How do we really feel about the angels?

A post on IMDb gave me my inspiration today. Since angels have appeared on this show since the beginning of season 4, how do we see them, and how do we really feel about them? Since Jeremy has taken over the helm this season, they appear prominent once again, in fact even more so. Are they a real turn on, or off now since they have been around for some time. Are they becoming stale? Do we need a new being to wow us?

Our pals the angels? Or are they …

As Dean was one cool cookie who didn’t believe in angels has in fact found a best friend in one. We now how skeptical he was when first introduced to Cas in that very barn. Sam being the more religious brother funnily enough doesn’t appear to bond as well with Cas. Why is this? Do we no the real reason why Sam has never fully bonded with Cas. Is it because of the demon blood fiasco or something much deeper, that Cas finds it much harder to bond with Castiel. Is there something in Dean where Cas can relate and find a connection, much more than he can with Sam? I guess it wouldn’t be cool to have two brothers circling Cas for his affections continuously.  But I sense Cas now has much respect for Sam, but is he equal in Castiels affections as Dean appears to be.

I still feel Cas and Sam are very similar, as my article suggested in my sister blog, Supernaturally Devoted. Perhaps the writers are trying to find a smooth transition to finally bring these to buddies together, in a mutual way. Cas isn’t the only angel in the garrison, so how do we really feel about these mystical beings who are so old, and very holy. Does our show treat angels in the way we expect angels to be.  Quote ‘Sam to Uriel my brother was right about you, you are Dicks.’ So why have our writers in particular created angels to appear so annoying, and look down on gods creations, humans? What do they find so awful, in human’s that they find it so hard to walk among us frequently?

Are angels just as bad as demons?

They are written and seen by us as Angels killing people, Angels lying, Angels killing other Angels, Angels making a government and making their own orders.  You don’t get to be an Angel by doing un-holy crap like that. These guys are supposed to be people humans look up to, and respect. But I sense we are not supposed to respect them? How did Kripke originally see angels, considering he never wanted to introduce them in the first place. So why have they stayed so long? Is it because of their overall power, their mystique and intrigue. Why do we fall for their charms, if we are supposed to hate them so much. These fictional angels really don’t like humans, and Uriel often quoted horrible words to amuse himself, at our expense.  So why are we so drawn to them. And why was the only real decent angel turned bad to follow suit, when he himself had so many doubts. Why did he survive. Was he in fact influenced by Dean all along? After all he had lived and viewed the boys before they had met. So are the boys more connected to angels ? I no now that I doubt very much they will become angels themselves. But there is something in me, that particularly with being vessels they both have some higher purpose?

How do we feel Cas has settled in
with Dean and Sam?

So Bella would love to no how you see our ‘beloved’ or ‘nasty’ little being’s. How you interpret the writers, writing over them. How also do you see the angels are wired, (programmed) do they in fact hold a very special key into the boys lives, since they were the ones who bought John and Mary together in the first place. Is there more to these angels than we first ever thought. And what do we really no about the angels that we didn’t no from the start of Season 4. How much will we get to know and understand about them in the future?  Are angels in fact any better or worse than demons. We say how evil they are, but haven’t noticed overly, how bad the angels are in comparison. So type away little ones and let your creative juices flow. Look forward in hearing from any newbies too, don’t by shy, we’d love to hear from you too.

6 thoughts on “How do we really feel about the angels?

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  1. Bardicvoice@ Livejournal has written a superb meta about the roles of Angels in the show, how they’ve been shown and how they’ve evolved over the course of the show. She’s at BardicsDescant and it’s titled : Calling All Angels.
    I will have a read later, thanks … 🙂

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Really miss old Season 4. . Just expecting another huge bump in the road for Our Brothers from menacing angels this fall. . Come on, cast some new angels , add some mojo to the show before it’s end. .
    I miss it too, I hope they bring Naomi back, as I think they’ve done her a dis-service. We never really got to know her did we! I think they need to reinvent the angels, they need a make-over fairly soon, or fans will begin to get bored of them. I am still hoping Cas is one powerful guy, and is more than what they say he is …. 😉

    Good to see you again buddy.

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I’m a little dubious about what kind of makeover you guys are talking about. Do you mean you want to see more good guys like Samandriel or really evil ones like Uriel? You will probably get your wish. Remember Metatron said that heaven was broken up into dozens of factions of angels that all had their own agendas. I’m going to believe that because I think the archangels kept order and they’re all gone so there are no leaders.
      Sometimes I think good guys other times I think the not so good. Uriel was pure evil, but he was dramatic enough and served a purpose like Anna did. I went off her the moment she went back in time and stabbed Sam. I thought that was such a cruel thing to do. Especially since she had feelings for Dean. I no it meant that much to her to go and do what she did. Its just that she came on soft one minute, wanting to make love with Cas and Dean then kill Sam the next. I think we need a balance of good and bad. But to me I’ve always seen angels as corrupt on this show any way. Apart from the occasional ones like Cas. I would love to see more rebellious angels like him on board to mix it up a bit.

      I think with the angels being on earth we will see new angels anyway as all the old ones are dead and you have to imagine what its like for them too. Many of them are going to be deeply confused about what happened, some will know and be angry at Metatron, some of them will think God is punishing them and will try to atone or do good works to appease Him. Some of them will be sorry, some will be mad at God, some will accept their punishment and some will be desperately trying to get back into heaven along with at least a half dozen other motivations.
      I guessed this would be the case that they would be very confused. Some will certainly seek out revenge on Metatron too, yes. They will wonder what has hit them when they come to realize. It will be a terrible feeling of loneliness for them also I would doubt, imagine being cast out of your home and the people around you and things that you love. At least they might all be in the same boat. They might be able to meet up once its hit home and congregate on mass or something. What’s the old saying, a million voices are far better than 1. This story could go a long way. It could be very interesting in letting us in on how these angels will survive this holy torture. Many beings will be cunning for Metatron’s neck. I would not like to be in his shoes when they all return, if they do.

      Also you have to take into account the demons. These two groups hate each other passionately. The demons, while fighting among themselves as usual, will also be delighted to get their hands on angels and kill and torture them and we might even be surprised by a couple of touching and hate filled reunions between the two.
      Yeap, and humans are the poor bastards caught in the middle of it all. I would suspect angels are probably strong in power than demons. I think back to Naomi and Crowley how they battled it out and Naomi came through just. So I hope in a nut shell the angels are slightly ahead in the stakes. I can see a war brewing between the two. I wonder how many angels there are to demons? Crowley has already delighted in mistreating Samandriel, so what else could he cook up to see what makes them tick.

      And then you’ve got the five wild cards -the Winchesters, Crowley, Abaddon, and Castiel. What are these characters going to do? I am feeling very excited about all the hoopla coming next season and hopefully no experiments like Samelia or flashbacks.
      So we have 2 humans; 2 demons including a night and king of hell, and Cas. Interesting combo. I’d like to be in the writers room when they discuss this little plot. If we’re hopeful, that is going to be like asking not to have another relationship and we get one any way. I was excited last summer and what did I get Sam not looking for Dean, what else can they through at us next year 😦 I hope at least they have the nerve to write Sam a bit more sympathetically. We should be having comic-con in a couple of weeks. At least this will give us some tit bits as to what might be going on in their heads.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Also want to point out that at least some of the angels will blame the demons, humans in general or The Winchesters specifically for what’s happened to them.
        That’s enough bad feeling to start a war though isn’t it? This arc has up to now been about angels and demons. I do feel sorry for the angels being cast out like that. But it will be a feast for demons to have so many angels in one place at one time.

        Also I think things will be far more interesting if at least some of them have limited powers of some kind, otherwise what would be the fun in watching regular boring mortal angels get chased and killed by the demons. That ‘s not very challenging to the demons and they’ve already got humans to play with. If Carver does this right then season nine promises to be a lot of fun.
        it would be boring, its either or not in between. What’s the point basically. Its going to be like a game of cat and mouse. Poor angels, they’d best watch their tails! 😉

        I’m off to see Supernatural on Sky-living tonight the premier, Dean coming back from purgatory, and we have a double episode to kick start the season. I no I’ve seen the season 3 times, but have to watch it in my home country. I feel sorry for them who don’t download, having to wait this long to see it. My friends not seen it yet, and she’s been brikc’in it when I told her about Dean!

        Thank you for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. How do our brothers feel about the angels? In Houses of the Holy, Dean did not believe but Sam did in somewhat a childish view of angels, only for Sam’s hope to be dashed. Dean’s Mom told him angels were watching over him, yet he does not believe because so much bad has happened.(we now know that in SPN, angels watching over you, is not necessarily helpful as they have their own agenda) . Dean’s belief germinates when he meets Cas after he returns from Hell. In the Great Pumpkin episode, Sam is in awe when he meets Castiel and extends his hand. Watch how Jared skillfully turns this child like glee to disappointment when Cas hesitates and reminds him of the demon blood. By the end of the episode, and Sam’s encounter with Uriel, who can seemingly only follow orders and cannot abide by Sam not following orders to not use his psychic powers even if it would have killed Dean, Sam thinks angels are dicks too. The dialogue conveys the message, but the acting choices by JP bring it home.
    I am occasionally hard on JP’s acting but there have been some very awesome cool moments. He has totally wowed me this season. During the hellatus I’ve been watching the convention stuff and a fan asked Jensen what part of Sam’s would you have liked to have played. He thought and paused actually for a few moments and came back with a firm positive answer. Jensen replied to the fan, yes it was the time Jared played Lucifer in his white suit and killing future Dean. Saying we will always end up here. Jensen said it gave him the shivers when Jared performed it on camera. These memories we collect are very special, and we don’t very often give credit where its due. At least a lot of the forums don’t boost Jared up often enough. There was also something scary about Uriel, we were meant not to like the guy, but his power spoke volumes to the audience. He showed us and made it abundantly clear that he loathed humans, and what Sam stood for in particular. When Uriel darted around that bed in the motel and said what he’d do to Dean if he didn’t do as he was told, was spine tingling stuff. Some of those angels I really miss because of their professionalism, and how they went about getting a job done regardless of whom we were. It was how he flew out of that room, and Sam’s hair waved and he disappeared. Moments like these I adore Jared through and through.

    Cas does seem to be much different from the other angels we have encountered. He has doubts. Cas appears to be able to bond despite his abandonment issues. Perhaps he was god’s prototype for the human. In season 8 finale, Cas tells us that humans were supposed to be under the angels’ eyes as their central mission, but that mission has been subverted because Heaven is in such disarray. Clearly, this is a softer, re-set Castiel from the one who demanded respect from Dean and threatened to return Dean to Hell. Did his penance in Purgatory restore before Naomi’s programming? He was certainly able to not follow her programming to kill Dean because he has a strong bond with Dean. Naomi says to Dean that killing Dean was how Cas interpreted her orders- I do not believe her given the multiple clones of Dean that Cas had skewered as practice. It would have been to Heaven’s benefit if the Hell Gate had been closed (are angels good?) or do humans need evil to believe in angels.Yet she tells Dean the final trial will kill Sam. Do we believe her here? Looking at Sam so devastated, I think at this point she was truthful as she was on to Metatron’s scheme- she repented before her demise.
    There is something about Cas how he is able to get along with human’s and be their nurse maid when he can. There is something that fascinates him about humans but we’ve yet to work out what that is. Its a tricky one to say if I believe Naomi or not. I think it all depends on what is happening at that moment in time. She could sway either way. She is on their side one minute and can change like the wind the next. Someone is also pulling her strings, she is not the top dog. So whom ever is above her in command is also I believe telling her what to say. I cannot think she is angels top dog. She is powerful, yes. But governor I am not convinced. I don’t think for one minute a top dog would have let Metatron get the better hand, and kill them. So is there someone else we haven’t met yet sitting up there with god?

    The popular lore on angels is the nice, winged, fluffy version society likes to tell children. The Old Testament angels are often portrayed as fierce warriors who battle each other, oppose their Father, or appear to humans as visitors delivering a message, destruction, injury. Not up on angels in the New Testament other than Gabriel and the Annunciation. SPN’s angels are not the winged fluffy version. Let’s see how they handle being mortal now that Metatron has cast them out. Of course he used a spell so they might solicit Sam and Dean to help them now. They should show the Winchesters some respect.
    So who will aid them now all angels have fallen? how will they get back? Can they still fight without their power? It must feel really strange to them being cast out and scattered. On mass will it affect humans or will humans not even notice angels among them? What really will happen is anything going to reasonably change?

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I see the lower level angels as being at the mercy of the bureaucrats angels. I feel kind of sorry for angels like Samandriel who are never told anything and have to follow the orders of those above them. Not all angels come into such close contact with humans except the ones working on earth who need hosts, like the cupids. The angels like Samandriel and the cupids are often shown sympathetically. We can identify with them a little. The higher you go in the hierarchy the less likable they become especially ones like Lucifer and Uriel who actively hate humanity.
      Yes, me to. I felt so bad for Samandriel 😦 to go though all that pain and suffering, and to briefly be free of Crowley, then ‘wham bam thank you mam’ she orders Cas to kill the poor sod. So there not all horrible beings? Yet Michael appeared to be soft too, so when Anna stabbed Sam he healed Sam and sent him home. So on the guys side he wasn’t too over bearing. It surprising how the angels do vary from rank to rank. But your always lead to believe they are supposed to be nice. White fluffy wings you associate with being nice. Not all military warriors.

      The angels one tier below them aren’t much better but part of me chalks that up to their lack of humanity. That said, Castiel being somewhere in the middle tier of angels is more than a little different and I blame some of that on his close contact with the Winchesters. He may have always been rebellious but the episodes where he gives that beautiful monologue about humanity proves that he has always watched and been Fascinated as well. He took the commandment to protect very seriously and seemed to like his job and his interactions with people.I see these angels as modeled more than a little off the old testament angels and Cas is more the messenger type of angel although he has been called a warrior too.
      So do you think being with the Winchesters has changed Cas then? Have they changed him and helped him become much more sympathetic? I’ve known for sometime Cas and Sam are similar in a lot of ways. I still believe Cas is more than they are portraying. I often think why did he save Dean from Hell, so many little things make me think Cas is a higher being. And we’ve been led to believe he’s not by the way he’s been portrayed. God after all bought him back I think at least 4 times and he was juiced up stronger each time. So Cas has to be important for god to bring him back?

      I think the general idea with the Winchesters is that except for Cas they are all still dicks. And that sometimes, so is Cas.
      I was going to say even Cas has prove to us he’s been a right Dick on more than one occasion. Its a wonder he is still around after the way he spoke to Death. I was convinced Death was going to zap him away some where 😉 I love how over the years he has worked his way into the boys affections, and become a family member. What that must mean to him, to feel apart of someone and to feel loved/wanted, and even admired. There is something in Dean which Cas hones in on. Whether its Dean’s mannerisms his humor, Cas always tries to seek Dean’s approval, and I love Cas for that. He knows what Dean means to him, and what he would do for Dean.

      Thank you for the comments,
      Love Aunty B xxxx


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