Are we happy with our writers?

So many thoughts are still popping up in my mind, and floating around that I cannot sit still. Am I looking into my crystal ball and seeing the future in front of me. Can I predict what will surprise us, and what will fail us once more. With eight years under its belt, what else can these boys have thrown at them, and still survive. Are we actually happy as an audience that our writers have bought the boys into a much better place, that they can finally call home, and be able to open up. Had it taken something so powerful for Sam to break down, and tell Dean how he really felt.

So how do our writers actually sit around that table and brain storm? Is it like yellow post-it notes all over the walls with idea’s being banded about. With so many writers, how can a team be on the ball, with so much history behind it. Can the writers come up with something new and concrete to keep us loyal fans. What do you think they would talk about? How quick would a writer pen an episode since they are only recently penning the first eight. Are these writers really quick in spotting that perfect supernatural episode. Now that Ben Edlund has parted from us. How are we to guide our writers with the best of the pack departed. Can we manage without his whit, knowledge and awesomeness. He was after all a creative genius, and I often wonder where his spark came from. How he captivates us, and nails the episode to perfection. It must be hard being a writer, having such a great show to live up to, and be a part of for so long, and say goodbye to it. But alas, I also think who may take his place.


Do we have a firm, stable team now, that can cut the mustard and deliver those great one liners, and pack a brilliant story when needed. Can this crowd keep the momentum of a good show going, or fail us? I need a firm myth arc to keep me gript, and to excite me. Will we see any change or will it be the same as before? I do miss the writers from yester year and may be our new flesh and blood might go back to some of the old ways. I also want to see new material come forth, and for new monsters to take center stage. I also yearn for some maturer characters coming in. I am tired of the younger clan. I miss the likes of Frank, Death, Lucifer, Zachariah, to name a few. Even when we were introduced to the horsemen it was a breath of fresh air. I so want them to captivate me again.

So Bella’s log entry for today is do we think our writers are cutting the mustard like they use to. Do we sense they are pulling their weight and delivering those goods. Can we sense any improvement into next season, which will carry us forward? More importantly are you happy with where the show is at now?







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  1. The MOL cave was an expensive set to build. It was covered with plastic tarps to protect it over the hellitus. Me thinks it will be more exposed in season 9. For me, the Winchesters having a place to call home is as important to the story as the characters’ growth. That foam mattress”It remembers me” is a funny but telling line about Dean’s need to be remembered. Often Sam gets thanked and Dean does not- Just saying that the MOL plot opened up brand new streets for exploration. This was a good insertion by the writers.
    I hope they use the bunker to the boys advantage. I think it is such an important aspect in the show, I would even go so far to say as just as important as baby’. The knowledge they have at their disposal now is credit to that society that its in their hands. They are incredibly lucky that they have their own shooting range, come dungeon and other little gems which have yet to be discovered. It is one of the most amazing sets I have ever seen. Just like that beautiful little chapel in the finale. These guys are so clever. I think also having a home gives them some where to come back too and exactly that, feel at home. They also have their own space and room to breath instead of being coped up in the car all day. I think it will only improve the quality of the show, and their life in general 🙂

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. If possible try to visit the Winchester Family Business site. They have some excellent articles there that directly correlate to some of your articles on here, Bella.
    I haven’t visited them for a while now, and just checked their page when I read your note and it replied when I logged on to their site, refurbishment come back soon. Was looking forward to have a good mooch. 😦

    Right now there’s articles chronicling the evolution of Dean Winchester all through season 8 and of Sam Winchester from season one til now. They are very informative (and have lots of pretty pictures of the guys.)
    I’m all for pretty pictures:) I just had a brain wave tonight, I thought about writing a fan workbook of Supernatural, what do you guys reckon, you think I’m up for it? 😉 Its going to be a sort of journal.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. “They are very informative (and have lots of pretty pictures of the guys.)”
      Pretty oictures! Ill have to go look-yes Im shallow lol


  3. The writers IMO have infused new life into a show that has run long. How? Extended the Winchesters’ importance and abilities through the introduction of the Men of Letters and expanding the boys into real men. Yes, we have lost some of the playfulness and pranks that we relished in the first few years. It would be unrealistic to keep grown men with serious life experiences as juvenile joksters. The mission they had before them this year and perhaps season 9 appear to be serious endeavors(not that the Apocalypse was not, but nobody seemed to notice it except our players). Human kind was indifferent, save Sam, Dean, Bobby. The Leviathan season 7 had some SPN moments, but the arc was not as expanded as I think the writers could have gone with it- so maybe newer writers will bring more depth to the arc(s).
    I think in general it does shows good to have new blood, and stir things up a bit. Men to grow up, and with the work they do its no surprising they rarely show a smile let alone a patter of laughter. 😦 It took the boys to let their hair down literally in Larping and the real girl. Which also signified to me real men too. We still call them boys in figure of speech but forget they are grown men who are not tied to their mothers apron strings. I for one am proud how the writers have channeled this into their journey and been realistic about it and not over sloppy.

    As far as continuance and canon: We know that sometimes even the most invested and long time writer bends the canon, whether by design or mistake. We have to trust that the showrunner.JC is there to keep the show running with certain unchangeable traits. Now, this does not mean that our beloved characters cannot grow. At early as year 2, Dean changed from a skeptic on Divine intervention and Sams belief(hope) in a higher purpose both wavered: Houses of the Holy. Of course, this was before the Michael/Lucifer arc. The picture of Michael in that episode is re-used in the Michael/Lucifer episodes. Clearly, that is the job of the property master who follows the props from scene to scene. Episode to episode, year to year, Sometimes there are errors. The show runner has to ensure that all the pieces fit for a season. (yes, even Amelia fits into Sam’s introspection and non supernatural life IMO, even if it was the least popular plot and the chemistry was totally not there((nor do I think it was supposed to be for character purposes)).
    Sometimes I don’t even spot the mistake, until pointed out on the forum and go back and watch and still cannot spot that mistake. But stuff like Taxi Driver was poor on following Canon which did feel very obvious to many. Which was a shame as on re-watch it was pretty decent even if there were to much story telling in one episode. Wish it was developed and drawn out much more. They could have really made that one last, and be brilliant at the same time. I love how the characters have grown and that is one thing you do spot when you go back and re-watch how much more fun it is to revisit those little tiny traits. That’s what I love about the writers that they do push those boundaries and if may be OOC still develops that person if not some agree its still character growth. I love how a character does grow and to me that’s a sign of a good writer who watches and nurtures that character. Amelia chemistry doesn’t bother me now, no where near what it did at the start of the season. We sussed as soon as the finale aired it was on purpose. I prefer it sometimes that Jeremy is a slow burner. As detail can be lost and not developed enough if instantly viewed. We have another two years of story telling to come forth so its time to unwind and enjoy that road trip …. 🙂

    Fandom has to have faith that JC has the arc outlined for season 9 with open end for season 10, if allowed. The show runner then assigns episodes/outlines to teams or individual writers. The show runner has the whole picture of where the season is going, and oversees the individual episodes.The producers are then shown the outlines (Jim Michael’s says the first 8 outlines look great). The writers develop the dialogues (scripts) and a list of necessary sets/guest stars. There is a team that scouts out locations and directors who check out the locations and transfer to lighting and boom (sound) crews. There is much pre-production before J2 or Misha ever see a script. The read through with actors if it happens is just before filming. The scenes are blocked for where things and people are during any given scene. Each actor is given his/her spot using a different colored tape to stand on. Fight scenes and love scenes are choreographed and practiced with stunt doubles substituting as need be. By this time J2 have stated that they do not need to rehearse lines nor do they admit to knowing where the arc is going. So, I have to have faith in the process. If it does not work, then the ratings go south and the show disappears. I do think the executives read some of the blogs from time to time. So that is my take on writers and a bit of behind the scenes activity.
    I think I have much more faith in JC than ever I did in SG. She was a superb story teller as she’s written and participated in my own personal favorite episodes. But as far as show runner material I don’t feel she had it in her. JMHO. I often wonder and ponder on the same thought, do they have too many writers. Is this perhaps sometimes why mistakes are made because like the old saying too many cooks spoil the broth’. Writers if too many seem to make as many errors as writers who are few and far between. I am not a firm favorite of partnership writing as I think errors are also made. Unless they sit together and write or could be miles apart and write as a team. Either way I don’t feel happy with this combination. I love how you all know behind the scenes stuff, as I wouldn’t have a clue unless watching the DVD coverage and convention outings. I learnt quite a bit from Jensen’s coverage and think he’s done so well in such a short space of time. I think that’s nice if the actors don’t know the premise as its exciting for them, as much as it is for us. Also I think there is less likely hood of material being leaked if detail is not known to them. I have faith this term too. I had never been so excited as what I was at the start of the season guessing endless possibilities and this proves I am not bored. I’d not felt this season seasons 4/5. They were so powerful and entertaining. OMG, Please writers I hope you read this BLOG. I would be in my element 🙂 I think they pick up on fan reaction and also where to steer the show if its not to the fans liking, so I think they would be foolish if they didn’t tune in. Is there any way of knowing if they read this blog? Says Bella fanning herself down with excitement. 😮 I love this show, and this blog, and my bloggers …..

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. “So that is my take on writers and a bit of behind the scenes activity”
      that was very interesting to know!

      Totally agree!

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. That’s great to know. And really I do have faith in Carver that he is going to expand the mythology further and bring in a really good season.
        Me too, I just hope he doesn’t let us down at the last hurdle. We invest so much of our time here. I certainly feel better this summer, than what I did this time last year.

        Season 8 started a little rocky but he brought it all home very nicely and I’m very satisfied with season 8 and where the mythology and characters went. Of the entire season I’m most excited about the Men of Letters and any other secret societies they want to throw in the mix. And hey! while they’re at it, throw in some X-Files conspiracy theories too. I’d love it.
        What is that American biscuit called, oh yes Rocky Road with chocolate chips, marshmallows etc. That does remind me of this season 🙂 I am adoring that bunker. They have put so much work into that set. The more I see of it, the more I love it. I hope they use the men of letters wisely and not ruin it. 😦

        I expect more character growth and episode cohesion next season. I believe Carver does have a plan and that questions will be answered as much as they are able to do so. I’m also looking forward to any new characters they will be introducing despite Amelia.
        Yes, but this year its taken him a while to find his feet. Now he has in his sights where he’s going. As long as we don’t get any more Garth types, had enough of those. I am like Metatron and finding out what he’s up to in heaven. Amelia is sitting a bit better with me since I understand where it was going. I still don’t care for the character.

        Thank you for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. Eugenie Ross -Lemming! That’s her name and she has a male partner she’s often paired with.
    This team should NEVER be allowed to write another episode of this series without a sit down with a complete set of all 8 seasons on disc. They have written some of the worst episodes in Supernatural history. From Route 666 to their latest f -up, Taxi Driver they have shown a complete and total disregard for plot, character, canon and even taste. They seriously need to be sent to a writer’s boot-camp of some sort.

    Isn’t she Singer’s wife! Brad Buckner I think? Route 66 was one of my least favorite along with the terrible ‘BUGS’. Since found out those bee’s were real and the boys were stung badly, awwwwwh. I know Taxi Driver even on re-watch felt lame and too rushed. They jumped the shark on that one. I am amazed how they got away with that one and have continued to carry on. I think Glass is another the only decent episode he wrote was As time goes by which was superb. Many reports about him in not such a good light either.

    Which is why it seriously harshes my buzz that one of the best writers in the entire series – Mr. Edlund -is leaving while these to f -ups linger on to mess up season 9. How about firing them and then paying Edlund their salaries?
    Good idea they should listen to us 😉 The viewing figures will only tell us if they have succeeded or not! Fans are rattled already and threatening to jump ship and walk. 😦 Which is so sad… The only writer I think for me who cuts the mustard is Robbie Thompson. I miss so many from the past its unreal. I hope to god we get some spot on stories next season.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. ” How about firing them and then paying Edlund their salaries”
      Now that’s a great idea!

      I wouldn’t have the nerve to say that on-line! 😀

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. I actually like Sera Gamble. She shouldn’t be allowed to step up to the helm again until she gets some more experience under her belt. She just wasn’t ready, I think. I see what she was Trying to do in season 6 and 7 but she really wasn’t ready for that level of responsibility yet and as a result the seasons were rather incoherent and unfocused. She shows excellent promise though. If Carver steps down after season ten and the show continues, then she could try again.

        I also like Andrew Dabb, and Adam Glass and Robbie Thompson. They’re alright. Buckner could use some more writing classes and you see how I feel about Lemming. I really wish they could call in that lady writer from Buffy. She has made whatever shows she’s worked on worth watching and her name completely escapes me right now.


  5. Im not happy that Ben Edlund is leaving-he had a good feel for the characters especially Sam and Dean. I didnt like the 2 that wrote friends with benefits-although the story line was actually interesting I hated that they made Dean stupid-whats a familiar? (yeh Dean flippin Winchester doesn’t know what a familiar is!) and the whole woman sexy woman wearing a collar was a bit much! I just wish they spend these summer months re-watching fan favorite episodes to see what makes us scream with fear and scream with joy!
    It took me a few years to get used to Edlund’s whit. Some of his humor I got, and others took me ages to suss what he was getting at. It took me a long time to warm to him, and I can’t put my finger on why. But since the Great Escapist, I saw the light of day and new he was a genius. There was something magical about those plots, that he could simultaneously work three or four stories along side one another with great gusto and impact. He will be fondly remembered by us all, no doubts there. I admire a writer who knows and understands their characters which is so important. As they can wreck characterization, I still look toward Sam this season in particular. And yes, Barb you are right in making our characters look stupid for the sake of their own writing. I think sometimes they think we won’t pick up on little details like this, how wrong! I did hear a lot of views about this particular episode and Taxi Driver’ which rattled many.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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