Crowley’s whit is perfection.

writing from around 3.36/3.35

Hay, wait a minute is that Sam and Dean or isn’t it?

Crowley: So its three trials. Three trials and the Winchesters get to lock the door. 

So three trials ha!

Crowley: Ha, you, fake Sam. If you going to strip our hand I am going to have to scrub Kevin’s short term memory again and that’s risky watch the pat-war in there

Fake Sam: pat-war

Crowley: Its slang, special K nose to the god stone, that’s the way Dean speaks. Sam is more basic, more sincere. Remember I want two authentic, distinct characterizations.

Fake Dean nods his head, and Fake Sam replies ‘Yes Sir’ Crowley loops his hand round in a circle ordering them to depart from his presence. Fake Dean and Sam walk away and fake Dean skips and pats fake Sam on the right shoulder as they disappear out of view. Looking mighty pleased with their efforts.

Crowley: I was born to direct

Ahhhh, I was born to direct!

Writing from 108/2.41

Crowley: Do you like it, referring to the gun in his right hand, had one of my R & D people melt it down, one of your angel blades. Cast it into bullets, seems to do the trick.

Nice replica fancy a try!!

Naomi: How dare you

Crowley: I’m the daringist devil  you’ve met, love

Naomi’s eyes turn white a shine bright at Crowley who in turn lifts his gun up in his right hand

Naomi gets ready to fire at the enemy within!

Crowley: We’ve been here before haven’t we, lets see who bleats first.

Naomi teleports and Crowley pulls a stern face, and raises his eye brows and gives us an ugh and walks over to Castiel, as another angel his staggering to his feet.

Crowley: Hi Cas

Cas turn to see his angel friend in distress with an arm wound

Crowley: That’s right Cas, I got me an angel on the pay role, its that kind of universe these days. Crowley lifts his gun up with his right hand and shots Cas in the stomach.

What’s in here I wonder! Poor Cas

Crowley: Now, looking at the other two angels ‘grab him, and follow me’


The many facial expressions of Mark Sheppard …

Now we have several writers on this show, and when I start to delve into Crowley’s speak and how his tongue works. I get to feel how clever Mark’s acting actually is, how he draws the viewer in, and how he is the bad guy, we all love to really hate. But secretly we adore the bones of him. Why is this that we do love bad guys, is it something in them and in us that attracts us, and turns us on. 

I also always train myself to read the dialogue, and /Mark is the best of the bunch at delivery witty dialogue. Which signals to me that no matter who writers Crowley they no the man inside out. His lines are very similar each time he appears, we no its Crowley who is going to pack us that punch. That line of the season that always delivers. That line was ‘I was born to direct’. Now how does Crowley see himself, as a master in bossing people about, and telling them what to do, is that what we can read from that line. Can we really know Crowley deep down, and say he’s a bossy sergeant major type, who likes nothing better than to lord it about?

So Crowley likes to see himself as a leader, the one whom clears up other peoples messes. But does he really? Or do others clean up after him. Can he rub people up the wrong way continuously, and still get away with it. Mark’s delivery no matter the tongue twister the line ‘I’m the daringist devil  you’ve met’ sums him up to a tee. A born sales man type who could sway you any time. Can Mark ever get any line wrong. His expressions are amazing, and so powerfully funny each time his mouth opens. Has Crowley ever not got his own orchestrated plan up his sleeve, that he could charm the pants off anyone, to get what he wants.

So Bella today folks would love to know, what you think of Mr Crowley a witty king of hell, who strives to grip you with his facial remarks and agenda’s. Does he fool you, does his lines make you giggle or cry? After seeing him in Sacrifice it was beautiful and a rare delight to see Mark pull out all those stops, and go the extra mile for us, can we see him pull of being a human? Or will he be for ever evil, in our eyes. Type away, and share your interesting quotes about Crowley, the guy we love to hate.



3 thoughts on “Crowley’s whit is perfection.

  1. He is sexy in his delivery of nastiness too. I get his references to older pop culture.Heck, I am old enough to remember those kinds of references before the words pop culture were used. He is Tabasco sauce and all he has to say is”Hello Boys”. How fatherly!!!!
    Now there’s a thought I wonder deep down if Crowley does think there his boys. We no JW is but its kind of cute the way he addresses and greets them like long lost pals. I just love his expressions, like in the clip when he shots Naomi and she disappears, and he looks to the left and snigger’s ummh. Almost like his applauding himself for a good shot, that was a bad shot, as she got away!

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. it is not just the dialogue but how Mark Shepard delivers the words so ‘devilishly”, Even when Cas has the better of him “Flee of Die” from season 7, he is crafty enough to save himself. He is a demon/salesman in a literary agent’s(another type of salesperson)meat suit and a good dresser . His corporate structure is always on the verge of a takeover or bankruptcy. In some ways, he mirrors some of our corporate raiders, but he is somehow one of the bad-asses we fans love. While our heroes are dressed in army/navy surplus, he wears fine suits, While they drink rot gut, he drinks fine scotch. While they have very little control over events, he manipulate events: He likes to direct- okay the writers had some gratuitous fun at directors with the direction of the fake Sam and Dean*. He truly understands the Winchesters He has a better sense of humans because he was once a human as opposed to Lucifer who came straight from Heaven. He has helped them find death to serve his purposes. He even got them to work for him in season 6.( not my favorite episodes with grandpa Campbell). In fact, he is obsessed with them on many levels. He is the perfect antagonist to our protagonists.
    Its both, its as you say the writer and how the actor delivers those words he reads. I wonder who would win if Cas and Crowley were pitted against each other. Also notice similar names there again and beginning with the letter C. Have we ever seen casually dressed Crowley? Don’t recall it. Didn’t he say something about his meat-suit was a fine tailor? I don’t remember another bad-ass I’ve loved as much as Crowley, and that is something to Mark’s acting skill. I hope to god they don’t kill him off. 😦 That’s a point, how does Crowley pay for his scotch? by his weeling and dealing? I think this is why he has survived as long as he has, as there is affection there. As I said about the nicknames. Crowley is a tease, and knows how to humor people and get what he wants.

    As long as Sam and Dean are around, they assure that Lucifer will stay caged so Crowley can remain in charge. Name calling can be defined as affection by some, and given his much alluded to libido for anything that moves, who would blame him, lusting after Sam. Cas/Dean Sam/Crowley- my favorite word: symmetry.
    Whoops didn’t see name calling in this paragraph, don’t want to repeat myself 😉 I think in a wired way its quite romantic he lusts after moose. Even Sam thinks its a bit odd. I love your favorite word.

    We see in the finale that he truly wants to be loved at his core, but the ruthlessness in him over powers any chance of that happening. We are left with the finale with a glimpse into the “soul” that has been tortured. However, let us not forget how brutally he has tortured others, Meg, Samandriel, the future prophets, How ruthlessly he killed Channing in front of Kevin. He blows red smoke not black so he is not an average demon. He is a villain within the myth arc. We love to see him outwitted by our heroes.
    Others have said his is more ruthless this seasons, which spurred some on to thinking about Crowley more. That is he scared of loosing hell, and his throne. I can’t see him totally human, it would be on the boundaries of odd. Would he be allowed by others to remain human, would they be after his throat too. I loved how I was one of many who had gut feelings about Crowley being more than a crossroads demon. But we also talked on the forum about the red smoke which is usually black, as we’ve never seen red smoke? I even believe at one point because he can teleport out of trouble that he was an angel or even an arch angel. But has the red eyes and smoke scuppered any of those dreams now?

    * The writers saying threw Crowley that he wants each actor to deliver a distinct character of Sam and Dean is a way, IMO, to address the questions as to why Sam and Dean are different from each other- as Aunty B has said-shades of gray. Love how the writers sneak in these messages. Much like Chuck’s ending to season 5 and Metatron’s line about Cas bringing him a story. Nod to the writers who are sitting in LA outlining as we speak.
    I think the writing has been different this season, you can sense its different, and its changing. Yes we do need the boys to be different as the story telling would become stale. Thinking back to Chuck, he did teleport didn’t he, so what does this make him. As he never did that up until that moment. Many said they didn’t feel he was god, again it was left up to our own imaginations. Like you said about JM saying the first 8 or 9 episodes are looking good, I am in limbo, not sure if I’m excited or not. I guess I am not such an easy one to please. I hope to god they don’t do another bad choice for Sam I can’t stand another summer like last year, that Sam didn’t look for Dean. 😦 I want to see Sam making the right choice for once! 🙂

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. He makes me giggle AND cry! I love “hello boys”. Especially. Mark Shepherd plays him very well. Hes suave AND slime and hes had some good one liners-“those denim clad nightmares!” “moose and squirrel” etc. I think he was at the top of his game this season.
    As soon as Mark showed up in season 5 and mentioned ‘the boys’ were like ‘The Hardy Boys’, that was it I was hooked well and truly on Crowley. As I adored the Hardy Boys too. “those denim clad nightmares!” is my favorite Crowley line, of all time. I love the tension and annoyance, he puts into those words in particular. Am I the only person on this chess board who doesn’t understand those denim wrapped nightmares. Only Crowley could come up with something as classic as that. I love his affection for nicknames, as he seems sincere almost, as though you can see a small tiny glimpse of affection there for the boys. He dare I say it, even likes them to a point.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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