam back. 😦 I felt so badly for Dean being in that position and really wanted to shout and Sam for those things as in some peoples eyes were so unforgivable, and Dean has put up with a lot and he shouldn’t have to. He carry’s too much burden as it is. May be, it took this possession to finally whip his memory clean of Sam’s actions. Hopefully he can start a fresh with both of them on a new and improved page.

    By the way barb, I put up a post on SPN Devoted about Sam and Cas, so take a look if you feel like it. And anyone else too. We could do with the support over there.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  5. But to answer the topic question, most directly. Sam left Dean to die in Purgatory and and Dean has a right to be mad about it. However, these two have always gotten over themselves in time and realized that they love each other and that forgiveness is what keeps families together.
    Of course Dean has a right. I think Sam doesn’t have a leg to stand on this season, and has been written unsympathetically. I can totally see why Dean was mad with Sam, and why Dean would get on his high horse and kick Sam’s butt. Sam has been appalling this season, like a little boy who’s not grown up yet. Love always, always conquers with the pair of them. But even now it felt off as it was meant too. Sam’s words at best were cold when he had done far more to Dean than the other way around. I really could slap them. 😦

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  6. Although I have yet to see this episode, the gist is hard to miss. this scene is typical of similar scenes that occurred in past seasons. the writers need to remind us of whatever the angsty brotherly conflict is during a given season. its not like the brothers don’t quarrel over the course of the season. however near the end of the season there always has to be a review of what the main conflict is between them.
    Yes, this as fans we pick up. But the conflict seemed really close to home this time. It felt a bit forced and tired. Its as if there was deep, deep anger there which was unusual in itself. Sam often rears his head when he’s not happy to see how far he can push Dean. But Sam even saying that word ICE Benny scared me. If I didn’t no Sam that may not have bothered me so much. His temper was raw when Dean had just as much to be mad at with him, if not more. Boy, I hate it when they fall out! 😦

    I also don’t think there’s any doubt that Dean meant what he said. as I said above there is usually a confession under the influence of some creature that gets to the bottom of whatever is between them. it is also possible that these possession style confessions have a double purpose not only are Sam and Dean confessing their feelings about each other. But the writers may be giving a voice to the viewers. how many times have we wanted Sam and Dean to harsh on each other about elements of each other’s behavior in previous episodes this kind of possession confession give the writers the opportunity to give the fans some of that they want with plausible deniability. how plausible is there deniability, you decide.
    I think he was covering it up too, from that last message. I think Sam sensed it wasn’t real this time, he meant it all. Its a shame that it takes a possession to catch them out, and reveal those deep thoughts. Angst is a problem most years, but this year felt different, and a lot harder than normal. There both getting older, so the rows will be more intense. But it really seemed magnified and tense to the extreme. The writers had succeed if this was their effect.

    Now, about Benny. I’m not sure this is been said before but it seems to me that Sam’s hatred for Benny just born more out of his own guilt over not looking for Dean. he can accuse Dana fraternizing with a vampire until these blue in the face but it is more about him being substituted by a vampire then the vampire itself. Sam made a choice. Dean made a choice and both of them have to live with the consequences.
    Yes, I think your right here. I definitely felt Benny was a plot device on Sam’s side to work Sam up. It worked, in a big way. I think Sam was lashing out, and Benny was the nearest thing he could use to get back at Dean. Dean was throwing stuff his way so Benny was his ammo.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. What you said, most assuredly!

      Also this isn’t Sam being out of character, this is Sam being angry and giving Dean the business which also happens about once a season too. This is something that started far back in season one with Asylum and in season two with Skin. Sometimes its a compulsion or some creature masquerading as one of the brothers like in Slash Fiction.
      There’s the confession but at least once a season Sam has to rip Dean a new one for something and he should and I don’t have a problem with him doing that be pause every now and then Sam needs to assert his authority. I know they love each other but from time to time Dean will run roughshod over Sam’s rights in his zeal to be the caretaker and Sam needs to check that.
      I get Sam wanting to moan at Dean for doing something wrong, and this is hard for me to say this but Sam doesn’t have a leg to stand on. As he has done more wrong to Dean, than what Dean has to him. So is Sam in a position to be throwing brick backs, back at Dean? 😦 I hate angst, oh Boys!!! 😦

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. “I know they love each other but from tome to time Dean will run roughshod over Sam’s rights in his zeal to be the caretaker and Sam needs to check that.”
        I’ve never felt that Dean did this. Also whenever Dean gave Sam a hard time about a choice Dean was RIGHT.

        Sam often agreed with Dean if he had made the wrong choice I believe Amy was one coincidence.

        Thank you for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


        1. Choices! So Did Sam choose to do the trials or was it thrust on him because he killed the Hell hound because Dean was disabled? He could have backed out of it as Dean was willing to gank another Hell Hound. Sam chooses to complete the trials. Dean says “this one should have been on me” when he sees Sam hurting and spitting up blood. Sam needs to convince Dean he can get the job done. This need of Sam to make the right choice, for the right reasons and have it come out right makes his “SO?” in the finale so much more believable.
          No he didn’t. The trial didn’t work for Dean and Sam went out to retrieve the woman who escaped from the house. Just being there at the time allowed him to proceed. I feel sorry for Sam cause no matter how hard he tries, he feels as though he always has to impress someone, and usually that person is Dean. I also felt for Dean being the elder brother, and finding he had to pray to his angel friend to look after his little bro. He felt guilty over it not being him to do the trial, so his little bro wouldn’t have to do the deed. Dean would never willing put Sam through unnecessary pain and suffering as he would die to take his place. He’s always been that father figure.

          Remember the Titans ran last night. Dean is so stunned by Sam’s choices of what to say to Artemis. Sam chalks it up to intuition or luck. Does he say that so Dean will not feel inferior because Dean only has GED and he is still trying to make up for past bad choices? Is he making a choice here with his words not to hurt his brother?(yes Dean is genius without formal education, so don’t scream at me) It just seems that Jared’s facial expressions in this episode make so much more sense now.The writers having Sam offer sundae to Oliver, and Oliver choosing to stay and watch Prometheus’s funeral is a choice. Sam never had the choice to become a hunter or not when he was young. He made that adult choice this season. Episode was not one of my favorites, but worth the re-watch to see Jared’s performance in retro. There is a nice piece on the site The Winchester Family Business which talks about Jared’s acting over the last 8 seasons. It is worth a read. While Jensen is often given action and emotion in every episode, Jared’s role is just as equal. Take a read over there. It is worth it just to go down memory lane.
          Not in the UK, but I did happen to watch it last week. I thought it was actually a reasonable episode. So if we are to look deeper into what Dean said that wasn’t a mistake Sam that was a CHOICE. A choice is much more hurtful than a mistake, as a mistake can be perhaps tolerated. Dean felt betrayed Sam left him to Rot in purgatory so how either really feels about this would be interesting to feel ourselves. But we never will. We can never unfortunately turn the clock back. So will this continue to help Sam make better choices and not so many mistakes? Can Dean learn to forgive, and may be forget? I feel so bad for Sam, it hurts 😦

          Thank you for the comments,
          Love Aunty B xxxx


      2. No, I’m going to have to disagree and take Garth’s side in all of this.
        As far as either of them being wrong, they both are. As far as I’m concerned Sam has every right to stand up to Deans accusations and assert his right to make the decisions he feels are right and stand by those decisions. What I saw when I looked back on this season was Sam’s tremendous guilt about those decisions and Dean doing a little bit of riding him about those decisions with Sam trying all these different tactics to absolve and alleviate his guilt until he’s so worn down in the finale he just cant pretend anymore.

        Yes Ikeke I agree they both are in the wrong, but Sam just felt more angered at the time. I can see why now and why that scene was blown out of proportion. We didn’t no what was going on. 😉 He goes with his gut which he thinks is right at the time. I have fort Sam’s corner for years, but this time caught me out. I no know he was riddled with guilt in the finale, at making those wrong choices and he’s paid dearly for them. As its been on his conscience, which in the end weighed him down to the point where he couldn’t cope with getting it wrong any longer. 😦

        In my mind there is no brother who has a more legitimate excuse for hurting the other one. They both could have been more mature and like Garth said tried to keep in the forefront of their minds how much they mean to each other. I mean they are ALL each other has and yet still managed to get bogged down in all this petty immature “you hurt me ” soap opera emotions. Hopefully in season nine we’re past all that and the guys can move forward without these silly misunderstandings that could easily be cleared up if they would just be clear and honest with each other. Yes Sam made a decision and it was a bad call but he could not have known that it was bad until Dean unexpectedly showed up. Then he had to defend that decision and every now and then Dean needs to be reminded that while Sam may be his little brother he is still a grown man who is going to make choices he wont like.
        All siblings have scraps its part of who we are. It is very immature when you break it down. But stuff must hurt like hell, to make us feel this bad. But I bet the angst will be back. Not a season goes by with out some form or another. This season was a real tough one. That’s what gets me, that they love each other so much but still make work for them selves when there’s no need to. They are grown men the writers should start making them act like them. Its like being back at school in the play ground!

        I’m basing this opinion on having two younger sisters who in my mind make bone headed decisions every day. I have to let them do it and to be truthful since they are adults they don’t even owe me explanations for the bone headed decisions they make even though I ask them to do just that. On occasion my sisters are gonna have to tell me to step off and leave them alone. People looking at it from the outside could choose either side in our arguments because either me or them could be wrong.
        Its true in hindsight, we can judge our mistakes very differently. We go into situations blind, and can’t undo what we’ve done. So its been hard on Sam to continually keep making the wrong choices, they need to cut him some slack now, and prove to us that he can make the right ones. 🙂

        Thank you for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


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