Dean’s sexual orientations?

Aaron checking Dean out!

This in the past has come up and has been featured in many an episode. But have sensed that Dean is curious about the opposite sex, but feels his heart is soulley with women. But have however, enjoyed the notion that the writers seem to play with this concept and allow us into Dean’s private thoughts about the opposite sex. So as fans if many of us assume this why are there some that suppose otherwise. Dean and Cas is another grey area which is a hard topic to sense, but to me there is a bond, but never will be sexually orientated. In the most recent episode with Aaron in Everybody hates Hitler Dean was flustered when faced with the awkward moment, but playfully handles the notion and in a roundabout way does enjoy the flirtation. Benny is also a male friend to take Dean into his heart, so why do fans not explore this area too. Why is Cas closer to Dean, when Benny held him is such regard, and fondness also?

How do some see Dean and Cas?

How can one character be so wrongly read, when it is obvious of his characters traits, that fantasies are allowed to brew and fester when they are not true. Do we find it hard to see Dean with a man. What would your answer as a fan be? Do you see Dean with a women, what would your answer be? Is Dean the predator, or the prey? So how do you read Dean, and what are your views about Dean’s sexual motives? I have always seen him as a ladies man, through and through. But in later years, I still think he’s a flirt and the writers love to tease us, and put the idea in our heads but at the bottom of it its fiction and playful fiction.  Dean senses he is an attractive male man,  but is also embarrassed when awkward moments arise. Do other men also see that Dean is a very attractive male, and wish to investigate? Which is a clever surprise by our writers when these moments do occur.  So how does Dean’s future lie with the writers, over this delicate topic. Will we see them take it a step further, or lie low for a while? Why do they tease when the line comes to a dead end, that we find the seed sewn but read different signals into different moments. Do writers have the knack of molding a character a slightly different way to what we are perhaps use to.

SPNseason 6 live free twihard.......

How did Dean really feel about all this attention?

So Bella is interested in viewing how you as a fan of Dean see’s his sexual orientation. Is he starting to bat for the other side, is he just curious if the opposite sex flirt with him. Or is he just shy and its never really entered into his head. Do we sense the writers are teasing and allowing fans to read into something that isn’t really there. Write soon angels, as I’m always keen to learn how you view the eldest hero.  


12 thoughts on “Dean’s sexual orientations?

  1. I wholeheartedly believe that Dean and Cas love each other no matter their sexual orientations. I think that Dean finds a more ‘profound’ strength of love with Cas (and of course Sam) than he has with anyone else. His orientation does not have to change, but I honestly do not believe that the could settle down with anyone at all. Dean does not know how to sustain a relationship and if and when he does he ends up running off to hunt again (I.E. him leaving Lisa and Ben because Sam was poof! alive). The hunting family he has Sam, Bobby at one time, and Cas are what Dean is loyal to and whom he loves (and I am not speaking romantically).
    There is love there but not of a sexual origin. And your right about the whole female thing too, that Dean could never settle down in a relationship because the hunt would always lure him back, and truth be told the same with Sam. To both boys the hunt is like a magnet, its always pulling them back into the game and its like an addiction they cannot live without it.

    But I do believe that the show would be ruined if Dean were announced as bi-sexual. That would be better than making him for one team completely. But if anything all Dean truly is, is flirtatious by nature, but insecure and bi-curious. I think many of the moments are him considering the option, but then gets nervous because the thought crossed his mind…at least that’s what I think Jensen plays up on with Cas/Misha and in that moment with the man in EHH.
    This is exactly what I have said all along, he is a born flit, and he’s curious about the opposite sex, plain and simple. I have noticed along the years he also is not as afraid of the jesture and he doesn’t overly shy away from it either. Dean and Cas are slightly different I think because they are around each other a lot of the time, and have got to know each others traits. So certainly either of them have never pushed it. Cas saved Dean from hell as I’ve always said, and Dean feels he ow’s Cas his life for saving his back. There is something deep and very special about that whole relationship but its not sexual. Cas is an angel of the lord, a very spiritual being and was a virgin when he met Dean and still is. So I doubt sex has even crossed Cas’s mind until Dean bought it up in Season five free to be you and me.

    There is one thing that I dislike, though. The idea of queer baiting only to sustain a certain party of viewers…yes, shows do that. Supernatural is probably a prime culprit as well as Teen Wolf, but seriously? I’d be satisfied if Dean or Cas somehow said ‘I love you…’ to each other. Even if Dean grabs Cas in a hug and says, ‘I love ya, man.’ I know men do not express their feelings as much or as often so this cannot turn into an emotional/romance fest of sorts, but the love between them is there and no one can change my mind about that.
    I try and turn a deaf ear to this, as its not my cup of tea. As you say, men find it so hard to show their feelings and I think like Debbab mentioned earlier its what the network are prepared to show, and how far they are prepared to go with this type of material. I agree there is a deep feeling/bond there and I think that’s as far as it will ever go.

    On a different note…
    Do I think the show will make it a romantic canon? No. Do I think that many fans believe that Dean is bi-sexual? Yes. Do I believe that many fans believe Dean is wholeheartedly and completely heterosexual? Yes. But that is the beauty of such discussions! Many different interpretations…

    No I don’t think they will, he does tease with the opposite sex, so there is something there. But its only curiosity. People as you say have their own views.

    Thanks for the comments, always
    Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


    1. *correction in one sentence: But I do NOT believe that the show would be ruined if they announced Dean as bi-sexual. I need to emphasize that if they did mess with his sexual orientation I honestly believe that it would not harm the show in any way at all…except possibly jar some viewers and possibly sway them from watching…
      I don’t no so much, as I think its still a sensitive subject and certainly on the forum I don’t think they see Dean this way. I think Dean fans are running away now because Dean has not had a good story line which has been talked and talked about, so I think if it went the gay route I think a few more would drop by the way side. Dean fans are really not happy at the moment, and I do feel for the guy. I say it wouldn’t bother me overly, but then if I saw it on screen I may think differently. I think it really does depend on how they go with it, how they steer it, if they ever do.

      Thanks for the comments, always
      Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


      1. “correction in one sentence: But I do NOT believe that the show would be ruined if they announced Dean as bi-sexual. I need to emphasize that if they did mess with his sexual orientation I honestly believe that it would not harm the show in any way at all…except possibly jar some viewers and possibly sway them from watching”

        I disagree. I think if they were going to do it, it should have been done 4 or 5 seasons ago. After 8 seasons of dean being hetero it would certainly upset a lot of viewers. I know I would be upset and my husband would be upset. All women that are Deangirls and all straight men that relate to Dean will be upset. JMHO I KNOW I would be upset. Its not how I see him at all and it would really kill my enjoyment of the show. Again if they were going to do it they should/would have done it sooner.


        1. I can understand where you’re coming from. Every viewer has the limitations, likes, dislikes etc. But personally it wouldn’t bother me. However, I also would’ve preferred if they explored it a little earlier as well.
          I enjoy seeing Dean flirt, that’s what Dean is all about, the outrageous flirt, if this suddenly changed this late in the game, I can imagine as Barb said all those Dean girls going banana’s, and the guys too. So perhaps it would stir up a hornets nest. I think I prefer Dean the way he is, sorry about that.

          Thanks for the comments, always
          Love Aunty B xxxxxxxx


  2. “Not to mention in nearly every single episode Dean has been coded as straight. There is NO “Dean/Cas. It is not canon. It is just a tease and more queer baiting to get these types of women to watch the show. ”
    Canon is that Dean is a “posse magnet” PERIOD. I would HATE it if he were gay or bi. I LOVE Dean and it would ruin all my fantasies for and it just wouldn’t work on the show. So just NO! I have loved many gay characters in my lifetime of TV and movie watching and I still remember the first ever openly ay character on the TV show Soap played by Billy Crystal and I thought he was great. But Dean-JUST NO

    I no how some feel barb, but I just take it as teasing, and don’t think our writers dare go there any way. Charlie was different as she wasn’t a main character. So I think its down to what the network wants to see/allows. I’m not over bothered, but harmless flirting is typical Dean, take it too far and they may ruin a perfectly harmless story. 😉

    Hope you had a good holiday, was thinking about you today.
    Love Aunty B xxxxx


  3. I answered IKEke35 on a prior subject regarding Dean’s preferences, but I’ll throw in my two cents worth again. Personally i don’t care whether Dean is bisexual or not. The character has always been written as one who has no problem with sexuality and women. Cas is the character who is not sure of anything human even though his vessel is male and Jimmy was not gay. Cas is a blank slate who learns from Dean(not very well considering his failure at the strip/bordello).Megstiel is for another day. There have been those lines that tease at Dean’s interest in other experiences, but the show only goes as far as Charlie’s sexuality and kissing the faery. This preference does not preclude her from loving Dean on a deep level. Dean is written to show how awkward he feels when someone looks at him sexually such as Aaron in EHH. Insecure men are sometimes uncomfortable. So I do not think Dean is always secure. His low opinion of his virtues, has he really walked past the torture he did in Hell?, that when someone “objectifies” him, he finds it awkward-male or female- and being the one who pursues, gives him some control, he thinks. And relationships with hunters end sad and bloody. The Asian Beauty magazines certainly offer him some”relief”.
    Your spot on about both issues. Its not an area that I care about so much either. I think teasing however is one thing, but going the whole hog would be a different fish kettle. People still find it hard to watch same sex couples, and for TV these days its still a touchy subject matter. So I guess its how the writers tread with it, if it does happen. All those possibilities of flirtation are fun to watch, to see how Jensen the actor acts his scenes out. Whether this is the arc for Dean that every fan wants is also a different story.

    He can tell Charlie he knows she loves him because since there is no sex, she will not get ganked. If you go back to the episode Afternoon Special, teenager Dean is called out for his sexual prowess by a girl for using his”macho” as a cover for insecurities , anger and aloneness. Yes, Dean is capable of sex without love such as Slice Girls, and the scenes are pretty”rough” when you compare them to those scenes where Dean actually connects with a women( Heaven and Hell). Anna in the back seat of the Impala is still rather tender and there is a connection in those green eyes to Anna-father issues, last night on earth kind of thing. His sex life with Carmen(DJINN) and with Lisa are presented as Dean-tender, caring and loyal. Even in monster movie, Dean gets his “happy ending.”-off screen. Yes, Dean is a sexual person.although in season 8- not that we saw-too busy and Sam got that awful scene with Amelia(again for another time for discussion). So why do the writers throw in those lines?(“Cas, get out of my ass!”) It keeps Dean interesting while keeping him true to his motivation from childhood, and show a hero with insecurities and yes there is a certain amount of pandering to those who want to read Dean as bisexual or at least wants to play with experimentation. He certainly had questions for the familiar Portia about her sex life with her witch. He is a curious fellow.
    But Cas out of my ass line I thought referred to as Cas teleporting into Dean’s personal space. When Dean doesn’t no he’s there. But I guess its how we each read a scene, and how we interpret it. Its also strange how often I have ready how rough Sam is in bed and how soft Dean is in bed. I sometimes see this but not always. As you’ve pointed Dean can also be rough. Hence particularly the girl in the Slice Girls comes to mind. I think Dean does find comfort in women, and that he also never really had a mother figure around him, so I think this also plays a part in who Dean is.

    The writers might want to go a bisexual hero, but there are limits as to what the network will accept in a lead character who is heroic( societal pressure). Perhaps the writers are attempting to push the limits as often they have social messages within an episode and are limited as to how far they can go. Not addressing the pros/cons in this article. If I wanted soapy relationships I could find it elsewhere. I accept Dean’s awkwardness as part of who he learned to be and frankly, I’m okay with the writers pushing and if it fuels other communities to communicate, does not affect my enjoyment of the show. If you have time compare the choreography of the sex scenes that Dean has and that Sam has in the series- even this is well thought out by the writers to stay within the personalities of the characters. Another time, another discussion.
    I just mentioned this earlier and forgot you said this about the TV Networks allowing this. I remember as a kid being told about messages in story telling. Particularly at younger ages they have to be so careful how they put it across. Overall times are changing and I think as you say as long as they keep within the character growth and spectrum of the show …. We don’t want a soap opera feel, but if they are changing Dean, then I think they need to be careful and not upset the apple cart. It doesn’t overly affect my enjoyment either. But I could see it being a deal breaker for other fans. One thing the boys haven’t overly had many sex scenes which is not a bad thing, as to me this would alter the feel of the show, as we’ve all said we don’t care for relationships and babies. So would a gay relationship be any different. How would that really fit into this show?

    I am watching history being made at Wimbledon and Andy Murray is well on the way to victory, so keep all fingers and toes crossed. I am on tender hooks!!!!! 6/4 to Murray second set 2/0 to Murray. Next ten minutes he should win second set. I’m so excited, I can’t type.

    Thank you for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. I hate the way the writers are trying to placate a particular fan base in whether it is their sexual orientation etc..
    They seem to think its popular opinion and its not always the case. They think what is popular isn’t. It must be hard being a writer as they have to please the masses and that cannot be easy. 😦

    Before it was fun and lighthearted now it is plainly getting annoying. I personally wish they would stop with all this”gay” stuff with Dean. I will seriously would want to do harm to the writers and give up the show if they try to go this route.. Dean is not gay as we have seen for the many episodes and know he loves his porn etc.. That was funny and lighthearted and never dull this stuff about gay is getting very tiring and old. I perceive it is only out there to appease a certain amount of the fan base, but it is also alienating other parts. The writing has lost its sight/balance and is alienating certain fan bases that have been there from the beginning and liked the original formula for the show. I liked the angels, but like Sam’s story line I think he has taken over the show for the last few seasons and took front stage when the front stage should be about both brothers equally and their journey.
    I no, I think its come to the point where it has to be a cut off point and say he is or he isn’t. As fans easily get heated and this is one topic where it will take off big time. It is old hat now I agree, as far back as season 2, if my memory serves me well. It will just continue to rub people up the wrong way, and sadly fans will leave if they are not careful. They need to listen to their fans, and think is it worth the agro of changing this character for a small proportion of the fan base. It might not even enter their minds, but I would like to think it does. Unless on the other had they like to rattle us, to see how high we jump. I admit what’s wrong with Sam is old now, and they really need to think long and hard about this direction. The finale was the pinnacle and that really needs to change. I love the angels always have. But again they need to be brave and re-invent this area. They bought in Naomi who we all thought was going some where, and then kill her off. So I believe with these factions of angels, there will be many more angel stories to tell …

    Thanks for coming back Shannon, good to see you 😉
    Love Aunty B xxxxxx


  5. I would be unhappy if they suddenly made Dean gay or bi. Well they would have to make him bi, because we have seen him in sexual situations with women only. I have several problems with Dean discovering he is bi. The first is my firm belief that this is not the kind of show for romance of any kind. It has never worked with women and I don’t think it would work with a gay couple. Also, I honestly don’t see what having Dean be bi would add to the show. I really don’t want an episode or multiple episodes of Dean angsting about his sexuality. “Why did I never admit it before?” “Was I not being honest about my feelings for Benny?” How could I do that to Lisa and Ben and Cassie?” Both Sam and Dean have had sex lives that have remained off screen for the most part. If Dean decides he is bi, that brings his sex life to the front and the show has not handled that well in the past.
    Percy firstly that is a well thought out and thought provoking post. It makes us all think about this show in general and those doubts we have in our own minds if it ever turned out that Dean was Gay. I would personally hate the idea. I have dabbled in the thoughts and the comic relief that the writers love to tease. I don’t think they are brave in going there. As you’ve personally mentioned there are so many hick-ups that could open up a whole new can or worms. And is it really worth risking the womanizer Dean, as that’s always whom we’ve seen him as. Yes you are spot on, that relationships have never worked and this show doesn’t bond well to a relationship so what makes Dean being gay any different. What’s the old saying, if something ain’t broke don’t fix it. In other words keep it as it is. Experimenting is one thing but coming full out is totally different. I mentioned about Benny knowing how close the pair were. Cas and Dean have been together now for what four years and if something was going to happen it would have been well on the way by now.

    Another issue I would have is that discovering or acknowledging a change in your sexuality needs to be handled with sensitivity and nuance. A show that gave us Lucky the voyeuristic shape shifting dog, the man-witch sleeping with his female, dog familiar and writers that had to be reminded by Sera Gamble (no gone) that if Sam slept with Ruby in the body of a woman who wasn’t dead would be rape probably is not going to handle sexual awakening well.
    You do tend to forget about the rape side of it, with the vessels it does slip your mind about Jimmy Novac also. Its going to through a spanner in the works if they do decide to drop this spanner on us. I think also if Dean sensed he was gay would it really have taken him this long in his life to work this out. It makes him look stupid if he didn’t really understand his true callings. So there is more to come on this as I don’t think they are going to let it fall quietly. But if they do push it I think it will change Dean for ever as there will be no going back. What’s done is done.

    Plus, Dean has always, under every circumstance stated that he is straight. My sister-in-law is gay and I know other gay people. They ALL knew what their sexual orientation is from the time they were young. I’m straight and I have never known a time where I didn’t know it. I can’t see Dean hiding this from Sam or himself for all these years. He and Sam are together almost 24/7 it would almost have had to come out before now. I can believe that Cas may have feelings for Dean that he can’t identify or explain, but that would apply to platonic love as well as carnal. The situation with Cas is further complicated by the fact that Jimmy Novack’s status has never been clarified. We can assume he is dead, but there is no indication that angels can inhabit a dead body, consent was a pretty crucial part to vesseling. As with Dean, Cas has been shown to be attracted to women, be Daphne(?) who he married while he was gone in season 7 or Meg in a female meat suit. Frankly, the Daphne thing adds to the confusion. Cas (or at least his body) is/was/has been married to 2 women possibly at the same time, since we don’t know if Amelia Novack ever got a divorce. He could still be married to Daphne. It’s just a mess and better left alone, IMHO.
    Yet saying this I have a relative and a friends husband who both married and came out saying they were gay. So why go through all this and particularly if there are children involved which is another story. May be some genes are strong at picking up signals earlier on and others aren’t. May be if Dean is turning its a slow burner. God forbid, I hope Jeremy is thinking another arc for Dean, other than dealing with his sexuality. I can’t either see Dean hiding this big whammy from Sammy. When he’s the one banging on about his little bro keeping secrets and big secrets from him. Also where does this leave Dean the righteous man. Will this turn this upside down too. I would like to learn more about the ownership of vessels as its an interesting topic. Its makes you wonder if after a certain time the human can no longer in habit the vessel as it naturally passes over after a period of time, I have no clue. I can feel another thread coming on. The whole marriage thing does also get a bit confusing and where the writing law lies.

    Good thoughts Percy
    Thank you for the comments
    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I see your point. This is not a show that invites romance anyway. And you’re right. The writers have managed to mess up outre’ relationships and some straight relationships in the past so I don’t see them writing a gay relationship much better than any of the others. You are correct in that one of the reasons the writers won’t do it is they would have to devote several episodes to the topic and there are quite a number of fans who would raise holy hell about the show becoming a soap opera. That’s what Glee and Modern Family is for. This is a very dark show and quite frankly some of the ideas held by the fan girls regarding romance is more than a little treacly. I Would Raise Holy Hell about that as I hate those kind of shmoopsy – poo relationships even in the real world. There’s no way I’d watch a show about it.
      Relationships on this show have all failed miserably. Because this show is wired differently. It doesn’t work and the writers never seem to acknowledge this fact and just through another in our direction as they like to see as Jeremy quoted to Jared he likes to see me with my shirt off. As I think it also pleases the fans. But okay, if we add a casual fling in this tends to work. The brothers are on a 24/7 52 weeks of the year, round road trip. I would shake any woman’s hand to see if they think they could make that relationship work. Lisa was the only female who came close to that calling. She didn’t want to loose Dean and did all she could to keep him. She tried to make a commitment and again it failed. The fans hated Lisa, but I loved her spunk, get up and go to keep her man. She got what he did, and fought for him. Then all the writers did was whipped her mind so she forgot all about Dean, the love of her life. So no, women don’t work. This was one reason why I was so MAD when they bought in Amelia, god oh god, I am glad it kicked them back up the bum. If they had Sam rescue Dean from purgatory it would have been a wonderful experience for both boys. Do they ever learn NO, NO, No!! I think this year if a relationship is introduced I hope they air it with EXTREME CAUTION! I thought someone mentioned it was Dean’s turn next …

      Thank you for the comments
      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Exactly. When I want shoompy romance, I watch One Life To Live on Hulu or find one of the nighttime soaps. Supernatural is special and I like it just the way it is.
        Here, Here!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I just want to state right up front that I would love it if Dean were Gay. I’d also like nothing better than for him and Cas or heck, him and Benny or anyone else to be lovers. It would be a groundbreaking moment in TV, for one of the lead male characters of a prime time drama to be outed as Gay. I would love it! That said – it ain’t never gonna happen. It’s never going to happen because I think the show’s creators are too timid to do that. They will do a whole lot of homo teasing for the fan girls who like Dean/Cas but they won’t make it canon. And for those sorry fan girls who think it is canon, it’s sad what tiny little crumbs and queer-baiting you are willing to accept from the writers of this show.
    I don’t think so either this show is up for outing Dean. Teasing is about as far as they go. Dean is by far a comic guy, and flirting adds to his character trait. We no his a womanizer who drools when around women, and looks at their bottoms as men do. So many see Dean as a ladies man. I think to suddenly change tack now nine years on would feel strange and put a huge number of fans off Dean Winchester for life. And I don’t think the writers are prepared to go thus far.

    Not to mention in nearly every single episode Dean has been coded as straight. There is NO Dean/Cas. It is not canon. It is just a tease and more queer baiting to get these types of women to watch the show. Although I will admit the two have an epic bro-mance.
    I’ve said all along its teasing, to as you say bring along a new audience. This is naughty in a way as why bring the audience along and then not go the whole hog, its like false pretenses. They shouldn’t do this and is very wrong. Dean and Cas would be very different if they were a couple, and if they broke up, then what would happen to that relationship. What would happen if it really broke down that Dean and Cas couldn’t stand one another it would have all been for nothing. I like it as it is that they are close friends and understand one another. I would dread to think what it would be like if Dean and Cas didn’t get on.

    If they are going to make Dean Bi or gay then they need to go ahead and be straight up front so that there is absolutely no mistake or quibbling about it that he is Bi or Gay. There needs to be some physical intimacy (kissing, petting, Hell, I’ll take hand-holding) for me to say it’s canon. I will accept nothing less.
    I think they are just adding it in for affect. Oh what shall we do with Dean this episode. Oh, I no lets have him flirt with a cop for a bit of added humor. Its comic relief for the writers to play with at whim, when they feel fit to use it. I would be very surprised if Dean were to come out completely and say he’s gay. It just wouldn’t feel right. 😦

    Thank you for the comments,
    Love Aunty B xxxx


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