Everybody Hates Hitler?

This episode confused me for a bit, wondering what Necromancers are. I did look up on Google to http://www.thefreedictionary.com/necromancer having found out that they are in fact The practice of supposedly communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future. So why was the old Rabi killed and what was he actually looking for in the library. Why did he think someone was following him.

What was the Rabi continually going back
to the library for?

This episode is still a mystery to me. As I felt the episode had a German undertone to the whole script.  Why for example did Dean call them Nazi necromancers? If my guys can help sort out the riddle of this episode I would be grateful, and hope I’m not the only confused one around here. What was it also that both Sam and the other guy got hit with in that dart?

What was in the dart that hit Sam in the archive library.


Its a short one today guys, memory is a bit dry. So I am doing a bit of back tracking with stuff I’ve not understood which might help others. So if you can answer Bella’s questions she would really appreciate it. What was behind Edlunds thoughts when he penned this episode, what exactly was he getting at?

Why did call him a necromancy bastard?

Oh, and finally to my American pals, I almost forgot, Happy Independence day. Hope your having a good one!


8 thoughts on “Everybody Hates Hitler?

  1. Also thinking about the episode that is futuristic to 2014 and the Croatoan virus Future Dean is very much a rake with the ladies and there are nos signs of sexual confusion. Dean also seems to have lost his kindness. This is a great episode for Jared as well as he does the Devil in white so brilliantly as an actor and Jensen’s reactions are superb. We are almost at 2014 and so no Croatoan virus since Dean changed history by getting Sam to transport Lucifer to the cage? Has this gone away? The show uses real time lines for dates.
    Its been a while since I’ve watched these episodes. The End’ was always a real fav of mine. Actually they mentioned this on the forum today that that episode was in fact the last Dean centric episode which I find hard to believe, where they thought the writers actually gave Dean something to do. Yet I thought the Croatoan episode did have a gay scene in this episode? I believe the villagers were blocking them in, and Dean drives up in the Impala and a guy makes a supposed pass at him. Dean realizes what is going on and reverses the Impala away from the scene? Jensen said this year he thought that was Jared’s best performance and he would have loved to have done that scene himself 😉 Good at least they are consistent, which is really important these days …

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. “. But it you look back at After School Special, as a teenager the chick at the end tells him, it is all a cover for the angry,lonely, boy he really is. He compensates for these feelings. ”

    This was a very smart observaton for a high school girl!


  3. The theme was Nazis and the evil Thule( a German secret society committed to immortality) vs. the Judah Initiative( a secret Jewish society committed to wiping out the Thule). The Rabbi was researching where the book that contained the ledger of who belonged to the Thule. He found it and hid it n the science bird section where Sam found it later. The Nazis were into the dark arts and experimented on Jewish prisoners relentlessly. The Golem is an old Jewish story of lore which the writers incorporated this lore into the Judah initiative. The story reflects that the grandson was an unwilling participant in his legacy because he was not schooled in contrast with the Winchesters who have a similar legacy to accept MOL and have the training. Aaron, the grandson, does accept his legacy and so is parallel to the Winchesters in some ways. All of them hate monsters, and fight evil but this parallelism is only clear through everyone hating Hitler. If you need more meta on this, let me know.
    Its getting there now, thank you Debbab. I wasn’t picking up very well on those vibes. I realized early on he was researching something in the ledger but wasn’t sure what. It was a very well written episode then in the fact that they Aaron and the boys story run parallel to one another. I Wasn’t understanding the Jewish side very well at all. So as Ikeke said, it was a really important episode to reflect on the Men of Letters and its legacy.

    Thanks for helping me out with this one, I not as confused as I was 🙂

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. Girly, you have got to go back and watch this episode again. A lot of this stuff is explained by Sam and Dean in the episode so if you can watch a couple more times and pay close attention to the old man and the conversations between Aaron and the brothers.I know not everyone has a DVR. (How do you people survive without these wonderful toys?) 😀
    I have, usually I get best part of the episodes on re-watch, and played this six times now and still keep coming back to the same questions. I got quite a bit of the story but there were pieces I couldn’t not glue together. 😉

    According to fantasy definitions, necromancers are people who can raise the dead (sometimes in the form of zombies) for the purposes of getting information from them. The guys in the show were actually members of an occult Nazi subgroup called The Thule Society. (In the US there are all kinds of conspiracy theories about the Nazis and the occult so I expect that this episode plays much better in the States. ) But there are some deviations from the proper definitions in the show.
    So I got this right 🙂 This was probably why then it wasn’t coming across to me very well 😦

    In the episode the old man (who is being played by a famous a star from the 1980’s over here) is looking for a book that has the names of all of the people that the Necromancer Nazis raised from the dead and all the names of the Thule Society too. During WWII the Nazis did experiments on the Jews in the camps and that’s why the Jews created the Golem. The Judah Initiative raised the Golem to stop the Nazis and grab the book but that’s not what happened. 40 years later the old Jewish gentleman is looking for that book in the library. Its called the red ledger. Now what’s funny about this is that this episode is a mix up of truth and fiction and conspiracy theories.
    Again I wouldn’t have known who this actor was? I got this about experiments but didn’t twig about the occult. You no what its memory playing with me, someone explains it and I think I already twigged this and forget that I remembered it. I hate what my memory is doing to me these days. 😦 It just hasn’t sunk in properly where it should. 😉

    The dart that Sam and Aaron got hit with had a necromantic spell on it designed to rot their bodies while they are still alive. It was believed that necromancers had that kind of power too. They could raise the dead, cause or remove decay and speak to the dead.
    I realized it was a spell but could think what it was doing to him. So I’ve learnt something new there. 😉 So if for example Sam and Aron had died, they could have bought them both back. But what’s that point of killing them in the first place?

    This episode was good for the brothers as it was their very first case as Men of Letters. It was about accepting the legacy given to them by their grandfather just as Aaron had to accept the legacy of the Golem given to him by his grandfather.
    I realized this too, and was an important one for them and for Aaron.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the entire season because I thought it was hilarious. Especially the scenes in the Bunker and Dean crying about his damaged spleen.
    I was surprised at how easy the boys didn’t fight off when the necromancers came into Aaron’s house. I thought they could have easily out weighed them. But in the end I guess all came good and they won the day.

    Thanks for helping me out with this one, I not as confused as I was 🙂

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Dean’s crying about his spleen off screen made me lol. On the reissued version On Demand cable, the line was cut. Sam’s first encounter with the Golem is the same scene as when Billy Drago played the immortal doctor who cuts out body parts for immortality. He goes after Sam’s ey3, Must be the immortality parking lot. LOL when the Golem was taller than Sam and yet needed to be animated. Also loved the new clothing for the boys and yes it was a seriously funny episode.


      1. Some fan mentioned that seeing Sam in elbow patches was very exciting to her. Also I couldn’t get over how massively huge the Golem ‘s hands were or how tall he was. He dwarfed Sam which is quite a feat and apparently true to life. That guy really is that tall. Also just saw that actor in Yellow Fever. He played the ghost and looks completely unrecognizable as the Golem.
        I remember reading a couple of tweets from Jim Michael’s prior to casting for this guy, and he said they had a huge job in casting someone taller than Jared. What an effort it was in searching for a tall male actor above a certain height. Jim I seem to recall said the look on Jared’s face was amazing as he couldn’t believe they had found someone to play him.

        Incidentally there are quite a few fan girls out there who have decided to read Dean as “gay” based on his flustered reaction to Aaron fake flirting with him.I’d like to point out to these people that Dean is always flustered when anyone-male or female -sexually pursues him. In Dean’s mind he is the predator and never the prey and doesn’t have any idea how to react when someone chases him or so I’ve observed.
        I thought that scene was so well played by Jensen, how he nailed that was superb. Why do they begin to even read this stuff into this is beyond me 😦 I loved how Dean walked a way and stumbled into the table. But again in the episode mans best friends with benefits, he acted slightly different to this, when the cat guy made a pass at him. Other incidents he’s acted very differently, with the vampire in season 6 live free twi-hard and in season 2 Croatoan. But each time he comes face to face he’s subtly played it more or less awkwardly. So this isn’t the first time Dean has had males make a pass at him, so what’s been the problem?

        Thank you for the comments,
        Love Aunty B xxxx


        1. Dean is portrayed as good with the ladies. But it you look back at After School Special, as a teenager the chick at the end tells him, it is all a cover for the angry,lonely, boy he really is. He compensates for these feelings. And while I believe the character so enjoys sex, when a character is created, the actor and writers have to understand his motivations. After school Special gives us some insight. So when someone male or female hits on Dean,yes he can’t handle it and be cool. He does think of himself t or at least try to let others think of him as the macho predator-but we know how mushy he can be emotionally on the inside-. rewatch Sex and Violence. Here you see Sam being the have sex and leave ’em without a thought guy and Dean getting involved with the Siren(yes, it is a male for Dean) because the villain leads D. to believe he is trusted and Sam has not shown trust for a while. This episode fueled more of the Dean is bisexual fervor. It doesn’t matter to me really. I still see Dean as a guy not as secure as he wants us to believe he is and so his uncomfortableness with Aaron or anyone of either sex knocks him off kilter and yes he bumps into stuff and becomes an awkward teenager again. It happens to us all. I agree, EHH episode ranks up there for me with Yellow Fever as a well balanced episode. And yes, the new wardrobe was refreshing.


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