A Deeper Look At Supernatural Season Eight Sam Winchester

Part 1:


Part 2:


Do we finally understand Sam?

Do we finally understand Sam?

I often read bits from the Winchester Family business and like their take. So last night I was up until 1.30 am mulling this lot over. Now, pieces have helped me to fathom links of season 8 out. See what you all think and lets talk season 8, from Sam’s point of view.  This also has been up on IMDb and I made a comment in both places. Do I feel less bewildered after the read, YES. I can honestly say I can understand where the writers might be going with this, and it does explain a lot of Sam’s actions, and is not so out of character as we once feared. But still am finding it a job to think its showing him in a poor light. Help Bella out here angels, and lets dig deep back into season 8. And see what joys we come out with, enjoy the long road as its one hell of a trip. HAVE FUN!


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