If you were the show-runner

Many of us are un-happy with the current plots, and story lines. So I will put this little gem of a question out to you all today. If you had a limitless budget and could do with what you please, what would you actually change? What would you bring in as a story arc which involves both brothers, with less drama and conflict. Those are your only barriers. So with nothing getting in your way, think along the lines you have just been appointed as the new show-runner. Write a plan of what you would change, and plan a three year plot.

What would you change if you had that power?

Tempt us, and excite us with wacky, way out stories with a creative big bad. This is a dream job for you, so how would those changes effect things like staff changes, scripts, media coverage etc. Be blown away, and think outside that creative box and mold an arc seamlessly without a hitch. What would you ditch, what would you keep in, if anything at all. So the world is your oyster, think and plan ahead using what ever is at your disposal. 

Who would you bring back, or keep until the end!

Bella is keen to learn what inspires you, what creatively turns you on. What direction you would take the brothers, and Castiel. What support cast would you bring in, and sack! Bearing in mind those are tough decisions for any show-runner to deal with. Finally that ultimate goal, how would you end the show if it were ever cancelled? 

A fun exercise for today folks, but one where we might be able to sway the SPN team if they ever read these blogs. It might interest them or sway them but then again, it might not. Think carefully and type away, angles …..


2 thoughts on “If you were the show-runner

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  1. I don’ t think this is a fair question. I don’t watch shows that have no drama or conflict. That’s boring. I think what you really mean is conflict that’s better written than the way it was at the beginning of the season. I also like a show with a lot of mystery. I realize from a lot of comments that some people prefer to have all of the emotions and everything spelled out for them but I hate that sort of thing. I pacer to try to figure out and discuss peoples motivations for doing things and then once I’ve figured it out I have an Aha moment that’s fun for me. That said I prefer drama and conflict. The brothers are always arguing about something but its just normal sibling type arguments in the second half of the season and so easier to watch than the fighting in the first half, which is rather heavy handed and badly written.
    Yes, sorry. I found the first half of the season very off pointing and strong. We were not used to such aggro and I think it shocked a lot of people. That is one thing I have loved about this season is the mystery and guessing what could be going on. That’s what spurs my imagination, and intrigue. I was totally wrong on most of it mind you, but if was good fun guessing! I’m the same I think. I hate our soaps these days as all they seem to do is have affairs, split them up, and make up. Its full of crapy drama with very little humor involved. You almost guess what’s going to happen, which I find I hate stuff that is too predictable. I don’t mind conflict if there is a means to an end. And we witnessed this in the finale even though it was a long time coming. It did tie up rather nicely. I get siblings argue but there was so much of it this season that I begun to WTF at times. (excuse swearing). Your so right Ikeke it was badly written, my mistake 😉

    What I would do with an unlimited budget is send the brothers globe trotting. I would have them occasionally visit other parts of the world. Not all the time but at least a couple of times in the season. I’d also make the world come to them. I really enjoyed the MoL episodes because of the larger worldwide implications behind the secret societies and the Nazis. Id get some very good stunt people to sub for Sam and Dean as the two J ‘s get older. As they have children and I wouldn’t want them injured the stunt people would do the most difficult stuff and we could have bigger stunts and fight scenes in the show. I think that would satisfy my bloodthirstiness a lot. I don’t have a problem with the gore on the show but we need to have at least one more straight up zombie episode just to make Dean happy.
    I must admit, I wondered why they hand’t ventured out of America, except in Weekend at Bobbies. Thinking back to Crowley’s bones. Now I like the sound of that. The world coming to them 😉 I thought that they had stunt doubles already. As there were pictures of them during the Samelia picnic scene last summer. I don’t think they do many of their own stunts if at all now. These boys are too special to get an injury 😦 Yes I must admit a Zombie would make a real change. As they are starting to double up on Monsters lately. How many shape shifters have we had, how many Djinn have we had now? I would like to see the look on Dean’s face he would be one happy chappy!!! 🙂

    Id also like to see the depictions of other gods and meet other hunters that would become their allies. I like Krissy but hate her little Scooby gang of friends. I hate most teens on TV because they are lousy actors who aren’t much like real teens but I will accept Krissy. I’d like to see some characters meet each other. I wonder how Charlie and Garth would interact. Id pay more money for better monsters too. I went through each episode in the season and although I’m satisfied with the season I still feel there were not enough monsters this season. And I’d love to see Thor’s. Hammer make a reappearance.
    Some fans have moaned about a number of Gods appearing, but I like them. I find them really interesting. Me to not sure if Krissy has grown on me yet I think in small doses I would be okay with it. I hate teens stuff too. That’s what put me off Smallville because of school kids, to young for me. I often wondered about Garth and Becky, even though the boys put a stop to it, I quite liked the pair, as a pair. I often think about Charlie and Jo not in that way but as a friendship. Again, I’ve heard a lot of talk about Thor’s hammer why is this so special? Is it just its attraction or that it has a power?

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Oh we really loved Thor’s Hammer from earlier in the season in that auction episode. Sam looked really good waving it around and we also all love the movie The Avengers over here. I’ve watched the movie a couple of times so I really love that scene in the show and Sam definitely has the hair for it.
      Its clicked now. I didn’t realize it was related to a TV show, as I don’t think we get it over here. It’s certainly fun, when another character relates to another shows character.

      The Hammer does have power of its own. It controls lightning. So I hope the brothers kept it and it’s stored somewhere in the Bat-cave so one of them can use it one day against the Necronazis. Id pay to see that!
      I wasn’t sure what power it had, so its to do with lightning, great cool object to have at their disposal. Very powerful. I hope they did keep it.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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