It got me thinking about the past?

What were your first thoughts
on the premier of this new show?

I as a fan never watched this show from the pilot, I cannot for the life of me think what planet I was on, to have missed this magical story unfold. Eight years of story telling is a long time for writers to go back and check their own history and keep it fresh and vibrant to avoid loosing viewers and of course to prevent the show from becoming stale. So this morning I entered into a thread for newbies for current fans to enter what they thought about the pilot like a mini review. So I thought yeah that would be a fun topic for a blog entry today. 

Pilot, sam and dean
What were your first thoughts on these to adorable boys?
  1. What did we think of the Pilot:
  2. What were the highlights of this episode:
  3. What were the low points of this episode:
  4. What interested you as a viewer and tune in next week:
  5. What did you think of the writing:
  6. What did you think of the Direction and Production:
  7.  What did you think of the Locations and Lighting etc:
  8.  What did you think overall of the acting and the actors themselves:
  9.  How would you rate the overall episode:
  10. What made you decide to stay, and follow this road trip:
  11. Did you like the overall feel of the show:
How did these boys actually get away with being fake cops?
As I have asked myself this question years on …..

Think about those questions as I am sure most of us are visiting the pilot or have recently viewed it. It would be interesting also to see what similarities we come out with as to what happened in the finale this season. Is there a connection for example we might have missed that no one has ever spotted, as  it would be great to say we were the first to spot it. We no in eight long years, history has developed its major characters, and progressed them into men they are now. But what has kept these boys going, what has been the point of it all, and what will come of it all in the end. When we also think about the lives they saved, has putting their own lives at risk daily been worth it. Could they have chucked the towel in and saved them selves all this heart ache and sorrow.

Could most of this heartache been avoided?

So Bella would love to see your answers to the above questions, about the little gem of a pilot, and what you remembered on its first airing if you were a brand new viewer on a brand new day. How does it feel years on thinking that you were there from day 1. Not many can say that. So I am itching to hear your amazing thoughts on the pilot and what it stood for. Type away angels and lets have a good old brain storm.


5 thoughts on “It got me thinking about the past?

Add yours

  1. Now you know I had to go back and watch it again. It was surprisingly difficult to watch that first episode. Especially knowing and keeping in mind all the things we now know about Sammy. It feels very tragic and bittersweet to watch it. And to answer your last question, I don’t think any of the tragedy could have been avoided. The moment Sam’s first vision came true and he kept it a secret from Dean, I could see the pattern for the next 6 years of his behavior being set.
    I no that must have been very hard to go back and watch the pilot again, I am intending to view a lot of the old stuff at the weekend when there is nothing on TV. Boring old sporting events, I hate the summer because of sport. It bores me to tears. I think the show has kept true to both characters. Even now I no you will hate me for saying this, but the old Sam not looking for Dean, I no I can hear you now. But it has taken me a while to get even my head around that god damn writing, I could have screamed last summer thinking what the hell are they playing at. I just wished they had handled it a bit better. May there is time keeping all fingers and toes crossed. Both boys have kept secrets which has been their down fall. Most of the time its for a good reason, to protect the other. But they never learn! They still go ahead and carry on regardless.

    Oh and another moment that captured me and set me on the road to falling in love with Dean was their conversation in the car about Dean’s music collection. I know and liked a lot of the bands mentioned in that scene and when he told Sam to shut his cake hole I remember laughing out loud and repeating that line several times. And yes I even said it to my little sister once. She told me to shut-up and just ignored my advice.
    I new what you were going to say before I finished reading that line, that’s spooky. As its one of my favorite Dean lines, and he’s had many a powerful one. The writers are so good at writing Dean and how his character is put across, Jensen is a master craftsmen, in no
    mistake. I also loved it when Sam said something like about time you updated this record collection tapes, …. I would love to have seen your sisters face 😉

    I distinctly remember most of what I was thinking during that first episode but like every other show I’ve fallen in love with I was very casual about it and just sort of cherry picked which episodes to watch that season. I did the same thing with Buffy, Torchwood and Firefly. I never seem to seriously get into a show until its second season and then I have to backup and watch the ones I missed.
    It depends with me, sometimes I am fairly quick in liking a show. Like Star Trek NG I loved that the first episode I tuned in. I loved all the cast and found the stories great to follow, classic TV. I also loved The New Adventures of Superman and adored Dean Cain, now there’s a man I’ve not seen in ages. That summer when Lois found out about him, and he asked her to marry him, god the wait of will she or won’t she, I loved that show. Heroes I am still fuming with as it was such a good mixed story, all the characters blended and I fell in love with that one over night. Dr. Who I also love, but not keen on Matt Smith so I am okay he’s going. I still follow this show not a huge fan but good enough stories to keep me occupied. But I loved Torchwood, Captain Jack!!!! My heart is a flutter. I also miss Being Human UK and they ditched all the original cast, that broke my heart into a thousand pieces when they axed it. Merlin was another after five year was axed. Such great TV and they cut them short way too soon if you ask me 😦

    Btw, I am definitely bi-bro now!
    Me too ………….

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. That’s. Bi – brother . I love em both, not the same but equal.
      I replied to this line Ikeke …

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. In also didnt watch from the beginning. I have no idea why! But as soon as we started we were hooked!
    What did we think of the Pilot: I remember liking it a lot, but I think not seeing it in order makes me have a different view of it than if I saw without knowing any background.

    I must admit, starting from season 4 for me, does feel different. I don’t no how I would have felt from day 1. I so wanted to see if Dean was okay when I new he’d gone to hell. So I was really concerned about the characters well fare.

    What were the highlights of this episode: I always love an episode with John Winchester!
    Me too, I so miss John, I guess this was why I never felt as much for Bobby. I wish John had been in the show as long as Bobby had. We lost JDM way too soon. But would the boys have progressed on their own as much if dad had been around?

    What were the low points of this episode: None that I can remember

    What interested you as a viewer and tune in next week: Love anything supernatural..and hey that Dean guy is kinda cute!
    Laugh out Loud!!! 😉

    What did you think of the writing: Liked it
    Me too!

    What did you think of the Direction and Production: Loved the darkness of it

    Yes, the cinematography I also loved, which isn’t quite as good as it once was?

    What did you think of the Locations and Lighting etc: Didn’t pay attention to that
    I love the locations, what about the view from that bridge?

    What did you think overall of the acting and the actors themselves: I loved JDM and J2 right away.
    Daft question I guess so many of us would give this answer duh …. 😉

    How would you rate the overall episode: 9/10
    About the same as you ..

    What made you decide to stay, and follow this road trip: The story the characters the monsters the writing the impala and Dean.
    I think the characters were my first choice I gelled with the boys so quickly. The stories were superb and loved how close the boys became. The love for the car did come that bit later I have to fess. The music really took me in too.

    Did you like the overall feel of the show: Like I said I liked the darkness of it. I liked the characters/actors and how they made me feel the family vibe
    The family feel got to me too very early on, and the mood of the show. Of course the actors another stupid question really 😉

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. SI’d always been a fan of supernatural style shows, horror movies and things like that, so when I heard that there was going to be a new show on TV called Supernatural, I got very excited. I knew I was going to watch it and when I heard the premise of the show about two brothers riding around America killing monsters I knew I was going to like it. And then I saw, in some promote in a magazine somewhere, what the boys looked like and immediately fell in love -with Sam. I paid no attention to Dean at all. At least not his looks which have since grown on me a lot.
    I bet is was a blessing and you’d thought all your dreams had come in at once!!! That really surprises me Ikeke as I was convinced you were a Dean girl, nothing lead me to think you fell for SAM! I’m pleased though 🙂 Sam does it for me through and through. I guess its the tall, dark handsome vibe going on. There is something about Sam that has always drawn me to him. I adore Dean, but romantically Sam does it for me. 😉 He’s my type. It took me a long while to get used to Dean. I liked him a hell of a lot, but Sam pushed my buttons. But in later years Dean has pulled me towards him too. I love his mentality, and how he unconditionally saves Sam and that is so commendable. He has a flair all of his own and what Jensen has bought to the character of Dean is awesome. The two combined are knock out, and adorable human beings, I love both of them!

    So the show comes on and I was immediately struck by its production values. It was everything I expected a horror show to be. It was dark, edgy and in the first season a lot of the myths they were hunting were very familiar to me having studied folklore in school. That first season, I was just a casual viewer. I didn’t watch every episode. Just the ones where I liked the monster, so there were elements that I missed about the first season and I had to backtracked and catch up. For example I missed the first mention of Sam’s powers. But that first episode wowed me though.
    You must have been in your element, watching a show that you were studying it must have made the school work so much more fun. I missed Sam’s first powers too, as that was the clinch for me, that’s what drew me in. Plus the relationship so both were very close factors. You’re so lucky to have come in on day 1. After School Special was mine, and I watched the first three seasons that summer. I’ve never looked back, I’m here until the end 🙂

    For starters, what really hooked me was the fight scene between Sam and Dean in the dark. It totally set me up. Who are these guys and why are they fighting? I loved the way it was lit and the fight choreography was good and believable. The next thing that captured my attention was Dean. Jensen was cute and funny and said his lines exactly in the manner they should have been said. The moment he opened his mouth, I knew exactly what kind of guy he was – a bad boy. Sam was sweet, seemed kind of naive and very handsome to my eyes. Next was the chemistry between the two actors. I easily believed they were brothers. They had that brother vibe spot on.
    I bet, can you imagine how scary that must have been for Sam, wondering who was breaking in, and it turns out to be his big bro … OMG! Bang, crash wallop! I would still love to no why Sam really left, and why he didn’t make any contact with Dean. It wasn’t Dean he had any Beef with it was with John. I did feel for Dean about that? Sweet and Naive that’s my Sammy and what happened to him exactly, where did he go ….Believing they were brothers I bet has been said many a time, by fans all around the world.

    I live in the Midwestern northeast so I was familiar with a few of the monsters in the first season because we have some of those myths here. Like Hook-man and the ghost girl in the first episode.
    Are so you are american some thing else I’ve learnt today 😉 We don’t seem to have as many monsters as we use to, whether that’s just me. It feels lately there is a lot more myth arc, which is my favorite aspect but I also enjoy the hunt and what they chase.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Overall I’d say the acting was competent and watchable. I’d give the episode a good solid B grade. Or rather 4 out of five stars.
      I would overall say about the same too. 🙂 I loved that action between Sam and Dean in his flat, how well that scene was choreographed and in the dark as you said too. We so wanted to no who this stranger actually was.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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